Walk-in Soul Exchange

I am writing in response to some personal questions I received about the experience of being a walk-in.  I first would like to mention this is NOT about YOU believing that my experience is true or not, I really do not care if you believe me. I do not expect you to fully understand either; it would be next to impossible to relate to all worlds accessed Now if this was not your experience. I do ask you if you are reading this to allow your mind to open to the possibility of other worlds; even better Feel from your Heart what this may mean to you in a physical Body.

It is not news to you that you are an Eternal Soul in a physical body. Most of you get that much; experiencing your truth around this as Direct Knowing is truly what you wish and why PERHAPS my experience may be somewhat appealing. Like a science fiction novel perhaps leading the way to potential new worlds and ways of being that can be accessed Now.

To some of you the Desire may be fully with awareness to connect back to your Source or your God. The name you give to YOUR Eternal Source of Being does not matter and certainly does not matter to you as an Eternal Being. Existence is much more humorous than you May yet realize. One day you will have a very good laugh of How serious you took all of this Play and Drama. Until then continue to hold on tight to your seats; one day you will see the Best Part to Come is very funny indeed.

Every walk in experience is as Unique as Every Soul. Although we are Connected as One we each are a unique individuation of Source.

I was shown and able to re-live that actual moment of the walk-in experience. Faster than the speed of Light I was in the body just as the Soul left.  It was a flash of Light and immediate grounding as a landing in consciousness in the physical form. The feeling some of you might relate to is coming back into the body after astral projecting, this is not the same, the sense of moving into the body though may help you reference what this may be like.   Or perhaps dreaming you were falling then feeling the landing as a Bang in the physical body because of its density in this dimension. The Landing was Light, and awareness as Light in form was immediate.

The agreement and the Plans for the agreement were ready prior to the moment of Soul exchange. I was sent from Andromeda, and arrived instantaneously. The Agreements are encoded in the Original Blueprints as energy.  EVERYTHING that appears physical has its ENERGY Blueprint held in the Center.  Everything that is physical including your body has its energy counterpart; encodings held in your Energy Blueprint, Soul Blueprint and Fabric. Your physical body is a projection of the true ENERGY substance of your Soul encodings;  if you  can sense that,  you may be able to develop new reference points while in  this  3-d Earth experience that may help you to experience Eternity Now.  The agreement was then encoded in the Blueprint (Soul Substance Beyond Form) and the DNA in the physical form immediately began to shift in frequency resonating with the New Soul walk-in as per the Agreement.

The Agreement as an energy contract was completed. I  then began a New Walk-in Experience. Not  a Soul Exchange.  A  Full Merge began; an incorporation with all My Existences.

Love to you all Now. Diamond Frequencies of Light Surrounding you Now. You are Loved and Held in Eternity in the One Heart.

Source, God, The All…All is One.



copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

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Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. Laura ,
    Very nice detailed orientation and explanation. Glad you are here !

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