Get with the New Program; Highest Destiny

Get with the New Program; Highest Destiny.

What plays out in your Mind when you Hear these words, Your Highest Destiny? Does it conjure up ideas based on your Old Programming. Do you still see yourself as a solid object in a world of solid form?

Do you know Why are you Here on Planet Earth right Now?

Your Highest Purpose and Your Highest Destiny are Accessed Once again through your Vibrations and  Frequency. Your Highest Destiny is a Frequency.

This is not about having everything given to you as the Feeling perhaps created on a Christmas Morning.

This is about You Fully Becoming You. Aligning Yourself, Your Frequency with the Center. You Simply arrive at the Frequency that is in Harmony with your Design; your Original Blueprint.

Destiny shows up.

You may hold beliefs around what your Highest Destiny means to you, similar to  a television show that depicts how things should be.  If I had this and would be better.

Destiny is Entering the Design your Soul had for you at the Highest level for your Current incarnation. The Soul, your Soul designed the greatest and Highest for You and the access codes are held in Your Original Blueprint.

Go Beyond the concept of solid form for a few moments.  Feel Energy, Vibrations and Frequencies. Let go of concepts of How this should be felt by You.

You are  vibrating codes of Light made of Frequencies, and the Universe is also.

All you Desire within your Heart, your Highest Destiny is Also beyond Form and is   held in Your vibrating codes of Light Frequencies.

As in the Homeopathic model of Like cures Like; so does Vibrating to Your Design create your Highest Destiny.

This involves moving out of thought patterns of the mind, relinquishing your old programs and removing the idea that you need to figure it all out. You cannot figure it all out. It is Simply all Frequency and vibrations.

Entering your Heart and Harmony Frequency Allows your Cellular Consciousness and DNA to Vibrate in Union with your Highest Destiny.

You are a Matrix of Codes and Programs waiting to Turn off or to Turn on depending on your current Frequency.

Entering Your Heart Space and Living in Harmony opens you to the Realm of Not Knowing.

Accepting you Know Nothing, you Become.

You Move out of the old model of Mind Knowing and you Enter the Heart of Being.

Pure Being in Heart Frequency Awareness is the Frequency 5th Dimension Harmony of Union.

Enter Becoming today, Now. Simply Be Present in Your Heart and in the Frequency of Harmony. Focus and Become.

You will benefit greatly by Listening Daily to My Meditations.  The Heart Frequency, Love Frequency, Chakra Meditation and Healing Meditation are Frequencies in Union and Harmony with the Center; The Central Sun Alcyone,  Pleiades. They Hold encoded Frequencies that allow your Cellular Consciousness and DNA to Begin the Transformation to Pure Being and Union.

My words are also encoded Light Frequencies. They are the Frequencies of Source.

With Conscious awareness Turn off your  Old Programming.

Consciously  Turn on the 5th Dimensional Heart of Pure Being today, Now.

Your Highest Destiny.

It is all Frequency.

Love in the Eternal Pure Being of Union that is Source Frequency,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light.

To Listen to my meditations, and to order The Pleiadian Activations, Pleiadian Light Transmissions, Pleiadian 12 Strand DNA Activation, Pleiadian Twin Soul Activation and Healing Sessions, Please visit my website:

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

About L'Aura Pleiadian

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. Yes Being Higher Destiny!!
    Love to you Deva!

  2. Solid rendering of Not Know Mind, to be known going forward as the Heart of Pure Being.. Its rare to find an explanation of the ‘two world’ trap humans encounter, and explained in such a way that we actually can experience a shift while reading.
    Being Higher Destiny….

    Blessings of Love Laura

  3. Thank You John,
    Yes Heart Being!

  4. Laura Fantastic..Plain and simple written in Linear language so ALL that want to understand can.
    Removing the idea that there is a need to figure it all out and Position your heart in a place of Balance and Harmony in Union. The notion to figure it all out is a human quest for knowledge.. a relearning of things that should have been but were never installed. Only to find Surrender to the heart as the Answer.

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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