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Quantum Dissolving of the Subconscious Programming of 3D


So much energy and space is needed to maintain 3D consciousness. The Old Program, so to speak, is not Energy-Efficient. Your True Power, and Soul awareness, may seem to be hidden underneath all the energy it takes for you to maintain your old patterns, your old ways, of consciousness.

The old outdated and programmed consciousness of 3D, is running this program through your SUBCONSCIOUS mind.  This uses up a lot of space, and when dissolved, into 5th Dimensional Consciousness, the access of your Expanded Conscious Self, Being, then accesses the More Energy Efficient Way of Being. 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

The Genius of You, that you have always been, makes itself Known, as the Eternal Light Source of You. It is effortless to run the 5D Program of Consciousness, and what took years to carry out in 3D, can now take place instantly, in 5D.

So why then, you might ask, are you using all that space still to maintain patterns of consciousness that no longer serve you. Especially now that the energy-efficient 5D is ready NOW for you to Download Fully, replacing your old programming. 

The switch over and dissolving of the old patterns that are held in your subconscious mind, appear to not be easily accessed, YET, this program runs the show. All those things you do, that you no longer want to do, all the old ways that show up, when you thought you cleared all that, simply are traces of the old patterning, held in your Subconscious Mind. That is, the old program (3D) running in the background.

The good news is, They ARE DISSOLVING.

This is a transmission, that  communicates and energetically, releases the old pattern of 3D in your subconscious Mind, letting it KNOW, that the old Program, the repetitive reactive patterns, that Once held you in its grip, and filled you with anxiety, sadness and depression, is Now Being Dissolved, in a HUGE QUANTUM WAY.

This is a quantum leap of dissolving. The old programming is dissolving and is Being replaced, with THE energy-efficient way of Being, 5D, consciousness.

This is the most natural way of Being, you are always like this, you just have not accessed it due to the old Programming taking up so much space, and taking up so much of your energy.

This dissolving, fills your cellular consciousness and DNA ( and the water surrounding your DNA) with energy-efficient Light ( that is the eternal Divine You) and with greater communicative capacity, that gives you access, to All That you Are. To Functioning, smoothly, easily, with Grace.

Your DNA becomes filled with the HIGHER LIGHT FREQUENCY of your Soul.

This is 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

Your Subconscious is Now Downloading, this Light, as the configuration of YOU, at the core of your Being, that is the Ascended YOU. More of YOU. You accessing your Genius, your Lineage, as the Divine Being and Angel that you Are. This is YOU, being Free from the Old Programming.

The Subconscious Mind Now, understand this clearly.

Here is why. This Divine You, the Ascended You, has always existed.

You played out 3D and Now it is time for Your Quantum Leap, the Quantum Leap, of the dissolving of ALL OLD PATTERNING.

This takes place effortlessly.

What applied in 3D, does not apply here.

What was valid in 3D, is not valid here.

This is the WAY your Subconscious receives this Download of LIGHT.

The Light is YOU, the Light of Your Eternal Source Light ~ Being.

This YOU now in 5th Dimensional Consciousness, remembers and knows, how to function like this, YOU have done this Before!

The Light Frequency that is NOW increased in vibration, is in  ALL of YOUR Being.

Feel this, take a few moments, Breathe, Receive  and feel.

Breathe, receive and Feel.

Sense this Light within your Cells.

Feel this Download taking place, there is no right or wrong way to feel this. Your experience will be unique, to You.

You may have tears, you may have joy, you may feel a little confused, as your subconscious mind receives this ACTIVATION, through your Blueprint.

This is The Higher Frequency Light of your Greater Self, Soul, YOU.

You may feel this for a few days.

Take care of your Body, it is your Temple.

Be gentle with your self as this Quantum Activation dissolves old patterns, and downloads the Higher Frequency of Light, that of your Soul, transforming your BLUEPRINT, your SUBCONSCIOUS Mind, and your entire energy level capacity. 

This Higher Frequency is more efficient.

You get things done with greater ease.

You Live feeling Love in all Moments.

You no longer will feel anxiety, pain, sadness and depression.

You now feel Joy, replacing, old reactive ways.

Things you no longer want to do, dissolve.

Life is so much more Fun in 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

What you tried to Get ~ Manifest, Now just takes Place. On its own, no TRYING, any more. Simply Receive.

That is it, simply Receive.

And So it is, Now Downloaded, Old Patters of 3D Dissolved.

Breathe, Feel, Slow down, take a few Hours, to absorb this, re read.

Breathe and Feel.

Feel the Love.

Feel the Quantum Transformation.

Feel the Light in your Cells.

Feel your Freedom.

I love YOU Angels of the Great Light, I Am With You. And So it, Eternally, Is, and always, Has Been.  


Sacred Love and Eternal Bliss!



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The Alchemy of Manifestation~5th Dimensional Consciousness



I will attempt to make this as clear as possible for YOU, for here within, is a key to transforming your life, through the transforming the attributes you have previously associated (attached as meaning) to what you desire. I do suggest you read this more than once, and not in a row, also. NOTICE your Transformation.

And it is not that your desires, have been something that you cannot have. It simply means, what has been YOUR Dominant Intention, filters out, those things, those desires, that are not part of upholding and promoting your MOST Prominent intention. See for yourself, as this really works. NOW ~ if you do not get this, do not be concerned, as this also is an activation for you, working deep within your subconscious mind, allowing you to get this, at there subtle levels of consciousness, bringing about, in its own timing, the transformation, that this activation imparts to you, Now.

An Example.

You have desired whole heartedly, that you desire to Ascend. You have rearranged parts of your life, and spend time daily focusing upon this. Areas of your Life, that you also have desired to manifest changes in, such as, finances, job, relationships, feels like, nothing is happening. Or your desires are not being listened to.

Your Subconscious mind is very powerful.

When you whole heartedly choose an intention, you are steering your own ship in a direction. This is powerful. This is part of consciousness maturing and your Mastery also, to recognize, your power, your will, in all of this, your experiences.

Now, if the money, the job, the relationship, as part of your past programming (subconscious) that you desire (with past attributes still intact as to the meaning you have associated with them) does not fall into the MASTER Intention, you have set (which is the steering of your ship through your will) then they will not occur.

NOW ~ here is the key.

As you Begin to Transform, within your own Consciousness, all that you DESIRE with your MASTER Intention (reprogramming of your subconscious) then all that you desire, that is KNOWN subconsciously to be in this Alignment (with your Master Intention, your steering your ship, through your will) then all of this and that, as experiences (that by the way have been waiting to show up when you were ready) will NOW appear as your Reality.

Sounds easy enough. And if it doesn’t, it simply is the reprogramming, is taking place, at the more deeper, subtle levels, as you receive this activation, within your subconscious mind, your Blueprint.

An example.

You Love feeling spiritual, you notice the changes in your consciousness, you have more bliss more joy than ever before, you are in the flow, more of your conscious time. More in the present moment. Yet, that money thing (or relationship thing or whatever is your desire) still isn’t in place. You can live with that, knowing that, when you are ready all will occur. NOW ~ if you looked deeply at your views of money (or relationships, or whatever you desire) and observed, that your associations were of a lower frequency; such as, thoughts of a nature that are NOT in alignment with your Master Intention. I never have enough money. How can I live for my inner self, and in the outer world of form, without money, etc. Or that relationship, they never work out. When, I am more beautiful. I am too old, etc. NOW ~ the stopping those thoughts, is NOT the Alchemy being transmitted to you. It is far beyond that.

TOTAL transformation of the associations you have to your desires, is the key to the Alchemy. The manifestation of your True Desires. 

This IS your BEING Ready, YOU Being the Wholeness, everything in Alignment.

That money desire, that relationship desire, in Alignment with your Master Intention now changes to:

As I am Abundant now in all areas, including financial, this NOW activates within me, the fullness and wholeness of my Limitless self, which is my Mastery, which is my Ascended Self, ~ Being ~ the Source Light that I Originally AM.

As I now attract my perfect Partner, the Ascended me (Based on a Master Intention of Being Ascended as an example) lives in complete Fulfillment of my Souls Plan, in the Fullness of my Deeper Fulfillment, my Perfect Union in Form. The Fulfillment of my Wholeness in All Areas of my Consciousness. My Being, My Soul Light ~ Source.

Likewise, if your Master Intention is to get ahead in life, or survive, any way that you can, with the right house, partner, money, etc. and YOU also have the desire for Ascension (not your Master Intention) and wonder why you are not expanding in your awareness, it is that your Expansion and Ascension, does not fit into the subconscious programming (your Master Intention, the steering of your Ship) of getting ahead (Master Intention) at any cost.

FEEL this. Breathe this Truth, this Activation, into the WHOLENESS of your Being.

In the Alchemy of the Great Almighty Source Light, I AM ~ in Harmony and Union, in all areas of my Consciousness, therefore my subconscious mind and superconscious mind included, my MASTER INTENTION is NOW IN UNION with ALL THAT I DESIRE.

All That I Desire, is NOW Transformed through the Light of My Soul, deep within my Subconscious Mind, as the WHOLENESS of my Being.

There are no desires within me, that are not consciously part of my Master Intention.

My Master Intention, Being a Master, Being an Ascended Being, and all areas of my Consciousness, including every single desire, brought to my awareness, is NOW in Union, with the Eternal Light of My Soul. With the Eternal Master that I AM. With the wholeness of MY ORIGINAL Being. I Am. Whole, Fulfilled, in Union.

There are not thoughts, that are separate from this. It is all ONE and in Harmony and UNION NOW. My Hearts Desires, my Intentions, my Being. My Subconscious MIND. Now are ALL ONE.

In the LIGHT, POWER and the Glory of ALL That is, I AM, This is SO and Activated NOW.

Receive Deeply Now.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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Consciousness~Your Ascended Being



Each Beings experience, within themselves, are unique. You live in your own world of consciousness, and all interactions, at the quantum level, is the broadcast of frequencies of Light. As your Soul consciousness you know this. When you begin to consciously function at this awake broadcasting of Light Frequencies that you are, your interactions are as an aware eternal Being of Light. This is the awareness of You that you are stepping into, so to speak.

Even though now you are broadcasting as such, the filter being dissolved, that of limitation, within your subconscious and superconscious minds. This newly awakened, Ascended being then UNITES with your Conscious Awareness. A consciously whole, Being, that is eternal, that is Divine, that is you as your Soul.

Within your Blueprint, is the world that you exist in as your unique Frequency.

This design, is the Plan of your unfolding, expanding consciousness, and appeared separation, then return.

You are living within this Blueprint and this Blueprint you are within, forms the template of your Heart. Your Heart, is the access point, of the Divine You, while appearing in a form  (fuelled by your Soul Light) here in the interacted quantum play, on Planet Earth. Earth being the reference point of this interaction. The varying frequencies, and dimensions, represented here, and your experience of All of this, is unique to You. Your Blueprint, your Design.

Your Body, is the result of this Blueprint. The Blueprint of You. Which knows no separation, at the Soul level, yet filters through many dimensions, and through appeared time, are the experiences, you call incarnations. When the joining up, so to speak, of this awareness of the connection, of all the You’s (other experiences that filtered down through the Soul) as Light, as Whole, and as you embody this awareness, as the unique Frequency of You, the reprogramming of your subconscious and superconscious minds, becomes complete. Complete, as in the Original Light Source ~ Being that you are.

This conquering death, so to speak, and its spiritual implication, is simply, you Being Consciously awake as the Eternal You, that has never known death or birth.  That knows it all, as the interaction, of your consciousness, playing out the Quantum Blueprint of Source Light, that you are.

As you continue to apply, the key of love, to all that you experience, the resultant, freedom, and reprogramming of consciousness (subconscious and Superconscious uniting with consciousness) continue to expand, your Being ~ the Aware Being that you are, eternally.

This is the Divine You. This is the Shift. This is your transforming Consciousness, that dissolves, all aspects of consciousness that appeared as separated, that appeared to experience death and birth, that appeared to know suffering, INTO the Magnificent Light of the Glory of All that is. The Ascended You, Eternal Being of Light.

This is a dissolving. This dissolving is easier, as you surrender with the flow of this dissolving. The only appeared hard part, is any resistance, to change.

Embracing Loving all that you Are, all aspects that feel un lovable (that have not being dissolved, into the love of your Soul) again and again, is the application of 5th Dimensional Consciousness, which is the Heart of your Blueprint. Love all that has appeared as un lovable, and not worthy of Love. Love all that you don’t like. Love what you don’t have. Love what you want. Love the every breath of You. And Love all moments, as equal, whether you like them or not, whether you have what you want or not. Whether you are in bliss or in sadness. LOVE is the Key of application, that accesses your conscious being awakened as your Divine Blueprint, that you are within,  that is your Heart. And in this, do I hold you, as the Everlasting Glory, of All That is.


Eternal Love and Bliss!




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Being Your Divine Presence ~ Feeling Great About Yourself



Feeling Great about yourself, within you, is YOU loving yourself, unconditionally, whereby insecurities no longer become the lingering fear, held in the background of your awareness (subconscious) that have kept you from the moment to moment recognition, of YOUR Divine Being.

You loving yourself, is you Loving the fear, the sadness, the loneliness, the hurt, the pain, those parts of you (that feel unreached) that are there waiting to be loved. With great compassion, you love yourself, nurture yourself, into the wholeness that you already are.  This is the Freeing of your subconscious mind, from the conditioning, that only certain things (conditional) deserve to be loved. No more victimhood. No more waiting to love yourself. No more blaming others, for not loving you.

Stepping fully into Being your Presence, although may feel like a great Leap to take, really is, the UNVEILING of the YOU that is LOVED unconditionally, which is free from the subconscious programming of conditional love.

You do not become “good” based on what you think is deserving, you become REAL.

Real with yourself. You Bring all that you are, out on the table to be embraced, as the parts of you, neglected, uncared for, to now be Absorbed into the love of YOU, the Light of You, the Lightship of Your Divine Presence.

You Love yourself, and all that IS within YOU. All of Your responses to life, Loved. ALL of your fears, Loved. All of your self-defeating ways, Loved. All of the things you wished you didn’t do, the guilt, Loved.

As you Love yourself, and all that arises, within you, you embrace, the reconditioning of your Subconscious mind, as the Freeing of the YOU, the Divine You, your Divine Presence, that was always the True You, that was always FREE. Always Love, Always Present, Always, Divine. The Unveiling of the Light, as the Beacon of Love, that it is. The inner beacon of your Divine Presence. Light to Light. Heart to Heart. And in this world, that is the world of you, you enter deeply, into your own inner Kingdom of Heaven, the Divine Heaven on Earth, within you.

Being. The Lightship of Divine Presence. And in this Sacredness, this Light, this Divine Presence, Eternally, I Am, with You.

Angelic LightShip-medium

Eternal Love and Bliss!



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Consciousness Viewing Itself ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness

L'Aura Pleiadian

The following so-called words, you see before you, are not words of guidance, or reminders, or even just words that appear put together in sentences, to make sense.  These words are Light Frequencies, that activate, that which in your consciousness within you, appears dormant in your awareness. You do not have to believe this, for this to take place.

For those of you that have embarked on Being the Arrival of the First Wave of Ascension, I implore you to deeply explore within yourself, the habitual looking at the external world as the indicator of change, and instead look ever more deeply, within your own consciousness.

Recognizing the changes in your consciousness, is the only indicator of change, there is.

What applies to 3D does not apply to 4th and 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

And what are words anyway, but Light, that is the avenue of transmission, towards an awakening experience of consciousness.  Breathe this in, deeply.

Pause, reflect, into your own inner awareness and observe your transformation.

Looking to economy, world events “waiting” for a financial reset, is nothing more, than the catch-all belief, in a 3D world, that does not live in the present moment. That takes your conscious attention, out of the present moment, which is the avoidance, of what is. Where beliefs live, of a future that is better, than the now. That consciousness, exists, only in 3D consciousness. Spiritual ego, is applying the same consciousness of “what I want to take place for me that isn’t here now” and applying that as a way of being spiritual. Self deception, is the only deception. You are responsible, for your consciousness. And your consciousness, exists, in the Present Moment.

Letting go, surrendering, your will, to Love. To Being content Being. To not waiting for this and that to change. Is the maturing of Consciousness, that is 5th Dimensional Consciousness. WHICH ~ creates the changes. Simply by Being Present.

YOU See the world differently, problems dissolve. Hatred, greed, and envy, leave. Self Love is the Only Love there is. AS you cannot receive or get from someone or something, something that you are NOT.

Two can share LOVE. The One who Loves themselves completely, is capable of loving another completely.

That which you are, you are Being, even if you prefer to ‘think” otherwise.

How you experience your reality, is the mirrored reflection of consciousness, that lives within you, that IS (Present Tense) creating your reality NOW. 

The level of consciousness you are vibrating at ~ is = the world that you see.

You desire to see a new world, a Heaven on Earth. Turn the mirror of your awareness, unto your own consciousness and look deeply. LOOK at the fears, at the worry, at the aspects of your consciousness, that are not yet held, in the light of unconditional love.

LIVE ~ there ~ consciously. In the Moment.

Embrace what is your experience, now.

Love, what has not yet been loved, within yourself.

Let go of the 3D habitual concepts and beliefs, that only serve to keep you there, that is, if you desire, to live a new life, see a new world, live in peace and harmony, and live as the Ascended Being, that you are eternally. All Now.

Let go of all your wants.

Surrender them on the altar, of WHAT IS, NOW.

And love, embrace, hold dearly, all moments.

For it clearly, is, that which you Are.

Breathe, deeply and receive.


Eternal Love and Bliss!




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Photo Courtesy of Daniel Holeman


In Darkness the Light is Born ~ Ascension Consciousness


The New Moon Started off Powerfully ~ and continues to Build in intensity till Christmas Day (The Full Moon) and continues to unfold till the first New Moon in 2016.
More on the Christmas Day Full Moon, soon.

With 10 days till the Winter Solstice and 12 days till Christmas Eve, it is no wonder, the impact is being felt and experienced in the Northern Hemisphere, as the increased darkness impels the depths of darkness to have its way, as the crucible, before the New Light is Born.

The decreased Light, allows the darkness within, to appear darker, only to be Born again, anew, into the Glorious Light of your fully awakened Eternal Soul.
Deep within the Ascension Consciousness Shift, lies the unfolding of the magical, revealing itself, as the Eternal Light that is and was always present. This Light is the Divine Light, the spark within you, awakening to itself, as the eternal Presence of You.
It is with great wonder and awe, that one realizes, that what one was always seeking, was always here. That there was no place to go, and no thing to attain, to reach home.
Home, the Heart temple within you, draws you deeper now, into all that once appeared hidden. This process of excavation (which may not always be comfortable) is the unearthing of all that appeared as dark, as fear, as suffering, that is now drawing itself, to the Light within you, for its complete transformation and transmutation, to the eternal Glory of you.
The unconditional Love (5th Dimensional Consciousness) is the stepping into, so to speak, of your New Clothing of Light (the ascended you) that is the Glory of You, the You that knows no darkness.
Unconditional Love shedding its Light upon the darkness (3D fear, sadness, suffering and pain) dissolving, all that is not Itself.
As you delve deeper, into the hidden recesses of your consciousness, all that unfolds and arises as your responses to life, are the very processes, of how this is taking place through you. Your consciousness is the vessel, your awareness, your Light.
Embracing, All that you Are, all that arises, as simply that, frees you from any sense of struggle, which is the dissolving, of all that you are Not, eternally.  In this Light, you, simply Are, that which you Are. In this Eternal Light and Glory, of All That is, I hold you.
Eternal Love and Bliss!


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You as Your Divinity ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness



More about Being Child Like, and living in the wonder and the magic of You. The magic of your Inner Child, awakened Loved, united as the Wholeness of You. You, your Inner Child and your Divine Self, as One. This  is not about seeking happiness or even being happy. Joy is the result of being in the natural state (child like) of wonder and play, where Joy has awakened within you. In all moments.

Many have forgotten what they love, what is most natural to them, and life has become an endless daily grind for survival and security, while attempting to attain, higher levels of your awareness. This leaving out the inner child, creates a life of endless trying, without the joy and bliss, life is, in the moment.

The reason for this is simple, the ego never settles for the  now moment. Yet, just as a tv has many channels on it, if you are watching one channel, you are not aware of all, that is playing on the other channels. Playing, may be a different channel, than you are used to tuning into.

Play is a Channel you can tune into .

Joy is the result.

The Present moment is a channel you can tune into. It is Live, it is fun, it is now.

How can I let go of all of my fears and beliefs, on this is hard, I can’t take my eyes off the ball, so to speak. You just do. You just turn the channel.

NOW I am on the present moment channel. I am Liking this, says your inner child.

Do not judge what you enjoy. Or what others enjoy. This could be for some golf, or watching a sport, or for others knitting, or dancing. Follow what brings you Joy.

Follow your Heart.

Tune into the Heart Channel. The Love Channel. Stay tuned in.

The ego struggles with this (only at first) when you enter playing and being, and accepting and loving everything that arises, then (you stay tuned into the Now channel) everything becomes play. And in the state of play (again just words) there is no ego, only wonder, joy, embracing what is, through loving and accepting, what you are, what you love, what is natural to you.

The fear vanishes, the worry vanishes, that is, the other channels you lived by, vanish in your awareness.

You as an Angel in human form, as your Divine Self, lives always, in this state of Pureness and Play. You were always HERE. The Master you, was always present. Now you are tuning in, to that channel.

Imagine that, there was always this Parallel YOU, that always existed, that you were searching for. And now, you are living it. Arriving in that world. Arriving, as the Master, the Divine Being that you are. 

Play and be the innocence that you are.

Love what you love, immerse yourself in the Passion of your Soul.

Allow this to be the Way in which you embrace the unknowable, as the way of Being, the pureness of you.

To those of you that are ready, you will enter ever more deeply into the Magic and the Beauty of your Soul.

Your life will be the ease, grace and wonder of simply Being and living as the Destiny that you Are and have always been. The World you live in, as the Master that you Are. The Angel that you Are. The God that you are. Already, Now. In this, do I hold You.


Eternal Love and Endless Ecstasy!



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Being Your Divine Presence ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


Harmonizing all of your Bodies, including your subconscious, conscious and super conscious minds, allows the space, within you, to be unified and whole, in your own conscious awareness. That which appears hidden, your subconscious and superconscious awareness, is Not, and is constantly feeding you, guiding you, and influencing all that you do, from moment to moment.

When we gain the awareness of this, and consciously choose to function through this inherent harmony within, we master the Being Present in wholeness of Being. The attention placed on the wholeness, rather than the lack, becomes the way we are fully integrated, as the Beings we already ARE.

The idea of Being Human has lost some of its awareness of its TRUE Glory. A temporary play of being asleep, only to awaken, to your Glory.

Being Present in our Presence, is the way we enter the playing field, consciously, of a paradigm, that truly is our home in the first place. Now we dream of a better reality, a Heaven on Earth, because it already exists, within us.

When we apply our will to our everyday consciousness, with the application of 5th Dimensional Consciousness (love) we experience changes. Yet, part of this trinity, within, this wholeness, within us, includes the subconscious ~ Inner child and the superconscious our Higher self, the limitless self, and our conscious every day self.

Imagine, if you would, a trinity made up of a pillar of Light. Together all the parts, are the whole you. This whole you, I like to call the magical self. The reason I say magical self, is it is the you, that includes your Child like Being, your God Like Being, and the you, that exists in day-to-day life. Sending Love to All these parts, creates in your awareness, a unification.

Now practising Being your Divine Presence, in this unification,  includes a conscious application and focus, of not only the application of Unconditional Love (the Higher Self You, 5th Dimensional Consciousness) but also the deeper awakening of the FEELING nature You, the Playful You, your Inner Child. 

The YOU that exists in JOY. With Enthusiasm.

When we unite, the Child within, with the Love of 5th Dimensional Consciousness, throughout our Day, consciously, moment to moment (the inner child knows only moment to moment) we become the wholeness, the magic, the beauty of our eternal, whole selves. WE live without limitation. Limitations vanish.

We know we are giving space for our inner child, when we lose track of time. When we are doing those things we love so much, we lose track of time. Each inner child is unique, and Knows and Desires to Play. You follow your Bliss, not what is socially acceptable, or proper, to others.

Many of you are applying consciously 5th Dimensional love and acceptance, to all that arises.

Now I am asking you to take this practise even deeper now, and Play daily. Allow room for the inner child to express itself and play. This inner child may be shy. Be very gentle as you begin to show love, through honouring your inner child, for the power of this aspect of you, to come to life, so to speak, in your life, in Union with the Divine you, and the everyday you. So begin here. Find something daily, you just want to do that is fun. That is joyful, that when you do it, time disappears.

And watch within you, great magic unfold. Apply love to all that arises. Encourage the child within to arise and play within you. This is applying love to the child within.

When you love all aspects of the trinity within you (subconscious inner child, conscious every day self, superconscious higher self) You experience Union through this love, and you experience Heaven on Earth. Be creative, embrace your inner child with tenderness and love.

The magical You, then enters the world of your greatest Dreams come true. Because you Are ~ already, the Dream come true. You are waking up to this truth.

Your Presence is the Magical You. This is your Union, your Mastery, your Divine Being.

Practise Being Your Presence. Loving all that arises and encouraging all to arise, that appears as dormant with you. The Union of all that you already Are. The Glory of this, is so Great. This is the revealing. You to You, what you have waited to experience.

Receive and feel deeply, the Love, the Presence, that Holds You, that you are Within.

divine light


Eternal Love and Bliss!

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Uniting with Your Destiny~5th Dimensional Consciousness


Uniting All parts of your Consciousness as One (you and your Soul) is not as difficult as it may “seem” to be. The consciousness, that is in a state of wanting or removing (that which is not here or that which is here) cannot on its own, understand  Not Being in Control. Yet, being in control has never worked, and the desires for change are all great, it is the WAY, ultimately, that one Releases the control (or not) that one receives (or not) the Ultimate Destiny created as the Blueprint for the Souls incarnation.

Your Destiny will show up, guaranteed. It is through your letting go of perceived control, through acceptance of what is, that you journey THROUGH your Being Present in your experiences, that unlocks within you the keys, the synchronistic events, that REVEALS the Greater Destiny, Planned for you.

It is like you are driving a train, thinking you know what is the best route to get to your destination. You avoid the routes that keep coming up (that bring up pain and fear within you) and you choose your own route that you think it is best to take, in order to get what you want.  Yet, until you let go of being the One directing the “routes’ so to speak, you are attempting to avoid, control, manipulate, a DESTINY that is not manipulated, and has within it, all that you desire, which includes the WAY to Being the Ultimate YOU, through love and acceptance.

It is kind of ironic (and a huge relief) that what you desire WILL be yours, only when you let go of the reigns, the trying, the controlling, the avoiding, and the resisting. How easy is that? Surrender. Surrender all your efforts have not worked, LET IT ALL GO. What do you have to lose, but the stress, the disharmony, the struggle and the Pain of resistance.

What takes place MAY not LOOK externally as though it is the right route, that this cannot lead you to Your Deepest Desires. Yet that is the point, to come to such a place, that it is your Divinity that LEADS the way through Being. It is a surrender to Live your Destiny. And it is the WAY your SOUL is doing this through YOU.

When YOU come to the PLACE of complete trust, within you, when you literally FLOW through all things as the KNOWINGNESS that NO matter how things Look and appear externally, this is HOW Life is doing this through you, then you have truly Arrived. This is the surrender the Access, of arriving and Being READY to Receive.

Your Destiny is through your Surrender.

Everything is leading you to this place and space, within you, where you let go, to Receive.

You Love all, even what shows up as Darkness.

When all judgments are gone, all external resistances, then you are Being the Master, you Being in Union with Your Soul.

You Living as your Destiny ~ You receiving  all that you have truly desired and incarnated here to FULFILL, through your Original Blueprint, that only you, can fulfill. And it is in this, that I hold You.


Eternal Love and Bliss!




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Surrender the Old Paradigm To Love ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness



The Old Paradigm, referred to as 3D Consciousness, exists within, as a state of Being. The things that applied then, no longer apply in 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

Surrendering the old paradigm within you of 3D consciousness is in part, about being aware of and observant of ~ that which you are surrendering.

What exactly are you surrendering and to what ~ is a good question to ask yourself.

Those old 3D responses, those 3D reactions, that no longer serve your consciousness, except to keep you in those responses, that held you in a state of non observance, is what you are surrendering.

Surrendering To Love ~ is the application of 5th Dimensional Consciousness ~ CONSCIOUSLY.

You have that new job, that new relationship, that new house, or the same old Same old ~ house, job, money situation, fear, relationship, and you find yourself saying ~ this is just temporary till there is something better. This house, relationship, job, THIS LIFE  is temporary, and I am waiting for something better to soon arrive. THAT is 3D Consciousness. Never living in the moment, never truly OBSERVING what is really going on WITHIN YOU.

Oh that is just external ~ Oh those things are just external ~ YES but YOUR awareness, your Observance ~ YOUR REACTION and RELATIONSHIP to EVERYTHING everywhere is that which is WITHIN YOU.

So you wake up, you observe it is the same house, or new, same relationship, or absent or new, and you recognize ~ it DAWNS on YOU ~ that HOW you RELATE to Everything, is YOUR State of CONSCIOUSNESS. You recognize the OLD way or relating in 3D Consciousness, waiting for a future, waiting to get what you want, waiting for things to change, is a state of consciousness that LIMITS ~ How you see ~ Feel ~ Experience ~ LIFE.

Life is YOU ~ Eternal Life is YOU. How you respond, react, and pay attention to or NOT IS  you Being You.

NOW ~ since you ALREADY are the Eternal You in 5th Dimensional Consciousness and YOU are switching over consciously, so to speak, to the new Paradigm within YOU, it takes your CONSCIOUS APPLICATION to do so in All Moments.

Are you Ready to show Up in your Life?

So you wake up, you Observe everything is the same, you Begin to Respond differently, and then like magic, you Begin to see it differently. Has the so-called external Life really changed? Was it not always that way you now see it in 5th Dimensional Consciousness? Yes ~ yet, the responses, the Ways of Being and Observing apply only to the level of Consciousness that is IN IT experiencing it.

Now in 5th Dimensional Consciousness you are not asleep to 5th Dimensional Consciousness. You SEE oh wow, that was just the way I saw things, in 3D. Now ~ I am Loving what is. I do not have to like it, but I love it ~ as it is the Unconditional Love and Acceptance of 5th Dimensional Consciousness applied to EVERYTHING Within and External as a RESPONSIBLE CONSCIOUS OBSERVER and Loving RESPONDER to Life, “That is the Consciousness of 5th Dimensional Consciousness” And it is THIS that is the Freedom that is the Consciousness of the Present Moment.

This is the Shift ~ From a limited non Observer state of Being (3D) to Actively and Consciously LOVING all “As Though ALL” is completely the Consciousness within which is my Experience ~ which is HOW I am OBSERVING and LOVING ALL THAT IS. (or Not) In the Present MOMENT. Now. BEING the ONE ~ that has awoken and LOVES as if there is no Tomorrow, as if ALL that exists is NOW. Because it is, You have awoken, you have come to LOVE and Be true once again, to your True Nature. Arriving, Arrived. Now.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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