The Merging of The Otherworld Divine You, With Your Waking Consciousness

We open the sacred door now ~ which is inscribed with the holy symbolism of the New You.

This is the merging of the Worlds.

As you lay yourself down tonight and close your eyes as the sun sets, know that your journey through the otherworld each night, is there for you ~ to each day, rise as the sun and embody your new birth.

Renewed and expanded in consciousness through this process is your death and rebirth.

This process takes place for the ultimate aim of the merging of worlds, the merging of the Divine otherworldly you, deep within you, with the daytime you.

This is not to do away with any part, rather for the Union of all worlds.

The realms of the subconscious are free from the analytical process of thought. The subconscious awakens each night and conveys the inner you through the mysterious language of symbolism. It speaks through this language which then open the doors to a very sacred chamber within you.

As you now awaken to your higher self Divine You, that is; the otherworld you with the daytime analytical thought you, we go through the process of the great alchemy. The ultimate aim if there is one.

Bringing this greater merged you into and joining with the daytime you. More and more each sunrise, we activate the Heart portal and sacred chamber, that awakens your true heart.

This sacred heart within you and Divine You, is the Gold treasure that awaits you.

As the everyday self, merged with the otherworldly dimensions and Divine Self. awaken the great ultimate reality of Being. The ultimate of the ultimate.

The living of each moment as eternity and heaven here and in the now.

Being overcome with this great ecstasy, is a permanent alchemical process, that continuously expands upon itself.

More and more the true Heart and Divine You, (Higher Self, Cosmic God Self) being awake, being a God, being one with all that you are.

We are here opening this door as you lay yourself down to sleep. And awaken anew with you, through the garden of eternity, rising from the sacred waters, transformed through the sun, with two feet resting upon Earth and the sacred winds blowing through you.

This is your breath, your life, your blood and you alchemical process.

Read this anointing as it rests upon your otherworldly eternal self. Awakens more here. Blesses you with the ecstasy of the sacred Union. This ecstasy cannot be described. Yet it is everything and never ends.

It is your Heaven.

In love we are here at the doors.

We really have no name, you may call us The Divine Council of Overseers. We have always been at the door.

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copyright L’Aura Pleiadian, The New Divine Humanity 2012-2022.

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