Heaven on Earth ~ Your Shift



Heaven on Earth~ The Shift

This is Truly what you desire, it includes freedom from suffering, living abundantly, having love and living a life of ease.

So how do you get there?

First of ALL write a list…

Title the List..What Heaven on Earth Would FEEL like to me..

Have Four Sections to your List.

1. What would “Mental Heaven on Earth” would be for me

2. What would “Physical Heaven on Earth” feel like for me

3. What would “Emotional Heaven on Earth” feel like  for me

4. What  would “Spiritual Heaven on Earth” feel like  for me

Each section might look something like this, Samples:

1. Mental ~ Greater peace in my everyday life ( as opposed to worry, etc)  Then FEEL your life filled with peace…mental tranquility…etc…in ALL situations, work, home, etc.

2. Physical ~ Perfect health (you might feel physical comfort, or other physical things instead)  Then  FEEL what it would FEEL like to live fully in Health…your everyday life, your home, your body FEELING heal thing..etc

3. Emotional ~ Harmony, Love and Bliss, ( as opposed to disharmony, etc.) Then  FEEL what that would FEEL like for you! Feel it at you home, your work, etc.

4. Spiritual ~ Union, Enlightenment, Fulfillment..Then Feel what that would FEEL Like to YOU!  In all areas of your life!


Writing something in the physical anchors it into this Time Space Continuum. It is more than simply writing to have a physical record of it, it grounds the information into this frequency.

Then, Take a few breaths, center yourself, and fill in the list.

Please stop and create this list now! ( after you have centered yourself)

NOW KEEP that list with you..and FOCUS daily as many times as you can On HOW this FEELS for YOU.

Really FEEL IT.

This is NOT simply a manifestation technique. You are Frequency and YOU are constantly sending vibrations out as Frequency Waves. Many of you go up and down in frequency, it is like walking in and out of different potentials and alternate realities.

You may feel a releasing of the old thoughts and patterns.

Tears are the releasing of thoughts and emotions in their crystallized FORM as salt…in tears.

YOU want to stay FOCUSED on the feeling of the REALITY you decide you DESIRE to experience and FEEL.

MANY potential futures exist for all of YOU!!

Your Heart and FEELING Nature  create the UNIFICATION of all of YOUR Bodies in this Feeling Process, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Which reality comes into your physical reality is the reality YOUR vibration is vibrating to Predominantly.

Make a Conscious CHOICE to Decide the FEELING of the reality YOU WOULD like, the Highest for you is YOUR Heaven on Earth…

Stay FOCUSED on those Feelings, carry your List with YOU!

I literally see people walk in and out of their Highest Destiny then back to another reality and alternate future.

The reason for many of you, that the experiences that YOU DESIRE have NOT showed up is because your frequency is FLUCTUATING so much.

Back and forth, SENDING out different frequency waves, moves you literally in and out of the many potential futures.

It would be best if you could stay steady in the frequency of WHAT you desire to FEEL, experience and LIVE.

For those of you that experience a challenge to stay in the Frequency you Desire, there are many frequency Transmissions, etc. that will HELP you to vibrate to your Highest Frequency, to the Feelings that are the Highest Vibration for YOU, that you Choose to experience and live in.

Doing this draws to YOU  all the YOU Desire to Feel, Do and Live, and the FUTURE you Desire to experience, which is YOUR Shift! Heaven on Earth for YOU!!

IT is up to YOU to stay Focused, Remember and RECOGNIZE you are the Creator of YOUR existence. 

In Divine Sacred Love and Union,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 


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copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2013.

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  1. Now I understand this posting better than before…this is important for me I know 🙂 The list is written with intense feeling. Thank you Laura XXX

  2. Thank you so much for this beautiful blog. I am finishing my list. Love you, Laura!

  3. I think I am receiving thelepatic messages now, is wonderful, I feel you too, thank you

  4. The fire, the flame of eternal love is sacred and without became crazy, thank you dear Laura

  5. Marja Thibaudier

    YES, make the list. I’m so glad about this beautiful blog. Will help me- us all, so much to stay in our heart and to be “oneness”.
    Love you Laura

  6. I did the list already , thank you dear Laura

  7. Yes I will do this!! I know how much the frequency transmission help me to stay centred, but this is timely and perfect for being more focused on what I want and being clear about it! Thanks Laura!! xo

  8. ‘…your frequency is fluctuating so much. Back and forth.’ This actually rings a bell in me.
    Thank you star lady.

  9. Good questions to answer Laura.
    Your words have motivated me to begin the creating. Awesome peace, bathed in light, eternal bliss, NOW. My four answers.

    love you Priest Queen of Mu xxxx

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