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Are you Authentic, or do you Wear Masks?


Are you Authentic? Or do you WEAR Masks?

One for your friends, one for Acquaintances?

Trying to IMPRESS? OR choosing to be YOU?

Hiding all that you ARE, including your Truth,
is self-judgment of YOU~

YOU only to YOU!!!

No one to blame, for lack of intimacy, but YOU.

Not RELATING in Truth, is “NO” relationship at all!

No one can relate, to partial truth, the mask is in the way, Not LIVING fully exposed~ is not truth.

Exposing who YOU ARE is the only way to begin, TRUE
Relationship IS TRUTH, the only Place for TRUE LOVE to BEGIN!!

So embrace all that you ARE, including the SCARS too, relate to another, exposing your truth.

THEN you will start, to live as Pure Truth, embracing Authenticity,
a RARE Gift on Earth.

THEN “TRUE” relationship Begins~ first YOU TO YOU!!!

So if YOU desire “True” Love, begin with YOURSELF.

Acceptance (you to you) is key, TO EXPOSE your “TRUE SELF”

Let go of FEAR, the way to BE,  being Authentic, living in Freedom, True LOVE and  INTEGRITY.

Truth, is with one’s self, or else there is no truth, no REAL LOVE~ Begin with YOU.

So you say ( I hear it over and over)

You are not doing this and that for this reason, Oh REALLY?

You are doing this and that for that reason, Oh REALLY?

You are staying in this relationship, for this reason, Oh REALLY?

LOOK at why, YOU are doing these things?

To protect someone else? oh REALLY?

Question YOURSELF, KNOW yourself, LOOK deep into the things you tell yourself.

Everything is up for questioning!

Often times, these masks Protect YOU from Facing your fears. The hidden things you do not want to see or look at.

Unmask YOURSELF, YOU to YOU. Be honest with yourself, why YOU are choosing to DO things!!

Then Hold all of YOU in Love!
Only then can you begin to enter any true relationship, it starts with You to You.!!


In Divine Sacred Love and Union,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 


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