Communicating with a Multidimensional Being

Communicating with a Multidimensional Being. An Ascended Cosmic Being. The Queen of Light.

I am writing this FOR the Great many people I communicate with in an Attempt to help you Understand the current Chasm that exists on Planet Earth to those of the Multidimensional realms. Linear versus multidimensional existence and Frequency.

I am desiring those of you who have had communication with me, PLEASE  comment,  for the Purpose of helping  those not understanding me to understand.

To Bridge the Chasm of the Realms.

I will mention also, this IS WHAT you are transforming to.
This New way of Communication.

The Communication that you are moving in to is a NEW WAY of Communicating, that is Pure Being form The Heart.

It is all Frequency. This is 5th Dimensional Communication.

Communicating with Pure Awareness of Truth in Pure Being is the New Form of Communication, 5th Dimension.

On The Pleiades the communication is Direct and “as is” Pure from The Heart.

The Chasm experienced in my communication is because I am Not LInear. Even though I appear in a Body I am NOT from Earth and I do Not understand the Linear perspective. I cannot emphasize this enough.

I function at an Accelerated Pace. My Frequency is increasing EVERY Moment. Coming to Earth was  for the purpose of Helping.

There was a huge gathering on The Central Sun, Lord Melchizedek and many great Beings gathered to discuss the Earth Transition.  They showed me if I do NOT go to Earth,  that Earth would  eventually shift, Not Easily though.   If I go to Earth as the Divine Feminine; The Queen of Light,  The Earth will Shift with Ease and Grace.

How could I say No, Impossible. The the agreement was made, I fully Agreed and here I am.

I exist mainly every moment in the Central Sun. The Body is a Projection of consciousness allowing me to write this Now. I am not a Channel of the Queen of Light, I am The Queen of Light. 24/7.

Although this may sound “Far out There” to most, it is my Truth.

I love Being here it is Ecstasy. I Love the Planet, the People, Nature.

The Only experience that is unusual for me  is the Experience of  communicating with people who function  in the Linear.

Just getting finishing a conversation with someone,  I need to go over the True meaning of my words as she cannot fully understand me. I am not able to fully understand how and why she interprets what I say in a linear way.

The Reason for all of this is also to Help people transform into the New Way of Being, Communicating and Functioning in 5th Dimension Frequency.

Does this mean an increase in Frequency, of Course it does.

It is The New Way of Being.

My purpose of writing this is to help you understand why communicating with me is SO different.  To help you to shift in Frequencies and offer ways for you to do so Now.  I will need translators of the linear to help me understand communication with  humanity.

I am also aware that Communicating with me is like exercise.

Each time you communicate with me your Frequency will increase. Depending on your Frequency it may take a long time for you to understand most of what I say.

As you Shift fully it will be with Ease.

I can write and send Frequencies which is perfect One way.

The Chasm shows up in two-way communication because of the Frequency Difference.

I Love you All, that is Why I am here. I would not be here if it was Not to Help everyone One of You to Shift in Frequency to The New Way of Being.

As you Understand this Communication  You shift your Frequency.

You merge with the Higher Dimensions and Frequencies.

Included below are some links you may find helpful. Holding You All in Divine Union Now.


 Holding you All in Eternal Union,

The Queen of Light.


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About The New Divine Humanity

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. Marty Rae!
    Thank you, I feel you..
    I hold you in Safety, Healing And Divine Love..

  2. Thank You!
    Holding you in Divine Love!

  3. Thank you, Holding you in Love

  4. one day ill come home,one day you’ll show me whats is love and light,but ill follow you in your footsteps,can you love me you once did,ill embrace your love and tendarness, thank you your kind woman dont leave me behide i wanna come home to you

  5. I must voice my love for your kindness supporting women who really want help on this concept. Your personal dedication to getting the solution along appeared to be pretty effective and has all the time encouraged men and women much like me to arrive at their objectives. Your invaluable recommendations denotes much to me and even more to my fellow workers. Thank you; from each one of us.

  6. Beautiful precious Soul!
    Thank you!

  7. teach me cuz am still a student of learning
    but i feel the light,knowing that your with me every day,cuz the light never leaves only it shines more,some day ill you see you face to face,wishin star and beautiful lullaby,your my light angel,take me home and show me the way of the light,mother of light, love you for shining on me and showin me the true force of the light enjoy your night or day

  8. I need your help laura plz ….i am in chandler in the quebec ( canada )

  9. Awesome Bridget!
    All things are unfolding for you perfectly!
    I love you! You are an Angel!!

  10. Since finding you,you have elevated me greatly,things that used to make sense”here” don’t do so as easily as I align with your messages so much more.The more I listen to your transmissions the more evolved I feel and I hold you in the deepest love..I am beginning to feel like an alien to others that Do not function on the same frequency.

  11. Beautiful. Thank you! Such great clarity. I love you!!

  12. Another way of learning to enter 5D and speaking or understand with the heart is comparing the way you feel when you communicate with animals or stay in the state you are when being in contact with nature. The purity, the joy and ecstasy we get when hearing birds or when being in a garden with beautiful flowers, or seing the sunset or the sunrising, or when in the sea side on your own…

  13. I like this post Laura, it’s a kind of soul healing for me. I understand you, and in fact I myself, sometimes find it difficult to communicate with people, be it friends or family because I just think the difference is that I communicate mostly with the heart with people I love, with the truth that is in me. I can explain it like this because I went from this communication that was mine as a child and a young girl to that I’ve learned living in France, where people are very rational, and I know they are not very different from americans or elsewhere origin on Earth; unless you refer to native people having an “archaic manner of speaking”. I’ve suffered learning to communicate like this. I suffered exchanging with people, with the coldness of relationships, so I think I can understand your difficulty Laura. So what I did is learning to communicate with my brain. Learn to communicate through my brain helped me to survive in this world but to a certain point my soul was crying for help. I had to relearn this communication from the heart to find myself through spiritual work. And it did not cost me so much to make it, but I know I am only understood by people who have a certain degree of spiritual awakening. I am aware that this communication comes out directly by the heart, it does not pass through the filter of the brain. Maybe the idea is to remember as how we communicated when we were children. What comes out from your heart or your soul is pure, it is the heart. We must become the innocent child that we were. Recover the purity of vision, of perception of a child, we were born that way. Forget our brain and use it to go to work, to the supermarket but stay focused within our hearts. This is a somewhat difficult exercise because we need to move from 3D to 5D and fom 5D to 3D. That is one the reasons why is difficult to remain in 5D because we live in 3D. To be helpful I can give the example of the experience you have when speaking foreign languages; it’s not that easy to pass from one to another way of communication if you aim to be clearly understood. Languages taught me that knowing how to speak a foreign language is to know the culture and spirit of the people, their sociology, philosophy, know their country … As so we are more likely to be understood, we must put ourselves at the speakers’ place. I guess that is what you do Laura? Nevertheless I still find it difficul to express myself always fom my heart.
    Laura’s words should be understood with the heart and not with the brain, do not analyze, but feel them. I am aware that we can dispense of words and let us communicate our vibrations; I feel it with very few people. I can not do it with everyone. Sometimes the only way to be understood by others is speaking metaphorically, that ‘s why poetry, pictures, music, painting and the arts are a great help, sometimes we can use comparisons or talk with imagery language…
    Well, now I hope this will help some people. I speak from my personal experience, we all have different experiences. Each one of us advance on a different path and all can contribute by our personal experience to help others. But I am aware that what is true and clear for me may not be obvious to others from their experiences.
    May your inner light be your guide!

  14. Yes it is very easy communicating with you Wo! Love you!

  15. Ive never had an issue communicating with you, it’s pretty normal to me.

  16. I love u and i am so blessed and happy to have u in my life love forever Deepa

  17. One of the first things l learned communicating with You Laura, to start with Feeling. That is ‘how are you feeling?’. Not that i haven’t begun conversations that way, but that i realize that tends to keep me functioning in my Heart space, as we humans jump so quickly in to ‘time’, events that are being planned, or something that is past.

    And i am quickly re-minded that i am in my head in some future time yet to come, when i mention ‘plans’ or ‘planning’ to you.

    Planning by its very nature is not Direct experience and takes us out of NOW.

    How wonderful and exasperating it is to have someone to point out errors in process, and guide the way.

    Love You Laura


  18. Dear Laura. In the short time that I
    have been a part of the online esoteric community, I have come to understand that my purpose in this incarnation is to act as translator between the linear communication of 3d and the metaphorical communication of 5d
    Don’t hesitate to ask if you think I can be of assistance to you. It would be my pleasure.
    It is an open offer. I’ve have been granted a uniques schooling in communication. I honour that gift by sharing it freely.

  19. My heart understands you and others like us more each day. We grow in strength in numbers each passing moment, beyond time and space. I am with you always, I am with you all. I love you dearly, and I feel your arms around me as I speak these words and as you speak them through me. Love and Light to All! Our Marvelous New Adventure has truly just begun! <3

  20. I’ve also been writing a lot about what it means to be linear vs. conceptual. It’s just my attempt at explaining it, but these posts do get a lot of google hits, so they must be helpful somehow.

    Once I became aware of this distinction, I realized that I have always been a conceptual thinker, but I am comfortable understanding the linear as well. And once I became aware of multi-dimensional concepts, when I read about them, they make perfect sense to me. Translating seems to be a big part of my role, I hope others find these musings of mine helpful!!

  21. Thank you! I love you Dearly!!

  22. Even two people who are both communicating in a linear fashion can misunderstand each other! So is it any wonder that it is difficult for anyone who is used to communicating at our 3D Earth linear way, would have a hard time with two-way communication that is not linear?

    I figure if we are first aware that this is an issue, and that we have to be careful not to get defensive (that we might be mis-interpreting), that is a first step.

  23. Hi Dear Laura, It’s me John Paul Lavigne from Your FB Group…I live in Listuguj MicMac Reserve near Campbellton, New Bruinswick…I Have been Participating,on Occasion, with the 3 a.m. Atlantic Time Meditations, as We are in the same Time Zone…I do Feel the Gentle, yet Potent, Effects from Your Service…Thank You…I find that I need less Sleep and a Heightened Sense of Calm & Protection,when I venture out in public…I am intergrating a non-linear (circular) sense of Being,these days…Much Regards for Your Strength in Light of Love…babajij/John Paul

  24. Let me be of service, for it is joyful to communicate ideas properly and also being able to assess the understanding that follows. Love & Light

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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