Soul as Source Blueprint

Soul as Source Blueprint.

Existing on the Pleiades, we do not look at “Beings” as Starseeds. We see things at Soul Level. Source level. Union level.

Your DNA is Shifting to Union Source level.

A Soul can have many existences, which may or may not include existences on other Star Systems.

A Soul is Not One Existence. Advanced Beings do Not say I am Pleiadian, I am Andromedan.

They are One with Truth and Know they are Source and that existences are a Part of the Soul Blueprint.  They are not THE existences, they are Source. It always comes down to Source. Always. Anything less is a limitation of True Being.

A Person on Earth is Very Likely to have more than One Existence. There are Very young Souls, under 100 existences and there are very old Souls over 1500 existences.

You cannot be Born here on Earth from Another Star System.

An Advanced Being can Arrive here on  Planet Earth as a Walk-in, Soul Exchange. Literally coming from the “Beyond” into this time space continuum into a Physical Body. This bypasses the Birth Process into Human form. They literally walk-in from another Star System.

Braids are a variation of a walk-in,  they are Higher parts of the same Soul downloaded into the Blueprint, they are Not a different Soul.

The Soul does not function in Linear Reality.

There is no Past or Future at Soul level.

Within your Original Blueprint the Frequencies of all of your Existences are Held.

You are Created as “Source from Source” not from a Star System.

Before the Universe was Source. All are Creations of Source.

Souls are Created as Unique individuation of Source. You are a Soul. You are Not simply this existence.

As you are Shifting to Union Frequency allow your Natural way of Being to Be in Harmony with your existence. Release as resistance Now.

Become True Being. Be Union. Be Divine Love.

It is all Frequency.

To help you in Your Shift in DNA and Cellular Consciousness I have created Frequency Transmissions you can listen to that will Activate and Harmonize your DNA with Source Frequency.

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Start this Day as a New Day. Begin and Stay in the Beginning. All is New Now. Your Soul exists Beyond time in the Now. No Time.

As you Shift know that you are Loved and Held always in Divine Union.

In Divine Union, Love and Harmony;  Central Sun Frequencies,

The Queen of Light

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

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Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. this is Truth, i love to read Truth, it exposes all of the ego identity grabbing games we are programmed with. The last 25 yrs have just brought new ones, for the ‘Ascension Age’.

    Loving You Always Laura xxxx

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