Sacred Divine Union Frequency

Sacred Divine Union Frequency.

As I write this on my iPod I am converting from Audio to YouTube a Transmission I just completed for You from The Central Sun, The Queen of Light.
Divine Union Frequency Transmission.

The Frequency of The Central Sun is the Frequency of Source; Divine Union. The Commissioned Frequency Transmissions are Dispensations Now for Your Shift to Union, 5th Dimension Frequency.

As your DNA and Cellular Consciousness are transformed to Union Frequency you will undergo Deep Changes.

Through Your transformation you are Eternally loved and Held. All is Frequency.

Moving into Union you Become The Pure Being You ARE and that You Desire.

Living and Staying in Harmony during the Process of Your Shift in Frequency allows you to Access The Frequency of Ease and Grace.

I will include The link to my YouTube that includes the Audio Transmission “Divine Union Frequency Transmission”.

You are Loved and Held in Divine Love Eternally “Always”.  Even though you are a Unique Individuation of Source, you are Not alone.

I am sending My Eternal Love to you Now and Divine Union.

You are Eternally Loved and Held by the Queen of Light.


As YOU merge to the Frequency of Union that you Are, all that is Yours will be unleashed from the Central Sun to You.

This includes The Love and Union of Your Twin Soul, The merging in Sacred Sexual Union, Divine Bliss, The Ecstasy of Union and the merging of You as a Soul as  Sacred Presence into your Physical Form.

In Sacred Divine Union; Central Sun Frequencies,

The Queen of Light


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About L'Aura Pleiadian

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. I Receive these Central Sun Frequencies with so much GRATITUDE! Thank you so much Beloved Queen Of Light! I Love You Eternally! 🙏🏻💜✨


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