Aquarius New Moon February 9th-10th, 2013 ~ The Elixir ~

Aquarius New Moon February 10th, 2013-3:20am AST ~ The Elixir.  21 degrees. 

And Here we go! Beautiful New Moon! Are you ready?

Are you ready to embrace your Uniqueness?

Souls are Unique you Know. All souls carry their  own Unique frequency Signature. That is true with Twin Flames also; they share the same Soul Signature.


No better time to embrace your Uniqueness than this NEW MOON. You as a Unique Individuation of  Source Frequency.

So many say we are all One. Yes we are all made of Source Frequency.  Yet each Soul is very UNIQUE.

This is THE Time ~ to Now embrace your Uniqueness.


Loving who You are, embracing all that you Love. IN your unique way. This is your gift of YOU to you,to your Life and to the World.

The Symbol for Aquarius is The Water Bearer. The water being the symbol of THE Life giving sustenance. Your Uniqueness as the  Ambrosia, as the  Elixir;  The Life Giving Substance.

Each New Moon holds a unique Frequency, when tapped into consciously, these cycles are of great benefit for you and your life and to those around you.

This New Moon in Aquarius trine Ceres is about you embracing YOUR Uniqueness FULLY. You Aligning you in form with the Sacred Light of your Soul. Divine Union. Then taking this out to the World, Your world. In Your unique way.

The Elixir is YOUR uniqueness.

You embodying You, for YOU and  for the Whole.  Being Real. This is Aquarian Energy.

Do you prepare for the New Moons?  They are new beginnings of a Cycle of Energy and Frequency. 

One way is to clear your space, MAKE some notes. Where you are Now in your journey, what you are doing daily and HOW you are now embracing YOUR Uniqueness!

For those of you who desire to work with crystals, here is some information that you may find helpful!

This New Moon if you are a Lover of Nature and Crystals Take them out  and wash them lovingly. If you have personal crystals make SURE you make notes on those crystals you have programmed, what for, the dates, and reprogrammed and why.

Too many crystals programmed without the deep connection to them and without conscious remembering will lead to many results that will  not very specific and clear.

Working with crystals forever, and remembering all the crystals I programmed in Atlantis for here now has been very beneficial for NOW, as the crystals hold their frequency and Love Beyond time and space.

Sometimes the “Beings” in Crystals are obvious, as the Angels and Fairies in the Devic Crystal above. I have many of these Beings in most of my crystals, including Pyramids, and Buddhas inside the crystal itself. These are the essences of the Crystals’ Deva.

If you cannot see clearly or feel the Being in your Crystals, Know they are there. I have helped many who did not feel anything from their crystals to BEGIN to connect with The Crystals’ Deva.

The New Moon is the time to clean and prepare your crystals. Reprogram some of your crystals if needed.  Cleanse and restore them and clearly pick the most special crystal to you and program it, spend time with it and get to know it on a personal level.

Not all crystals love sun, some love the moon. All Quartz crystal Love the sun and the moon.

Preparing your Crystals: 

So you have washed some crystals and you have chosen one. As close as possible to the exact time of the New Moon, if not in Void of Course, sit quietly, holding your crystal.

Listen to the Sound of your crystal and hold it up to your ear.

Breathe in and out and center yourself.

Focus on your Heart.

Focus on the want and wish you have that is in alignment with the current New Moon. This new moon in Aquarius!  Focus on Knowing and embracing the Unique aspects of YOU.

Focusing clearly Breathe the desire into your crystal several time through your Breath.  Breathe on our crystal. Do not rush this part. Then holding the Point if there is one into the palm of your non dominant hand ( the hand you do not write with) and  turn the point and the crystal in slow clockwise circles (slowly) till you feel the crystal tighten  and it becomes slightly more difficult to turn.

Then hold your crystal up to your ear and you will hear a higher pitched tone once programmed.

To deprogram  a crystal Focus on releasing and after the same procedure above  turn the crystal counter-clockwise in your non-dominant hand.  Allow your crystal a break before programming. Listen to the New Sound of the Crystal.

Then stay close to your crystal, make notes with the date. Know that crystals are Loving Beings. They really are alive. If they seem dormant it is only because perhaps they were in boxes in the dark for a while, so show them love and care. They will respond with Love.

Now back to the New Moon.

Prepare in other ways as well. Acknowledge the Moon and the Frequency it holds for you each New Moon. This New Moon ~ Aquarius, Your Uniqueness and Your contribution to your World; your life.

Surround your Home in Higher frequencies. Play my Frequency Transmissions which will  allow your space to hold the Higher Frequencies of Love and Union.

You can also communicate with the Moon in a personal way. I do this as I am very connected to the Moon energies. 

Prepare your home, clearing and cleaning.

Recognize the New frequency and allow  this to become a part of your life. Your way of Being. Celebrate YOUR Uniqueness. How you are Different!!!

Being more attuned to Nature and to the Natural Cycles and rhythms helps Planet Earth and You, and Your Alchemical Transfiguration!

Begin today to prepare!

In The Sacredness of Divine Union and Eternal Love, I hold You,

The Queen of Light 

I have included below links for you to receive The Frequency Transmissions from the Central Sun through the Queen of Light, Audio and Daily,  that will activate your Codes within your Original Blueprint.

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  1. Attuning to Nature, and Self and the Moon. Crystals amplify frequency, Love you.

  2. what is the objective to programming crystals? what the outcome? meditation/ manifestation tool?

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