Meetings with Beings Prior to Incarnating

Meetings with Ascended Beings Prior to incarnating and The Shift.


I remember clearly The Meeting with “Beings” before Walking into this body; on Andromeda the 7th Dimension.

Some soul’s Meet with the Lords of Karma before incarnating. You may  potentially have your own “crew” such as specific Angels that go over your Soul Plan with YOU before your journey. You may have incarnated on Earth many times and have a very specific group of Beings that continue to “agree” to work with you.

Some have a sense of Humour (they have to deal with you) saying COME ON ALREADY…Get this Right!!!

The Soul is Highly Prepared for arrival on Planet Earth, either through the Birthing Process or through “Being Sent” through the full Soul Exchange.

My Last meeting on Andromeda before walking in was with my Loving Family. They are Advanced Beings of Love.  We went over  the contract and agreements, not only with My Soul, but with the Soul that was walking out. When there was FULL Agreement, the Exchange took place. The Soul that walked out (more in my book )  went to the Angelic Realm, as I walked into the Body.

Waking up on Planet Earth..was waking up with the memory of “Being Sent”..the Meeting..the Agreements…and the memory of  travelling through Light and a Light tunnel and suddenly waking up in the body with a FLASH of Intense Light.

From Andromeda (I was able to re experience the meeting before walking in) the exchange was instantaneous.  I was there agreeing, then when complete, in the moment I was instantly in the body.

You Know when the SHIFT for Humanity fully takes place it will be instantly just LIKE THAT. You will be living ONE WAY maybe even looking out the window, then suddenly you will be IN a New dimension and way of Being and in a different environment.

The New space and Place is Alive with Brilliance. More vivid than this current dimension. Your body will be a Higher frequency of Light and be more crystalline in Nature. There will be less need of carbon based fuel.


I continue to meet with the Pleiadian Council of Nine as well as the Intergalactic Alliance; a Group of Pleiadians, Arcturians and Andromedans.  They are Highly Evolved Loving Beings Helping in this Transition on Planet Earth.

I will write more on My Daily Visits with Angels, Devas and Ascended Masters and share with You the Love that is present Now on the Central Sun for All Beings throughout the Universe.

Do you remember Your agreements Prior to incarnating?

Are you aware of Your Blueprint ?

I will be writing More on this!!

As well as talk about these subjects on Videos and in my Audio Teaching Series. Stay Tuned…..I love You.

For Now stay in Harmony as You Shift into the New Human of Light in this Now New Era of Light.

In The Sacredness of Divine Union and Eternal Love, I hold You,

The Queen of Light 

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Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. I really wanna know more about this because I only experienced altered states…thanks for this post!:)

  2. alie margrethe fly

    hi dearst laura,i always feelt me divine,and full of love and understand of heart of others all livings and for smallest lifes and animals,i knew, they have love in theres heart to, all my lifes and they knew – i knew. ween i was born i knew jesus krist was real,i never in my life deny that. but in my heardest periode i cut not fine him,i sometimes forgeth it was in me. that i knew with out thinking, i always feel i alway feel i sow others and the world with hes eyes and i was like him,he was my father,brother,that love me very much and i him.i have been here to help and give love to the world, that i knew absolutly 100 %.but i cut all so feel i miss my ballance between full love for me self,and take care of me self,and dont understand – i dont geth love bag,yeen i saw i was very speciel and i knew totally who i am,and accept that – special i was,i feel ist was big gift,that i was very happy for,and one day i think bag to my young lady life, i wish my many things in my life so i remember that again,and i go for it,but and will geth it even i dont care i was a littelt old,and i look and feel not old insigt me,-so where not.nobody cut tell me that,its that understand them there telling me,i was not dead,and some how i was never afaid to dea.i think like is nice place iknow i will geth what i wish,but not always the way,that you coe in dear laura,i am so thankfull to meet you and found you.all so i have seen maria send much wonderfull sparklest in air one day,and knocking on my door many times in some years.and i geth e-mail from one woman that she have a massage from maria that tell me about,she have show me sparkles and knock on my door,and one day maria kiss me in my face ween i sit my bus and was totally very bain in my heart of the world and many of all at the same times family and peopel around my ween down and very big heart and loving to them – i was very mist my way to love them ween the was so heard to maria read this in the letter,i was in tears ween i read it,and all so understand all so my seekness in my body,that time i help my sister in cort to times that she can still be togethet with shes lettelt son ween and because she is seek – metally el,in many years 25 years,so i have been there for he.and that time i have to much work and not at all nice even to day in my work.must of my family was gone in that periode,and geth back ween me and my sister and mee geth finish and all ist good now, and we have geth good lifes for he and sons farther,and son – he live with mother and living to them 1 week there and 1 week there with farther and mother.and she have a nice okay life.but that day in this bus that all was not good at my even i hat lovning way to talk nice and forgive them nearly all the time they was so heard and had me,- so maria she kiss my ween i sit in a bus,i feel so muh tears in my soul,there for she kiss me,that i know in this letter, she also say i wiil know ist true ween she know at i know she is real, i will know thats is real. laura nobody knew that i was in tears in my soul there and somebody kiss me to times and nobody there.i have never tell eneybody that time.i feel intuitivt sometime but not see but see animals totems animal is butterflys and other animals send a massage sometimes.but a have to day bytterfly omes to my finger and fly to up and kiss me and was with me ween i was walk,see so muh about butterfly ween if there was great happyness in my life. so dear laura maybe i will se some more about my lifes meaning intuition ist strong that i i am so happy to me you ween i neet it and you give so much to my lifes,it will take many lifes times to learn that i learn from you dearst laura <3 <3 <3 I LOVE YOU SO MUCH < 3 happy tears from here love alice fly

  3. Yes Kathy!!
    Suddenly all changes and Shifts!
    Holding you in love!

  4. How can I tell that I am in a Crystalline body? I consider myself an earth angel who came here to help others, including animals of course, but I honestly don’t feel any different.

  5. Awesome Kathy! yes perceptions are Shifting!!! love you

  6. Thank you Tom for the inspiration of what is desired, love you.

  7. Tom Clearwater

    This is lovely, Laura. <3

  8. Everything has its own Deva, even the Queen of Light xxxx

  9. Thanks for your guidance. I do not remember my agreements – I wish I could, but I trust I had a conversation prior to coming in. I do not see my guides but I see the results of their presence. I sense, understand what you mean about the instantaneous change in dimensions. I feel I have been shedding 3D perceptions and at times the shift is just like you mention. The world feels more vibrant this last few days. Nameste.

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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