Time Space Continuum 5th Dimension

Accessing Time Space Continuum 5th Dimension (some call it 4th) is available Now.  Please do not get hung up over whether it is 4th or 5th dimension unless you really want to make the Aliens laugh. You Do not need to wait till the Aliens arrive; they are already here, I assure you.  Those functioning in the frequency of No Time know this. IN that frequency it is here Now.

This Frequency is of Union and is All Access.  This exists Now in No Time.  Why do you think there is an ending to the Mayan Calender?  Does it signify the ending of the existence of TIME?  Yes it does. Please Note I did not say ending of existences, I said Ending of the Concept and the Functioning of Time.

IN the 5th Dimension Frequency there are no “Past Lives” or “Future Lives”.  All is accessed Now. I sit here at my table writing and for a moment I am Now on the Pleiades, it is amazing there and yet I am also here.   I have no concept if this took Time as I Exist in No Time Frequency. I stand up for a moment and I enter before me  a Vortex in  Atlantis and meet myself there Now. It is no different from taking a few steps here.

How is this Possible?  I Exist in the Frequency and Time Space Continuum of No Time, 4th or 5th Dimension.

My consciousness exists in Awareness Here on Earth as well as many places all at once; this includes all My Existences. This is Union.  Harmony with the Union.

Yet I am also not in Any of Them, they are all inside me.  The expansion of consciousness to Union with Source is the Universe. Awareness then includes everything. I am consciously functioning in all of them all at once in Union. And I am everywhere.

Some People ask how is it I can reach them or find them anywhere on the Earth. Because I can feel the All. Everything is connected in Union. I am connected to everything, there is nowhere I am not.

And In the Frequency  shift and END of the Mayan Calender you also will be Aware consciously of this UNION FREQUENCY. There is free will. In Eternity it really does not matter if you choose this; there will be other options available.

The Cosmic Codes have been released Now. The Vision that was always Held in Eternity is Released Now. Are you Ready?

Open yourself up to the Present Moment. Open yourself up to the awareness of your Heart. No Need to Look outside. The Way is within. The Aliens are already here. I have entered one of their ships. At Higher Frequencies they are made of Light. This is more high-tech than metal, and can travel faster than the speed of Light.

The Cosmic Codes are activating the access points in the Holographic Field. They were always held in Eternity for Now.

You are Loved and Held in Eternity.





copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.






About L'Aura Pleiadian

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

Posted on July 29, 2012, in Azoora Speaks, Conscious Creation, Love, Present Moment Awareness, Queen of Light, The Pleiadians. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. So the love that i feel in my heart in linear, is all there really is? No Time=Love=Pure Consciousness…
    Thanks for the love and caring Laura

  2. Yes it is here Now for those that are awake. The Access is Within. Love to you John.

  3. Laura , Thank You. Its obvious 5D is approaching in the shift we all all experiencing .. some more than others.. In and out daily between 3D and 5D when we each reach our own access point within us…

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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