New Moon New Beginning, August 27th, 2022 ~ INTENSITY

Get ready for another New Beginning! This one is an intense new beginning. Adding to this intensity we have 5 planets in retrograde on the New Moon, the outer Planets ~ Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Uranus. Some deep realigning will be taking place within you and also on a larger scale.

This New Moon; Saturday August 27th, 2022 at 5:17 am ADT takes place before the start of Mercury Retrograde (September 9th lasting till October 2nd, 2022) and the impact of this New Moon lasts till the next New Moon (new beginning) in September, a 28 day cycle.

The New Moon square Mars, is a huge energetic potential for anger and violence on a large scale, and also the opportunity for greater introspection, observance of your thoughts, reactions and old outdated patterns that no longer serve you, that you would love to change. The power for change may be felt in the air, as potential either way.

Less reacting will help you always and especially so during this New Moon. Some of you with some subconscious fears left to be cleared, may have the opportunity to face them straight on. Then they will dissolve, through your observance and staying in harmony within.

So new levels of awareness are VERY possible for you.

Venus opposite Saturn and Venus square Uranus may also dig up, some past memories, to be healed and loved. Saturn square Uranus (since December 2021) and Because of the Uranus retrograde we have a building of intensity, building till October 2022.

One of the deepest impacts potentially on a large scale are the 5 Retrograde Planets. Although it may appear on the world stage things are going backwards, it is a clearing and preparation time, to be ready within. To stay in that steady harmonious state of being through your Heart, that will OPEN many portals and doors for you.

So getting through this and the energies flow through you moment to moment, is where it is at.

As things intensify, reflect more within. WATCH yourself, your inner world as the outer world as you see it and sense it reflects that.

So many changes are coming.

So embrace you and your journey as life flows through you.

In this grand potential of great change, we bless you now and always.

Always with you through eternal love.

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