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Full Moon in Scorpio, May 18th, 2019 ~ The Crucible Of You

L'AuraPleiadianOn Saturday May 18th,  there is a powerful Full Moon in Scorpio at 6:11 pm ADT.

Through the crucible of your transformation, although this sounds daunting, this is, for you to see. To see The YOU ~ the way that you have been and were, the way that you are eternally and all discrepancies and opposing memories as reactions, that oppose the fullness of your embodiment as a Divine Being of eternal Light.

This is what the Energy of this Full Moon, will bring about, all that which was hidden in your subconscious, to be cleared for your transformation.

Without judgement what passes through you, is for you to recognize is that the eternal you, or is that which stands between the aware consciousness of you, that you are eternally.

Are you noticing what is present NOW and when you get caught up in time, in plans, in what has to be for you? Will you recognize that which is eternal and that which is not?

The fiery crucible of transformation is the opening of the hidden subconscious, that carries with it the dark memories not yet brought to the light of awareness.

These are the feeding grounds, for more ego, more attachment and suffering.

As you let them go, and face these fears, you are elevated to greater heights of awareness and self love. Living only in the present moment, your AWARENESS of THAT, becomes the purity of all that is. You have arrived fully and the form, follows suit.

The Full Moon opposite Mercury, may lead the mind to get caught up in confusion and think IT IS IT ~ it is not.

The Full Moon sextile Pluto and Mercury trine Pluto will INCREASE the intensity of that which flows through you making it easier to SEE that which flows through you. And acknowledge, once and for all, what that IS. Is it YOU?

Passions, aggression, will be on the plate for many, that unaware, know not, that they are not that, but are the playing out of distorted memories from lifetimes ago, gone wild.

AWARENESS is the key to everything.

This moment is the true key to acknowledging WHAT YOU ARE.

Now is all there is and is the gateway through your heart to the eternal you that is ALWAYS present as your PRESENCE ~ yet unaware.

In love we do transmit this to YOU, as we are The Divine Orchestrators of the frequencies, through which you pass through. As conscious Divine Beings of Light, The Divine Council of Overseers, always present also, yet so many consciously unaware. WE awaken that which is hidden, to be brought to the Light of eternity. Now and always, in love.



Miracles through Transformation ~ 5th Dimensional Ascended Light Being


Your Ascended Light Body. You as Light. You always as Light. The Magnificence of You. Of your Divinity. Of your Glory. The You that has always been the Real You. The You that is eternal. Breathe deeply now. The hourly Activations have been beyond my wildest dreams. Every hour, Beloved Souls, the Frequencies of Light increase.

Your receiving is the Unification of your Heart, your Light, with all that was once thought of as solid.

Your are shifting into the Eternal Light, your IMMORTAL Light Body, infused and united with your Heart and Soul in form. This is the Ascended you. The Glorified You. The Master You. In form. In Full Embodiment.

This is so Glorious! The Beauty! The Heaven! The Love!

Take a few minutes now, to breathe and feel this activation of Light.

All is Light.

The air you breathe is Light.

The body that you feel you breathe through is Light.

Your consciousness is Light.

Now the form that is the aspect of your Divine Self, that now appears as solid. Let us love THAT.

Turning  your attention inwards. Feel how glorious it is to be present with yourself. How everything Lights up. How Heaven arrives within you. Feel your heart, RECEIVE the Love into your heart.

Breathe this, deeply.

FEEL deeply. Open and receive. Beloved Angels. Feel, Love, hold, embrace and surrender.

It is in the letting go of control, that new levels of Light awaken and ignite within your Heart. Within all of your DNA. Let go and relax.

When levels of the “story” are released, you witness how the story were simply beliefs, and that through the releasing of them. You enter now. You enter all possibilities. You enter the freedom to be the TRUE Eternal Immortal Glorious, Light, that you ARE.

It was only a story, that made it seem impossible to transcend that which you wanted to transcend. That is ok. Let it ALL be released now.

Let go, open and receive this Transmission of GLORIOUS Light.

It is the Magnificence of YOU. Of your Divinity. Feel it penetrate all of your cells. And touch your Heart in such a way. That you release. Release the story. Release the pain. FEEL the LOVE for you. Now.

Breathe, feel, receive.

As your Body turns in your awareness more into Light. You awaken to Heaven being within you. Heaven moving through you. Heaven arriving Now.

In this Great Glory, is the Beatific GRACE, of the Eternal Light Body of Love. That is the Celebration, of the Beauty of the Plan.

I hold you here Beloved Angels, in the Magnificence of the Light of All That is. The Immortal Light Body of Love. The Heart of Freedom. The Grace of all Transcendence. All Now. All Love. All Glory. And so it is, Beloved Angels. I love you.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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