Romantic Love…Immersed in Eternal Union…

Romantic Love…Immersed in Eternal Union..the best of both worlds?

Neptune and Venus…Blissful Union and Beauty and the the NOW moment.

 It has been a while since I have written about relationships…Romantic many questions I receive. In Fact it seems to HOLD great importance to Humans. Union and Romance..a Life Partner, a special ONE to share your existence with.

And the Movies? how they portray this..I find VERY fascinating. The picture and view of a Love lasting VERY appealing to many ( not to all I might add)..

Yet, how many experience this? for REAL?

And if you could? would you EVEN Recognize MAY not show up as a Lightening Bolt from the Sky or as an Arrow from Cupid Straight into Your Heart..and Why is this?  When all the Movies show such phenomenal love stories.


Reality as most of YOU a reflection of Your consciousness..of YOUR Frequency.

The Polar opposites..Masculine and Feminine..are Very Opposite and Different, even if in the Same Sex..Experiencing and Creating Union..with your opposite frequency is very appealing. It is a powerful draw on Planet Earth…a Polarity Planet.

As you Know Union begins and takes Place within You. You merging in the Fullness of YOU.

Yet, what are YOU Truly Seeking in the OTHER. Your Twin..your Beloved?

And are you Seeking?

Your experience and Beliefs around Romance and Union are most likely VERY unique to YOU. As Unique as Your Frequency.

Let’s take a brief look at eternal Love and Union..and Romantic Love.

Eternal Love and Union..takes place in eternity. Grounded in your Causal body and Bliss body, and is Subtle in its expression. It is the Voice of Your Heart. Being Quiet is of Great importance here to experience and open Up to greater and Greater with YOU. Spend time daily in silence..Listen to my Frequency Transmissions. Opening your Heart Space, Moving into the Now..immerses all levels of Your Consciousness in Divine Love, Union and Ecstasy. There is no thing that can take the place of this. If YOU are searching outside yourself for the missing piece you will NOT find it. It is within. It is You experiencing YOU. Two People Both immersed in Eternal Union can then share this together, in Bliss, Ecstasy and through Sacred Sexual Union.

You dissolve and Become ONE..the Foundation, YOU are ONE first and NOW.

Romantic Love. For some of you this conjures up visions of Flowers and gifts..for others sweet Love letters.. Yet what is this Feeling that we call romance, what are YOU looking for? Anything? Someone to cherish YOU? Above all others? To show signs of Love? that are tangible in daily life? What if life was Beautiful beyond description Now. And Beyond the day-to-day chores and drudgery ( for some not all) there was a world you could enter, which would Be ONLY BEAUTY for YOU..That the Expression of Love from Your Partner was ONLY Beauty.

Here we Enter the Territory of the BELOVED. The Beloved is the Sacred Cherished Love and Ecstasy in and of this UNION. You can use the title Twin here also.. What happens when the honeymoon is over?  Did the Beloved Fade away?  Or perhaps like UNION…is it something ONE can enter with ONESELF then SHARE this with a PARTNER that also has and is experiencing the Beloved, the Sacredness, the tenderness of this UNION NOW.

The Beloved NOW. Romance and appreciation for LIFE NOW…the Little things. Union Now…spending time and feeling the Heart Space and the Sacredness of the Soul NOW.

If you TRULY desire forever, the Union, the Romance, do NOT enter Lightly..





Not one day, or someday. NOW.

What do you have to lose?

What do you have to gain?

If you give all to Union and the Beloved Now..all you have to Gain is Union and the Sacredness of the Beloved within and the Sharing of this Sacredness with The Holiness of Divine Union. When entered into, it Cannot END. Its nature in fully giving all is ETERNITY.

Do not shortchange yourself through impatience. Or give up because of sadness. Take responsibility for your VERY existence and settle for NO THING LESS.




This fills your life with Beauty NOW.

This OPENS you up to the Sacredness of the Beloved NOW.

This takes you out of sadness and a life of drudgery…and ALL THINGS BECOME BEAUTIFUL HERE.

The Price? Give ALL... Hold No thing Back. How else can you ENTER IF NOT FULLY?

Be ALL.. Put your HEART completely into all that you do, that you are and that you Desire! NOW!!!

Then your Frequency Shifts and you Resonate with the Ancient Eternal Beings of Profound Love. That speak is NOW it is Now it is NOW! Hold no thing back.

Pour your Heart on the Altar of Sacrifice, Leave behind your Judgements and Sorrows, RETURN once again to the Beginning. And there your Beloved is there with You all the time, before time and time.

No thing to lose only heartache, everything to Gain..Eternity NOW..Divine Union, Romantic Love..Sacredness in the Sharing of the Beloved.. the ONE that is ALL.. the ONE that you have searched For.. the ONE that is ALL..the Eternal Sacredness of YOU shared with a HOLY Eternity for YOU NOW…

Open your HEART!!!!! Open Your Heart.. Enter there every MOMENT. Let the tears flow as the Ocean flows, your Beloved Tastes your Tears. The Scent of Eternity is in the Air and will fill your nostrils for eternity. Take hold of the Body that is near and Dear to YOU…and Honour the Divine Sacredness that is  YOU. The Gift is the “ALL” no thing less will DO..

Enter NOW.

Every Breath Captures in it the Heart of the Beloved.

I am the Breath and the Lover….moving in and out of me.

I am Eternity and My Beloved…we are ONE….we breathe the same breath in Union.


In The Sacredness of Divine Union and Eternal Love, I hold You,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of  Light 

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  1. Top post. I look forward for you to reading more. Cheers

  2. This was written just beautifully Laura… Loving the self is the 1st step in attracting another to love deeply, romantically and otherwise,Be it you long for that special someone to adore you or, to be that best friend you enjoy being with and have fun with in life, to me both are love, and if one is fortunate enough to have both all wrapped into one then you have found the frequency as one…To me that surely must be sheer bliss~~Love you xoxo

  3. very beautiful Queen. We are Unconditional Love, we cannot be romantic love. Unconditional love never takes a breath ‘off’, a moment off, it just is.

    love you Queen xxxxx

  4. I think that from every point of view Romantic Love is Love and is a way of life, also depends on each one as it takes, if seriously and with commitment or just hang out. I think also it’s a way to look like your add, ie poles attract. In my case I am very quiet and is very random, he drives slowly and I like to go fast, is to understand the differences

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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