Soul Mates, Twin Flames and Soul Agreements

Some of you have had the Experience of having Pleiadian Activations with me and some questions have come up about the changes and shifts you are experiencing with  Soul Agreements. Some of you are moving towards the completion of Soul Agreements and some of You are entering into new relationships and ways of Being Beyond the current Paradigm.

All possibilities and potential “futures” (knowing there really is not a future) involving relationships are not mere random happenings. Depending on your Life Plan, or Original Blueprint you are encoded to evolve and experience certain relationships that were agreed upon as Potentials before incarnating into a Body in form.

When I say Potentials I am saying this since Free Will is a very Real factor in the choices and the Allowing of Soul Agreements to actually Unfold. No relationship happens against your will. Although if you are desiring a New relationship it may seem so for a while.

I would like to clarify I am not speaking of earthly man-made agreements; that may resemble the Eternal Soul Agreements, I am speaking of the Soul. Some of you Desire a Life Long relationship and this may very well be also the wish of YOUR Soul.

Many ask me about the Pleiades and the relationships there. Although they have relationships that may seem not the Usual compared to here; the Pleiadians also have “when the desired frequency is right” a Soul Partner they stay with. All is frequency and when the  Desire of the Soul is Very clear Union is present.

Back to earth life, since you are here and you have a body and most likely want companionship and may have the sense of the ideal and some inherent romantic notions around this. The Ideal Twin Flame or  Soul Mate may be on your mind and heart.

Everything is levels. Everything is frequency. If you are in a relationship; and some of you are, that you feel is ending, remember all is frequency. At an energetic level something is still playing out. Most of you are experiencing Soul Agreements in the relationships you are experiencing which helps the “other”  to expand  in certain ways which were agreed upon.

Your life experience may be a series of Soul Agreements through relationships, many of those may be called Soul Mates; as you have an agreement to take on this role before coming to Earth. Some may be short, some may be longer in what appears as time. At the frequency level the encodings are playing out the Soul Lessons that you came to earth to experience first hand. Some of you continue to experience and learn over and over some of the lessons you came to master with the same people over and over. When mastered and completed at some level; new choices may emerge.  These choices are not random, again they are in your Original Blueprint and part of your Life Plan. Although you are in a body the agreements and the Life Plan in your Original Blueprint are energetic encodings and frequency.

Ok so you may be wondering where is the Good Stuff? Where is the Soul Bliss through Union you are experiencing the desire for? Perhaps the Sexual Ecstasy beyond all ecstasy? Now if you have a Deep Heart Desire for the experience of this Union it is very likely you have these encodings in your Blueprint.

What do you in human awareness feel that this is?  Are you truly aware of what it really is you Desire?  You go through relationships and most are fully in the ego or linear dimensions of awareness. These at Soul Level are the Agreements that you experience as lessons.

You say you wish the Higher more perfect Union relationship; perhaps Twin Flame. Looking through they eyes of Linear this may seem the answer to all of your seeking.

At Soul level, when you become TRULY you; your Soul embodied as your PRESENCE within the Form you draw to YOU your frequency match of your Soul.

This relationship is not at the linear level. Although all relationships are Soul agreements and planned out, the Experience of Experiencing your ideal frequency match is held only in the vibration of the expanded Soul Awareness. Meaning in practicality of physical form you truly are desiring what resonates with your current frequency. So if you are not near the level of approaching your completion in form, you will be drawing to you  “what may seem” as painful lessons in the form of relationships. Those painful lessons are in fact what your Soul Desires to experience and learn from. You may be repeating same past life relationships attempting to go somewhat higher in the advancement of your Soul.

Now I realize I am only touching the surface of this topic. And many of you as I receive your questions are constantly desiring to experience through what appears as the “Other” the Perfect ideal.

Know if what you are experiencing is NOT the ideal, it is in fact something you are learning from and is an agreement in your Soul Blueprint. When the lessons are learned and the frequencies are raised there may be a so-called ending in the Linear which may take many forms as far as the playing out of it in Earth time.

Some of you have been alone and mastering the levels of self-awareness and self-love and have readied yourself for the completion of your form in physicality. Before you may find suddenly the Soul Frequency match you have waited for in time. Know also at Soul level there is never separation.

Some of you have been with your True Love and one has crossed over. Know also there is no distance to the Soul of with Love.

Please share this with others who have experienced relationship questions. I plan to prepare LIVELY videos on these subjects that are truly at the forefront of all of you Lives.

Know you are not alone, you are always Loved and forever held in the Eternal Love that has no bounds and Knows no limits.

My Heart holds you in Eternal Love,


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