Removal of 3D Thought Programs

Begin today to Remove the OLD  3D programming of Your mental body; and Merge your Thoughts with Eternal Truths.

The mental body can remain active with the thought processes continuing as old programming. Do you see how you are Programmed? Have you Removed your Old Programs that no longer serve you?

We can shift and remove the old programs fast through frequency downloads to your DNA. You can also ALIGN your words Now with the New Program of Higher Heart Frequency and Harmony.

Start this today. Notice how many limiting Thoughts you Repeat to  yourself in your daily routine.

Begin to merge Daily words of truth to yourself.  Speak Eternal Truths. Some may call these affirmations, I call it replacing the old thought programs with the Eternal Truths that are in alignment with the Higher Frequencies; with Harmony.

Here are some examples:

You are preparing to meditate: instead of   “I need this and hope the effect lasts for a while”

Speak these words or similar: “I Now enter my Natural state of Being which is Eternal”.

Replace: “I cannot stop my thoughts they just happen and feel true”  with:  “I now shift and remove old thought Programs Now”.

Change “It is impossible to Shift with all these bad things occurring around me” to: “The Time is Now, I am Doing this and my surroundings will have no influence over Me”.

Remove “If only I found the perfect partner, or had money, or more time, then I could do this easily” to: “As I am shifting and aligning myself with Harmony all these things come to me Now”.

These are Not affirmations; these are TRUTHS. Instead of feeling your are just stating words that may help, KNOW instead the new words are Eternal Truths. You are Simply removing old false programs.

Where I exist there are NO limitations. As a Representative of the Pleiadians I am here to help you all Shift in Frequency. This can be Done through your DNA and Higher Heart. Upgrading your Programming.

The old Programming has LImitations built into it through your DNA creation,  the media and passed down through generations.  The Shift is not OUT THERE.  It is within your Programming. Shifting your programming for your advancement as a Human Species.

As the Queen of Light I hold the Frequency of Harmony for the Universe in Union. The Universe is Shifting Now. The Codes for the Shift are the Cosmic Codes DNA. It is the Design planned way before Humanity and the Earth was created to Bring Perfect Union for all Beings Everywhere in this Universe.

The  Old programs are simply being Replaced with the New Program, Harmony and Union.

DNA is not matter, it is your Encoding Program.

Each existence you have you receive your LIfe Plan which is  encoded in Your Blueprint and DNA. You are  is in constant communication through your DNA with your Blueprint including all Plans you have agreed to.

Crossing over, as so many have asked me;  ARE absolutely choices already agreed to by you before your earth journey and are encoded in your DNA and Blueprint.

Cosmic Union in Divine Love and in the Awareness of Self as Source is The Cosmic Union, Cosmic Code DNA. You are Being Upgraded. This has been Planned for Eons.

Please Begin today to see your repetitive thought programs. Simply replace the words with the Eternal Truth of Union. Speak words of Harmony. Immerse your awareness in the Frequency of Harmony and this will be Very easy for your Shifting into the New Program for Union.

To Listen to my meditations, or to Order your Pleiadian Activation, Light Transmissions, and Healing Sessions Please Visit my website:

Love to You all Now in Harmony, in Union with the Divine Perfect Plan, and Cosmic Code DNA,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light.

Queen of Light



copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

About L'Aura Pleiadian

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. Great thank you John! Love to you. ❤

  2. As we shift out the old 3D programming,old ways fail to work, old ways basically become useless..obsolete, a new way is discovered guiding through the heart., as nothing else works any longer. Your words truly resonate this and the choice is not to be self limiting.

    As I am shifting and aligning myself with Harmony all these things (will) come to me Now”. I Command this NOW through Love , Union ,Harmony and Bliss.

    Another truth is YOU are not the Big Picture But YOU show The Eternal Picture without end or repeat as a constant ever evolving eternity.

    In a rebirth or walk in agreement be made more simple? To when we are attracted in this world in response to the frequency in resonance and harmony and bliss and with that follows the energetic cellular memory to the plan in place for each individual and the order to be filled.. When you feel the eternal harmony of the sheer awesomeness and bliss of existence, When you realize there is NO END that is the Shift of enlightenment and True power!

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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