Heart Desire and Frequency

Heart Desire and Frequency.

If you were to wake up one Morning and Felt and Experienced all of your deepest desires met; How would that feel to you?

Do you feel your Heart warm and filled with Love right Now. The Excitement and Love of Life would be Alive and Vibrant in your Cellular Consciousness.   Have you experienced moments like this,  moments of Bliss and Ecstasy.

Time Stops.

Every Breath is New and the First time. You Become New.

You Become Real.

The World becomes brighter. Your heart beats stronger. You feel Love. Somehow you Know you do not want this to stop, you wish Eternity Now. A Kiss becomes Eternal Ecstasy.

The sun shines as if For You. People around you seem happier. Breathing is Ecstasy, in No time. Flowing with Being. Flowing with Vibrant Life pulsating in your Cells and DNA. Yes this is possible Now. You can Live in this Frequency.

Your Soul Desires are held in your Original Blueprint and are encoded to activate when you are ready. Have you Completed the clearing of the  cellular memory you incarnated on Earth to Clear?  Are you ready to shift Frequency.

The Vibrations and Frequency you Vibrate to are Vibrating Now in your Cellular Consciousness. Everything is Frequency. You are sending out and receiving your Frequencies. Your DNA functions as a Transmitter of Your Frequencies.

As you clear your old programming through your Frequency you Change Your Life. The Magic of Life appears as You Enter into the New Way of Being. The New Earth. The 5th Dimension Now.

How much clearing left? Does your life appear at a standstill.

Time to Clear and Activate. Time for a New Beginning in 2012 to reawaken your True Nature. To truly Become You. No one else can be You.

To Become Real.

What is Real? Real is when you Know your True Nature and no longer need to hide the parts of yourself that you Once did not Love. You Love it all. Life can be messy this Way and Fun.

There is no substitute for Becoming Real. It is an All or Nothing Deal.

So Begin to Be Real today. Look at your Patterns and Love yourself. Clear The  old programs that told You  long ago you were not good enough.  They are just old programs held in Cellular Consciousness.  Give the Love to yourself you never received. Feel Deeply all Things. Love your Life as is. Be Real Now.

Queen of Light

As you merge your Frequencies to Love and Harmony in the Present Moment the old Programs simply fall away.

Listen to my meditations that were created simply for the Frequencies they Transmit to You and Your Higher Heart and Cells.  The Frequencies merge You  in Higher Consciousness and in Harmony of Union. They release old patterns that cannot hang around in the Harmony they Transmit.

The Frequency is Beyond Time and Space and all the Souls that Would be One Day be Touched by these frequencies were Present in the Eternal Moment of Creation.

Be You; Be Real. Loving You all Now. Awaken Now to your Heart Desire.

To Listen to my Meditations, or to Order your Pleiadian Activation, Light Transmissions and Your Healing Sessions Please Visit my Website:


In Divine Love in The Eternal Oneness and  In Harmony of All Creation,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light.

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

About L'Aura Pleiadian

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. Thank you Graeme! As we approach 2012 and 2013 things will become clearer.
    Many will be Reunited with their Twin Soul.
    Stay in Love and all will come to you in the Now Moment.
    Love to You Now.

  2. I have felt like this for a long time , I have always wanted others around me to feel this connection ❤ , I just had an awesome connection and past few days with Angel Kim , she made me feel my wings flutter , and it was so balanced for me to be close and open , and myself , without feeling any threat for being myself , I wish I had someone beautiful to be with all the time , I don,t understand the beings who are in the outer who jump on my crown and want to draw me back into thought . I am a White world Bridger , I would like a clearer insight into my role here , and is their anyone here who wants to stay with me so we poke food in each others mouths and love each other with this intimacy . love to all

  3. Thank you Deva, all is Perfect Now, Yes!

  4. moments, spaces between the heartbeats and the breaths. yes. I’ve been there, i wanna stay there! “So Begin to Be Real today.”

    thanks for the reminder Laura

    All is perfect, eternal & now

  5. Thank you Micha! Love to you.

  6. Awesome Yes John! Thank you.

  7. You feel your life begins new with a More True , Bigger sense of purpose that goes beyond Tangible words which flow into frequency to the heart , Emanating that which only can be felt by the emotions of the inner self and others resonating at the same vibration. As frequency’s change as you spoke of.. An Awakening compared to shedding old pair of shoes and leaving them behind as they no longer serve the purpose to the new ways ahead.. Such Inspiration ! Wonderfully and passionately written Laura! Please guide me to the the Well where all this Emanates from..

  8. Hey Starseeder::::: Beautiful Work, I resonate well with it! Namaste from Venus Project and Dunedin, Florida!! Starseed Micha says hello!!!

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