Spring Equinox ~ March 20th, 2013 ~ Embrace Your Dream.

Spring Equinox ~ 2013!   March 20th, 8:02 am ADT. Northern Hemisphere.

Fall Equinox ~ March 20th, 2013 ~ Southern Hemisphere.

Embrace Your Dream.


So here we are my Friends..at the end of this Mercury Retrograde we have many Planets now moving into Aries..

We also have the Vernal Equinox, The Beginning and Celebration of Spring, here in the Northern Hemisphere.

My friends in the Southern Hemisphere in Australia, New Zealand, South America and South Africa, will be experiencing the Autumnal Equinox, the First day of Fall on March, 20th, 2013.  Here is the link to my Post on Fall Equinox energy, for my Friends experiencing the Autumnal Equinox on March 20th, 2013.


The Name equinox is derived from the Latin aequus (equal) and nox (night). Day and Night being equal in length during the Equinox. This is a Passage for you, whether you will be experiencing the Spring or the Fall Equinox.


Embracing the Sacred Passage of Spring ( and Fall ) is a Beautiful Way to honour the Natural rhythms of “Being” on Earth.

Honour Both the Night and Day Times..of your Life. The Dark of  Night representing your subconscious; fears and dreams. The Light of Day representing the Sun and your conscious awareness. Allowing the two to merge fully is Union.

After walking – in..I remember speaking about the nighttime dreams are the same as the dream of the daytime. When in Union..they are the same. I am awake in Dream State and my Day Time is that same Awakened Dream State. Remember, in Union there is no separation. All is the Dream..

Springtime  in your Dream Story. 

This incarnation is your Dream experience. The Reality you experience IS YOUR  Dominant Frequency.

Let’s Breathe a little Freshness and New Beginning into your Spring. As the Dreamer in the Dream, you are the Creator simply by your Frequency. Wake up and view your Dream.

Frequency never lies. Look closely at your Reality to see what you have created. And instead of shunning your “reality” embrace it fully. It is speaking to you! It is saying LOOK OVER HERE…there is something for you to embrace to see, feel and release.

That is the alchemy process of the New Beginning..you complete something..you offer it up to your awareness as an embraced and Holy Gift…it is transmuted, transformed and VOILA..the New Beginning simply Appears.

Notice your Life, your Dream Scape…your Reality. Look closely at areas that seem as UNRESOLVED. Let us now resolve them, you are not alone. I am here with you during your process. As a Divine Being..full access is available to you for the Perfect Life and Way of Being.

This is Abundance on all levels..

Areas that seem as Lack..are the areas you are NOT YET FULLY EXPERIENCING yourself IN THE FULLNESS OF YOUR DIVINITY.

Yes you are Human and Divine. By fully embracing both, you exist in Union.

You are Abundant in the Divinity of your Soul.

I am abundant in Love, Money, Joy and Freedom. These are not just words, this is my Reality Now. Yes I am.  Abundance Floods my Life, why? Simply Because I am, Because I embrace my Divinity on all levels and in all aspects..I vibrate to Abundance, therefore my Reality is Abundant. I am fully in Divine Union.

Abundance, by my Frequency, cannot help but BE MY EXPERIENCE.

I live in Form on Planet Earth, yet I fully embrace Eternity Now. It is a Frequency.

The same with you my Friends. Will your embrace the Dream of You? Which includes all of Your creations. Hold dearly the situations and circumstances that have not yet shifted IN YOUR LIFE.  As you do so, watch closely as the Miracle of Abundance moves in. Simply by embracing ALL of your creations with Love.

Embrace where you are now! Spend some time with you and your creations PRIOR to  this Spring (or Fall in the Southern Hemisphere).

Then Offer up ALL of this on the Altar of YOU…on the Sacred Day of the Equinox…honouring your Day and Night…as the human you are in this incarnation and as the Divine Soul that you are.

Place all on your Altar. Lay OPEN your Heart to Receive.   

And as you continue to vibrate in Frequency to Abundance, all the Love  you have ever Desired will be yours.

I will be with you as you lay upon Your Altar your Creations. Then the New will appear for You. As sure as the Light of Day Returns. You will celebrate your Life and Live Fully in Love.

For those of You new to my writing, I have enclosed links for you to Receive Grace for your Alchemical Transfiguration to Light; Divine Union. Begin here, NOW.

I Hold you in My heart in Eternity. This always has been and always will be. You are eternally loved and Never alone. Know this Now! Allow..receive!!

Have the Most Sacred Equinox, Spring or Fall. Know that you are Loved Dearly. Embrace Now all that you are, and Know your Creations and your Reality are You also. It is Your Frequency.

I Love You.

In April my New Website will be Ready and will include My long-awaited Teaching Series. There will be Videos on My Teaching Series as well, and New services.


In The Sacredness of Divine Union and Eternal Love, I hold You,

The Queen of Light 

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