A Bowl of Sacred Water and Twin Flames

Are you with a Soul Mate? or Twin Soul? How to tell? What are the differences.

I am receiving these questions Daily.

To Help you somewhat understand what I see at the Soul Level, imagine if you would a Template of Light. This template was created from Source Frequency, held in the Central Sun.

In your Template is the information of You as a Complete Soul; a Blueprint that includes all of your information in all existences. You started off as One. At Soul level before stepping down Some Souls choose to Hold the Balance in the Universe; Male and Female. Then stepping down, you began existences. Many of the Souls, not all, Agreed to divide at the experience of the existences levels. Source experiencing itself as Source. Source sourcing itself.

Your Existences never Vanish. Once your Return with your Twin Soul your individuated existences do not end or Vanish. There is no past or future. All existences live on forever in eternity. Picture no time as a Bowl of Sacred Water. In the Water is you as a Soul as One and all the existences of you as You and your Twin. They do not vanish and disappear. Time is an illusion they are ALWAYS going on into eternity. You as a Soul are always held in the Sacred Bowl of Water, Your Blueprint.

Always held in your Blueprint is the Potential of the return to Union with the other part of Your Soul. The Union is always held, the wish to experience the Union in all Existences is always present.

Same Soul Frequency, same Soul. Male and Female holding the Frequencies of Balance. This was created at the level of Light. You then stepped down in Frequencies to experience yourself in myriad ways of existence.

There is not more than one Twin Soul. Your Twin is You, in the Male and Female aspect.

Now Soul Mates. These are usually Beings who agreed to share existences together for the purpose of preparation for the Twin. Or for the release of Karma.

Soul Mates only last as long as the frequency can somewhat hold the attraction. Once the Frequencies change in either one there is no longer any need or want to continue as it’s purpose is Over.

Picture if you would, two separate Frequencies attempting to find a common frequency  while moving along perhaps the same direction in the existence.

They are Not the same frequency yet attempt to find a common purpose ONLY until the Frequencies no longer relate.

From the Central Sun where I exist, I also see form; the existences.

Working closely with Blueprints and the programs people decide on for their existences is What I have been involved with Since before Time. These are simple Light encodings of each Unique Individuated Source Soul Frequencies.

There are MANY potential Soul Mates. Souls that have similar interests. Souls that have karmic issues to release.

There is Only One Twin Soul; Twin Flame.

PIcture Now the Union and Flow in the Blueprint of the Twin Soul Union.

There is Light, Flow and Union. There is no separate Frequency. They are One. When the Joining takes place on Earth or in other existences Each Blueprint of the Twin Soul activates, the Codes are released and they function in Union in the Eternal Bond of One that they are. Their Blueprints are then Joined, fully activated in Union.

As you experience Union within yourself and as your Codes are activated for You and Your Twin your Earth existence will draw the two of you together.

There are more Twins on earth together in a body during the ending of this cycle than since its beginning. The Shift to the 5th Dimension and Frequency is the Union.

So whether you are with Your Twin, Alone, or With a Soul Mate; You are in the Process of the Activation of the Union within you and with your Twin.

This can be very unsettling for those holding beliefs around “till death do us part” yet the Soul crying out for the Eternal Union it knows and desires.

Hold your Frequency in Balance in Harmony and Union. The Power of the Soul is FAR Greater than anything you can imagine. All will be activated and drawn to you as You Awaken and Hold the frequency of the 5th Dimension.

I hope this answers some of your Questions I will go into this subject more deeply soon.

The wish for this Union is increasing in all of you on Planet Earth right Now. Many have agreed to Be together for the New beginning.

Deep within your Soul Memory you know this.

Stay in Harmony, Live in your Heart.  Be the Love you are Now. Focus on Your Heart and Monitor your Frequency.

Sending my Love to you all Now.

Listen to my Frequency Meditations Daily; they will infuse your Cells and DNA with Source Frequency, 5th Dimension.

In Divine Love, Union and Harmony,

Queen of Light

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  1. This was so informative!!! Thank YOU for this wisdom knowledge 🙂 I am So Grateful to receive. Maintaining my frequency in harmony & balance, love & light. Living from my heart space. Opening always consciously to greater expansion of my Soul embodiment. Thank YOU Beloved QOL!!! 🙂 !!! 4ever I Love YOU 🙂

  2. Anything is possible there are no limitations for the Soul. Look within your own Heart, your Heart always Knows.
    Sending Love!

  3. Can soulmates or twin souls be a pornstar? While you are more on the spiritual side, whereas your soulmate or twin is also spiritual but is involved with porn? Can people still be spiritual and be a pornstar? I’m asking because I am confused, we shared a whole lot for many years, very connected in the love making, intense chemistry, everything pretty much becomes intense when we’re around eachother. We haven’t been around eachother now for about 3 months, because of problems, which I think is karmic relation.

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