Sacred Union; Being Source Frequency

Sacred Union; Being Source Frequency.

Waking up One Morning  you Realize this day is different, this day is the first day of always knowing yourself in Union. Always Being Union. The old way has passed away in your awareness and you Now exist as Pure Being in Love, Bliss and Harmony.

This will soon be the Reality you wake up to.

When?  Will that day be tomorrow morning? It could be.

Not existing in linear I do not see time and dates, I see Frequency.

How do you tell How close you are in Frequency to fully living in Harmony and Union, 5th Dimension.

How often are you in Harmony? Does every little thing throw you off Center? Do your emotions and Emotional Body take a roller coaster ride daily?

The More you Live and exist in Harmony and Stay in Harmony, the Sooner YOU will EXIST in Pure Being, Fully Awake, Fully Present and  Fully Shifted to the 5th Dimension.

Do not wait for the DAY.

Focus Now and Begin the Process of Fully Being Union Now, this Day and Forever. You have the power to Create this Focus, this way of Being Now. Being Source Frequency.

Your Mental body goes along with the Dominant Frequency of Your Heart.

So how do you stay and live in Harmony?

Surround Yourself and your environment with the Frequency of Harmony and Union. Immerse your Cellular Consciousness and DNA in this Frequency Daily, ALL NIGHT while you sleep if possible.

When things take you out of Your Harmony, as soon as possible move your awareness to Your Physical Heart and Breathe. Pause Breathe and Stay in Love and Harmony.

This may take some Focus, some remembering. Perhaps surrounding yourself with reminders will help you. Post notes, this may work well for you.

Receive the Frequencies of the Queen of Light Transmission Daily. You do not have to be awake to receive these Frequencies. To receive these I ask you to Join my Group, that is How I watch who Desires to Receive The Transmissions.

Listen to My Frequency Transmissions.I am taking the word meditations off of the Mp3’s, as they ARE Frequency Transmissions, you do NOT need to meditate or DO anything you Simply Receive the Transmission.


Here is the Link to My YouTube Channel where you can Access all of  The Central Sun Frequency Transmissions that you can Play and Repeat during the Night:


Here is the Link to the group you would need to Join to Receive the Daily 3am AST Queen of Light Transmissions:!/groups/Frequency5thDimension.AgeofAquarius/?fref=ts


To Follow me on Twitter:


To Email me and request my Newsletter:


To Order the Pleiadian Blueprint Activation, Pleiadian Twin Soul Activation, Pleiadian 12 Strand DNA Activation, Pleiadian Light Transmission, and Healing Sessions please visit my website:


Sending you all My Love Now and the Frequencies of Divine Union, Harmony and Oneness.

You are Not alone, you are Loved and Held in Eternal Sacred Union. The Love and Union you Desire is inside you, awaiting to be Activated in you as Source through Source Frequency.

The morning will arrive that YOU as Source live as Source forever and in Eternity. We will celebrate that Eternal Day.

I Love you All.

In The Divine Eternal Union of Source as Source in The Great Central Sun,

The Queen of Light





copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

About L'Aura Pleiadian

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. Thank you Laura, sweet Laura…for showing the way…you have brought so much ‘love’ into my life…I love your transmission’s, easy, uplifting, powerful…love everyone ❤

  2. Thank You, Sweetheart!! I love You! XO, Eric

  3. Perfect, Thank you Deva!
    Love you

  4. Yes, surrounding my self with frequency. This is truly the key. Whatever keeps me in my Harmony. Feeling my feelings as they arise, i hold on to the the ego driven less. I see me in You, and hold the same love and harmony for you as for myself. This is a work in progress, i am shifting towards this, yes i do regress. But get back on the breath and ride. Above all, i love Me in everything ‘I’ touch. xxxx Love You Laura

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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