Sacred Divine Love

Sacred Divine Love.

You Desire this Deep within You. Within your Heart the foundation already exists for You as Pure  Being Divine Love.

The Essence of Divine Love Transforms All. It bypasses all barriers in 3D and reaches into the Heart of the Universe Itself.

Have you experienced glimpses of this. Do you know you are This.

Have you felt the Eternal; Eternity moving through you in the Sacred Moment.

In the Sunrise or Sunset. In your Sacred Breath can you feel Eternity. Do you breathe eternity through you in every moment.

You as Love and Your Eternal Lover await the awakening. Drinking together once more the elixir of the eternal Kiss and Sacred Union.

In the Ocean of Pure Love you exist before time.  You have never been separated.

Your Soul may sleep now.  It stirs Deep within the Center, experiencing itself as a long forgotten longing.

Waiting, waiting for the Dawn. To arise once again as the Glorious Being You both are throughout time.

When you wake you wake from your Center. It is a stirring that calls itself to you. The Ocean moves and breathes your Essence.

The place that is and has always existed in you is Sacred Love and Union. How the Heart Longs for Union.

The Core of existence is Immersed in Divine Unconditional Love. You are this.

Bathing your Awareness in this Sacred Love transforms the Earth you Walk on, the Air you Breathe.

Your Steps become sacred. Your feet kiss the earth. Your Breath adorns the trees. Your Light provides the Way for Eternity to be present Now.

All is transformed by the Eyes that always see; the Heart that is always open.

Gaze upon your Life. A Gentle gaze of Love. Absorb your Existence into your Breath. You are timeless. Your Essence is pure Being.

Your Sacred love is a Gift to the elements and All Beings Everywhere.

Divine Love caresses the Fire within you. Submerged within you as water, is pure Sacred Being. The air you breathe is Pure Spirit. Be the Eternal Flow in Union.

Embrace your Existence now in the Sacred awareness and Pure Being it is.

Your Are timeless Love.

Deep within your own Heart is the Eternal Love that you Are. Sacred Love is Present.

Let your words be Sacred and Your thoughts reach Eternity. Bless your every step, your every breath as Your Pure Being.

Allow today, Now The Sacred Divine Love that you are to be Fully present for you. Feel your Eternal Lover enter You and Become You.

When the waves of the eternal wash over you I will be there. We will rejoice together in the Victory that is and always has been.

In the Eternal Sea of Love I am there for You. In Divine Love, Ecstasy and Union,

The Queen of Light

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I love You All.

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

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Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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