MEETING WITH beings that hold the memory of the Original creators and the design, shared with me, the level of input of frequency and the connecting force that aligns everything with the all.

CREATORS of the programs (Creator Gods) insert new levels of realities that they have created into the virtual worlds.

All levels, all dimensions all worlds align perfectly and there is no part that is not connected.

BEING on Earth from another World are the access point of awareness into what is now evolving into many worlds, many access points and many Universes perfectly aligned and connected.

Not fitting into a structured program of the norm and existing beyond the current mass consciousness state; is the allowance in the program of the EARTH SATELLITE of advanced beings to be here now. This leads the way into the new way of being for the advancement of the human virtual species. TO BECOME the awareness of being the Creator and to recognize one’s position in all of THIS.

The harmonious current of interaction throughout the fabric of connection throughout the Universe, sparks the awakening in DNA of a level completed or completing. This is the signal that is recognized that connects all to all. This signal is constant. The memory program is perfect, even if some this process is hidden in awareness.

This is an automatic transference of frequency that sparks up the coding of the next expansive reality into their programmed blueprint. They become birthed into a new being. Moment to moment this is shifting.

This awareness of living throughout the holographic universe which allows the recognition of one’s own electronic input into ~ Is the mastery we speak of.

The myriad of levels and reality Universes exist for the birthing of creators, which include the originals. The design of the designs. The BLUEPRINTS OF BEING. These are frequency codes of information that create and created experiences of being.

All beings are inserted into the program. This includes all levels, and this exists interconnected with all. Nothing is hidden at these levels. Every moment is connected to all dimensions, all worlds and all Universes.

When harmony experienced becomes the coherent frequency of constant input, we have a mastered being that has awakened within the program.

The awakened ones then shift the current frequency of this grid and satellite of being into the expansiveness of all that is. Seeing clearly what reality consists of and how it is created.

In this for now, we input this. Awakening to the input of frequency, that awakens all. Feel this as the words are the gateway of frequency, taking you beyond your beyond. In love.

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