New Moon in Taurus May 11th, 2021 ~ BLESSINGS And SHIFTS

This powerful New Moon in Taurus is a BLESSING in itself and takes place on Tuesday May 11th, 2021 at 3:59pm ADT.

MARK this as a grand new beginning and stay focused on your desires and do not think about what you do not want ~ as that manifest also.

We are living in a hologram of frequencies, where every thought you think impacts everything. Nothing is a secret. All at the frequency level is taking place and interacting in all moments. This field of connection never sleeps. In a state of disharmony you cut yourself off through being a non coherent wave of energy.

This New Moon and all New Moons mark new beginnings. Rituals may play a role in this settling in of a new frequency to be part of your awareness. The New Moon Invocation below connects you with your sacred frequency and a new beginning for you.

Through the heart is the coherent frequency. To be a conscious creator you live through your heart frequency. That means the thoughts and beliefs of the past no longer exist and you step out of time and constructs of past and future beliefs. Those beliefs of time are what 3D is.

This New Moon is sextile Neptune and which is a positive aspect to Neptune which allows the dreaming process to go deeper into the ultimate union with self.

Mercury will also be trine Saturn and Mars will be sextile Uranus. These aspects are also positive in their influence and help with focus and also quick changes with greater ease.

Now all of this and the response to your frequency and connective awareness will be unique to you.

No on will experience the same experience.

No matter what and where you are at, staying focused on the positive changes you desire within you is the IMPETUS for this grand change and miraculous awakening and blessings I speak of.

And in this NOW we bless You and initiate you into this grand initiation, through the heart and in ETERNITY, PERFECT HARMONY and perfect love NOW!

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  1. Thank you, Beloved L’Aura and the beloved Divine Council of Overseers for this Blessing and Initiation!

    I love you! πŸ™πŸ»β€οΈ

  2. Jackie Powers

    L’Aura, I am trying to change my subscription address so I don’t miss any posts. When you have time can you see if I am subscribed at the new email?

    I love you!

    Sent from my iPad

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