Emotions, Thoughts, Words and Your DNA

Emotions, Thoughts, Words and Your DNA.


Most people who get to know me as their Teacher or Friend..notice right away how I use  language differently and How I do not relate fully to linear language or concepts.

One thing I always notice right away is the use of “words” MOST people use that have not yet been examined and let go of BASED on the frequency they carry.

Language influences Your subconscious mind.

Intention is NOT read by the subconscious mind.

The “literal” meaning of the words are.

Quite literally language influences your Heart, your Body, your Mental and EMOTIONAL bodies, as well as Your Frequency and DNA.


Some common terms I hear from people are as follows:

My life is hell.

This situation is a pain in the back.

I hate my life.

This person gives me a headache.

This person makes me sick.

Ok, you get the idea. Yet what actually takes place in the person speaking these words? Even jokingly. They begin to get that Pain in their back. Begin to Feel Sick, etc.

The Intention of the “words” are not read by the subconscious mind. The literal meaning is.

I CHALLENGE  you to look CLOSELY at the common language you use.

Look closely at those words you use that  you INTEND differently than what the words literally mean. And Then take a close look at your life and the situations you constantly attract based on your frequency.

The words you use and think “carry” a frequency.  They may even devalue you to you.

Have you ever used these words to describe yourself?

I am dumb.

I am blind.

I am stupid.

YOU WOULD  be amazed  how often I see and Hear people use these devaluing words to describe themselves.

How can you value and Love someone else if you do not value you?

Do you need to Love yourself and value yourself ?

You do not need to. Is it desirable? Depends on what kind of life and “reality” you desire.

If you desire a Life filled with Unconditional Love and Desire to Live your Highest Destiny, it is Paramount to begin Loving yourself and to  Live in Harmony.

Speaking words of Love and Feeling Love for You is the Place to start.

Start with noticing when you use words that create Disharmony. And when you use words that Promote Harmony within You. All Words and thoughts carry an emotional Response and influence  your Frequency either Subconsciously or Consciously.

This is about you becoming Conscious of the thoughts and words you use and How they influence your Emotional Body; therefore DNA and FREQUENCY.

Start speaking words of Love.

I love my Life.

I Love how I live.

I am living in Harmony.

I am Source.

I am Beautiful.

Now I am NOT suggesting using these words artificially, as in a forced Affirmation where the response is the opposite emotionally. An Example.

I am beautiful ( you think and feel worse after because you feel it is not true)…

Speak words that You CAN resonate with NOW..

I Look Better than I did. I feel better than I did. My life is starting to get better. Are those words True to me?  if So..focus on those words.

It is true that you are Source, you are Beautiful. Again if that TRUTH DOES NOT RESONATE WITH YOU…Begin somewhere that is TRUE for you.

Begin where you are.

This is not just about words. This is about the emotional response the words create in your DNA and Frequency.

Above all Else Being in Harmony Creates Ease and Flow as You merge in Divine Union with the Light of Your Soul. Grace is Offered for this Ease during your Alchemical Transfiguration.

This is the New Era of Light and You are the New Human of Light. 

I will be Teaching more on this in future videos and in My Teaching Series. I Love You.

Listen to My Audio Frequency Transmissions. They will fill Your Heart with Love and the Truth of your Soul.

In The Sacredness of Divine Union and Eternal Love, I hold You,

The Queen of Light .

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  1. I am at ease as i read you reassuring words, the flow like the love i feel inside me. I am that love, i am love. You are my mirror. love you Queen of Light xxxx

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