Ascension; Union With Eternal Form

Ascension; Union With Eternal Form

There are so many versions of what Ascension is these days. You may even have a certain date in mind and marked it on your calendar.

“The Ascension” refers to the Bodily Ascension of Christ. Can you also experience a transfigured  Body of  Light?

Why of course YES!

Do you carry the old programming of the Earth existence in your Cells still? Let’s release some of that right Now. Out with the old way in with the New Now. The Higher Frequencies of Love and Union Now.

When you cross over You Return to your Light Form as Source. If you are a Star traveller you immediately take on the form you wish or maybe even take on a contract and walk-into a body.

So isn’t this really the Return to the Natural state of existence that is NOT in a 3D illusion.

Yes it is.

How else do you get your Life review and set out for another Life Plan if not fully alive and awake in your Light Form. You function without a 3D form  very well I must say. You may even experience yourself as being United with all of your Forms as One Individuated Source Being.

Does this mean a death to You? To leave this form of a body to take on your Eternal Form.  Is Death the illusion? Yes it is.

Your body in this current frequency dimension is Simply a projected image that appears as Solid while functioning in this frequency. So even if the form may vanish the Light Form, Your Template; always exists. The Light Body Creates the image in Form. Simply a projection of Consciousness.  Yes it is that Simple.

When you tap into the Frequency of Truth you Know you already exist in this form of Light, and that the Body is just a denser version of the Light Form you Already Are. Read this again, and this time Allow the Truth to sink into your Consciousness, Cells and DNA.

There is no matter. Everything is vibration and Frequency that Appears dense ONLY  in this dimension.

You are returning to Your natural Being. You are Shifting in Experience to Your Eternal Self. This may feel to you as the Other Side or from the Beyond.   I come from the Beyond; it is alive and Very Real and all is Well there for the Soul.

I will begin writing on this very important topic to help You with your Ascension and the Ascension Symptoms. Since you are on Earth at this time of the Transition you may wish some help in Your Process. Shifting consciousness to What is. Being Present Now to Eternity. Living in a Form in the Awareness and Union of Your Eternal Form.

Now tap into your Eternal Truth, the Eternal Truth. You are Source. You are beyond Form. You are Present in form. You are Eternal Being of Light. You can take on Forms. The Eternal you always exists. In the frequency of Conscious Awareness you experience your Union.

Queen of Light

Listening to my Meditations will increase your Frequency Vibration to the Frequency of Eternity. You can live Now in the Eternal and be Here Now.

To listen to my meditations, or to order your Pleiadian Activation, Light Transmission, and Healing Sessions please visit my website:

Love, Bliss and Harmony in the Eternal Union that is and always has been,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light.

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

About L'Aura Pleiadian

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. An ever evolving eternity ,A plan so huge no words are on this earth to fully describe. Only Emotion and Frequency of the most fully completed inner self can associate. You are the most qualified and and appropriate Pleiadean Delegate for this space in this existence.

  2. Thank you Greg, great Love to You and thank you.

  3. ❤ I love feeling the frequencies from your words Laura, thank you so much. 🙂

  4. Agape with inspiration…

  5. i feel this in my soul. The light that guides our way. Our own light?

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