Cellular Consciousness As Light

Your Cells and your Cellular consciousness are of paramount importance in this Shift to Union you are experiencing Now.

The approximate amount of cells in the average human body is 75 trillion Cells.

Your memories, held patterns and the vibration you carry ARE encoded in your CELLS.

EACH Cell has Consciousness, 75 trillion of miniature transmitters and receptors which ALSO program your DNA based on the Frequency you are vibrating to. Harmony and  Union with your Blueprint, your life plan; or Duality.

Working with cellular consciousness I am able to release patterns of memories for healing purposes and download the Frequencies of Your Orignal Blueprint into your cells and DNA.

This is HOW your past memories Can Be released and changed, and HOW I can literally change the Past. I spoke of this many years ago changing the Past.

Remember that cup of Water.

Going into the Water in Union, in the Now, the frequencies can be changed, whether so-called past, present or future.

Through the Frequencies of Light Transmitting through me YOUR  CELLS and DNA receive the frequencies of  information that download directly into your cells and DNA.

Diamond Light Frequencies,  and the Magnetic Presence of the  Light of the Central Sun are transmitted from me to YOU as MY frequencies are Present and exist there. A Synthesis is created that allows me to exist through a body though also existing  in the Central Sun at the same time.

Some ask well then what about the Queen of Light. The Cosmic Rays the Queen of Light Transmits is HARMONY in Union with the Cosmic Code DNA Surrounding the Universe. The Frequencies of Divine Love and the Divine Mother Surround the Universe.

Light Frequency Transmissions, Activations and Healing, are Frequency  Downloads of Light that move into your Cellular Consciousness and DNA.

You are SHIFTING in Consciousness to Carry More Light and Higher Frequencies in Harmony and Union with YOUR Blueprint. This is WHY you are here Now.

When your Cells are Holding the Frequency of Your Blueprint in Union and Harmony your are in the frequency THAT is the SHIFT.

Move into your Heart, Stay Present, Calm Thought, and Move  into Harmony.

Allow this day, this Moment to be THE Moment you Shift. Allow these words to Transmit into your Cells and DNA. Feel the Love and Harmony and Union.

To listen to my meditations, or to Order your Light Transmissions, Pleiadian Activation or Healing Sessions please visit my website:


Divine Love in Union and Harmony with All That Is; Holding for YOU the Light of The Central Sun,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light.

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

About L'Aura Pleiadian

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. Yes Deva, you become Light. Each cell like a miniature radiant Sun! Central Sun!

  2. Lots of love for this explanation Laura, so the more light we ‘drink’ the more DNA we change? How your past memories can be released and changed… Sign me up!

  3. “75 Trillion Transmitters and Receivers through our cells and DNA.”. Yes the shift is internal, if you are waiting for some huge symbolic cataclysmic Event Labeled as “THE SHIFT” you will be sadly left aside..Everyone’s own personal journey which no two are exactly identical.
    Thanks Again L’Aura !

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