Enlightenment in The New Era of Light

Enlightenment in the New Era of Light.

What is Enlightenment?

Are you enlightened?

At the Very Beginning of Your Existence as a Soul,  Source Consciousness;  you existed as a Being Aware of Yourself as Light.


You are a Being of Light.

To Know this you must experience this.

As you move and Live and Breathe in Pure Being, you Know yourself as Light.

As you  Merge with the Frequency of Your Eternal Soul as The New Human of Light you are aware of Yourself as Divine Light.

So why is it you do not feel like this or know this?

Why is it you have all these doubts and fears and no thing is as you would like it?

The Reason is your Frequency.

When you function from mind or ego, there is a constant debate going on.

I want this, I do not like this, If only it was this way..if they stopped this..if the Dark ones stopped.

PLEASE NOTE: Nothing or No One Outside YOU creates your Frequency or YOUR Reality.

That is the Illusion.

You are creating your Reality by your Frequency; by your thoughts, through the  feelings in response to Your Thoughts.

The emotional body has the greatest impact on your Frequency. Your emotional body responds to your thoughts.

All if Frequency.

Everything else is simply the MIRROR.

So Begin NOW to stay present with you.

Do not allow your thoughts and emotions be influenced by the MIRROR.

Instead KNOW that there are no victims, and as surely as YOU Breathe you are creating your Reality moment to moment.


So why then are there Dispensations and Transmissions?

They are the Frequency of Union and ALLOW by Grace for YOU to Begin Vibrating in Frequency to the Frequency of your Soul.

So You will FEEL Divine Love,  Divine Union, and Divine Abundance, etc.

This transmits to  YOU the Frequency that will allow you to Become that Frequency.

So that you will have the Reality you so Desire.

So you may begin to walk and Breathe in Pure Divine Union.

When you Vibrate in this Frequency your Life will be magical and filled with the Greatness of Source.

Your Cells and DNA are changing. To be The New Human of Light your Cellular Consciousness is Changing TO THE VIBRATION of Divine Union.

This is Not outside of YOU.

What you vibrate to you become.

What you vibrate to becomes your Reality.

It really is VERY Simple.

Stay focused on Your Heart. Stay in Harmony.

This will gift you with the Divine Light of your Soul in your Awareness AS Pure Enlightenment.

You with the Light of Your Soul.

You experiencing the Ecstasy of the Light of Your Soul.

You knowing yourself as Sacred Union, As Abundance, as Health. As all the Many Facets of Divine Union that  Source is!

 Allow your Breath to become your Moment to Moment Awareness.

Allow yourself to experience and Know Divine Union.

To Be and Know your existence as The New Human of Light walking into the New Era of Light as the Enlightened Being you Are at Soul Level.

Vibrate to this Frequency of Divine Union and Your experience will be Grace and Ease.

I hold you in Your Enlightenment.

I have included below links for you to receive The Frequency Transmissions from the Central Sun through the Queen of Light and the link  to Listen to my Audio Frequency Transmissions

I Love You.

Holding you in Eternal  Sacred Divine Union, Love and Harmony,

The Queen of Light

Here are the Links.

To Listen to the Audio Frequency Transmissions; These are Powerful Dispensations!!


To Join the Group to Receive the Daily Queen of Light Transmission:


You can Also Request the Daily Queen of Light Transmissions on My website:


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To Email me to receive my Newsletter:


To Order the Pleiadian Twin Soul Activation, Pleiadian Blueprint Activation, Pleiadian 12 Strand DNA Activation, Pleiadian Light Transmissions, and Healing Sessions, Please visit my Website:



copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

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  1. Ah blessed blog this is. We humans short circuited our connection to our Soul-knowing long ago, the transmission frequencies ‘jump start’ that natural connection again. I find myself hearing and seeing through the filter of the heart, after i listen to your you-tube transmissions. I become ‘the watcher’, experiencing my Source connection, experiencing ‘me’. Knowing and Feeling, experiencing…holding to highest destiny of every moment…from head to heart to 5th Dimension Love you Queen of Light xxxx

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