Your Reality ~ and Meaning


As the Creator of your reality, it is important to Look deep within yourself, and look at the Meaning you give to those things you Desire to Have and Experience and to those things NOW in your life.

Some of you have created your “List” from my Heaven and Earth Blog Post.

You can apply the “meaning” you give to things, which include, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, desires.

Now take that a little DEEPER. Look at your List and see the meaning YOU have given to those things on your list!

When you Observe your experiences as you pass through time ~

~ RECOGNIZE ~ (take some time with this, make some notes)

That YOU are the one that gives “MEANING” to all the events and experiences you have had, and that you also Place the “meaning” to all the experiences you WILL HAVE (including those things you desire, but do not yet have)~ that is ~ your Reality.

Seeing CLEARLY that You are the ONE that has placed the importance and significance upon EVERYTHING in your life, helps you to understand some of the “experiences” you have had, and helps you to “Recognize” more and more, you “TRULY are the Creator” of Your Reality.

I receive questions like this often:

“This was so important to me” why did it turn out this way?

Looking deeply into this, you will see, it was the MEANING that YOU placed (importance) and attached to the experience (personally) ~ THAT MADE IT IMPORTANT to YOU. And NO~ thing else.

What if the person above lessened the importance to them? Suddenly they would, see, it was ONLY themselves, that made it important.

This is a VERY Valuable thing to see (how you place meaning) and APPLY to your life.

It will also help you to see, others SIMPLY have placed “meanings” in a very different way than you.

Then you will begin to TAKE things less personally. And recognize, EVERYONE is creating their reality, and have placed different meanings on the same things.

You can lessen any current “pain” and heartache you experience, by recognizing these things.

To each person, all things have greater and lesser importance. The meaning is consciously or subconsciously chosen.

Consciously CHOOSE the meaning of ALL things in your life!

Now, look closely to see the benefit, if you consciously choose, HOW you would like to experience your Life. The things you desired, did not have that WERE SO IMPORTANT. Perhaps now, you can choose, those things NOW are not that important, etc.

Things you gave no meaning or importance to, NOW you can. Look at what areas in your life, that would be beneficial for you to do so.

All experiences and Events are NEUTRAL. They are energy. All energy is Neutral.

YOU place and Attach by giving the Meaning and Significance to All Energy.

Since you can DECIDE for yourself what is important and not important to YOU, YOU can also Consciously place “ANY MEANING” to ANY event and experience that occurs and will occur in YOUR Reality~ your Life, in ALL moments!

Try this and See for yourself, the Benefits, of owning, WHAT is and WHAT is NOT significant and important to YOU.

Consciously Place CLEAR meanings to all of your relationships, experiences, and objects in your life. Including those “things” you are desiring to manifest and come into your life.

Create a Meaning List for YOU.

As you DO this, you will see clearly, ALL things will shift in front of Your Eyes, in your life.

Since, of course, YOU are the CREATOR.

Miracles Flow, and are not found,
They live deep within you.

Trust the flow, the testing too,
and keep your steady focus.

Deep within your heart,
the life force lives, always to remind you.

All that you desire, will come to you,
beyond what you can imagine.

Let if flow, your “love” the focus,
and, you will see.

All great things, WILL come to you,
effortlessly, in the moment.


In Divine Sacred Love and Union,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 

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Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. thanks Laura, this really helped explain some recent events in my life, allowing me to own that I not only created the events, but the outcomes, and the emotions etc..

    what I thought was major, turned out to be trivial.

    and beautiful poem

    love you Queen Priest xxxx

  2. Mercedes Belalcázar Mejía

    “It’s time for the wizard appears.” For you it means something “Laura”? Love you

  3. Magic Miracles!!! NO resistance!!

  4. Oh yes, experiencing these truths more and more as I see more clearly! Awesome guidance and clarity Laura as always. Loving the testing and the seeing! xo

  5. Working on it Laura. And with your help i am sure we will succeed. Thank you for beeing with us in this great time. Feel our ❤ for you. ❤

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