12.21.12. What Will Happen?

12.21.12 What Will Happen?

Yes it is also The Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012, 7:12 am AST

Your Solar Body will  Align itself with the Central Sun; the Center of the Galaxy!! Your Solar Body is Created out of Solar Energy.

The Words You read here  have encoded Frequencies of Light in them for YOU and your Alchemical Transfiguration.

You may want to read this more than once, and please share this information.

This Will occur at DNA and Cellular Consciousness Level.

Since all is Frequency; as Your Frequency Shifts within your DNA, Your Reality Shifts.

It is all Frequency.

This is Your Alchemical Transfiguration into the New Human of Light, walking into the New Era of Light.


As Always this is a FREE WILL Choice.

You can receive the Grace Freely Offered to You.

Or you can Choose to stay in the Old Program, the Program of the Mind ruling your existence from a Non-coherent Frequency State.

It is Your Heart Frequency that will Align your with Your Soul.  Your Pure Being.

Will 12.21.12  be a regular day for YOU?  

Perhaps preparing for the Holiday Season?  

OR WILL this be the Day you expand beyond your Current awareness? And Move into your Divine Right, you as the New Human of Light.

DNA level

This is Divine Union.

This is the Culmination of Frequency within your Cellular Consciousness.

You are NOT a Helpless Victim in the Reality you are Creating with every Breath you Take.

Yes there are encodings within your Original Blueprint that WILL ALLOW you to Experience your EXPANSION with Grace and Ease when Activated.

Be Present and Aware and DECIDE for yourself if you will Receive this Expansion.

This is important and this is for YOU.

If you have followed what I write and are listening to my Frequency Transmissions you will know that this is about Frequency. You also will Know how easy it is to transform when you allow your DNA to vibrate to the Frequency of Divine Union.

Your DNA responds to Frequency.

The frequency of Harmony is the Coherent Frequency that allows you to Stay Present with Ease in your Heart Space. This aligns all of your Bodies in Harmony. Your Mental and Emotional Bodies.

Your Solar Body Will Align itself with The Center of the Galaxy; 12.21.12.

A Commissioned Dispensation From The Central Sun through the Queen of Light will be Offered to You soon.

The Dispensation will be for the Activation of Your Solar Body in Alignment with the Galactic Center for Your Full Alchemical Transfiguration into the New Human of Light.

Why The New Human of Light?

The Term Hu-man refers to the Mass population of people who do NOT have their Solar Body Activated within their Human Form while on Planet Earth.  Hu-man; connected to nature and Planet earth.

New Human of Light; One with your Soul, your Solar Fabric while in form in a Body on Planet Earth.

This is Changing Now for YOU.

The New Human of Light is YOU in Divine Union, You  in Human form, fully Activated at Solar Level with your Soul.

What is your Solar Body?

Your Solar Body is YOUR Sacred Vehicle.

This is Your Soul Fabric.

Your Solar Body is Comprised of your Physical, Vital, Astral, Mental and Causal Bodies.

Terms Associated with the Solar Body are Christic Energy, Wedding Garment, To Soma Heliakon, Sahu and Merkabah.

Do not need be concerned with those terms. Do not allow your mind to take over. Instead through Grace receive the Commissioned Dispensations that are for You.

When your Solar Body is Activated and in Alignment with the Galactic Center on 12.21.12. This will allow Your Frequency to  Shift into Divine Union. Your Soul merged with you while in physical Form on Planet Earth.

This is Your Alchemical Transfiguration. It is all Frequency.

The Activation of the  Codes in your Original Blueprint will allow the Full Merge with you and your Soul Fabric while in a Human Body.

Your Solar Body aligning with The Galactic Center is the Alchemical Transfiguration to You as The New Human of Light. 

Your Solar Body through Grace will be Activated for You if you choose to Receive the Dispensation of Grace  on 12.21.12.

It will be up to You and Your  Free will to receive this Commissioned Dispensation of Grace.

So Please remember with every Breath You take this is about you merging with Your Soul.

Listen to my Frequency Transmissions. Receive the Daily Queen of Light Transmissions. When the 12.21.12. Frequency Transmission is Ready listen to this overnight and as often as possible during your day.

I have included links below.

Stay in Your Heart. Stay in Harmony.

Focus is Paramount Now.

Breathe deeply in the Awareness that the Time is Now.

You as The New Human of Light, now entering The New Era of Light.

This is For You.

I love You.

As I hold you in My Heart in Eternity as The Queen of Light Please Know this.

I stand as Light Encompassing the Crystal Grid through The Center of The Earth reaching into the Central Sun, Arms Spread Wide Open Embodying the Galactic Alignment with the Center of the Galaxy within my Being. All of You are in My Heart and Held in this Galactic Alignment with Your Solar Body, 12.21.12.

A Sound Echoes throughout The Universe!

It is the Resounding Cry of Ecstasy that Echoes on Forever through the passage of Eternity.

This is The Birth of You.

The Birth of The New Era of Light.

All Beings Everywhere Pause and Kneel in Humble Embrace The Sacred Moment that lives on throughout Eternity.

Celebrated throughout the Universe your Birth into New Being.

You are Being Birthed into you Now.

The Divine Being that you are in The Sacred Light and Ecstasy of Your Soul..

I Love you and Hold you in The Eternal Embrace that is the Ecstasy of Your Soul.

The Queen of Light


Holding you Forever in Sacred Divine Union, Love and Harmony,

The Queen of Light

Here are the Links.

To Listen to the Audio Frequency Transmissions; These are Powerful Dispensations!!


To Join the Group to Receive the Daily Queen of Light Transmission:


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copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

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  1. I Am profoundly grateful to be able to receive this Commissioned Dispensation Of Grace! Thank YOU! I Love You! 🙏🏻💜🎶

  2. This is POWERFUL, as i sit here i feel light pouring into my cells NOW. 3 days until Divine Union, the New Era of Light.

    FEELING this, this is why we came. What can we create NOW, as New Humans of Light

    I love you Queen of Light ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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