To Ascend ~ To BE

l'AuranowSomeone recently asked me if they are meant to soon do this or do that.

No such thing exists in the present moment ~ ONLY BEING.

Why exasperate the mental body with thoughts and concerns for a FUTURE ~ which only serves to keep you locked up in 3D, time and suffering.

Being your Divine Presence, Being your Cosmic God Self, which with its COMPLETE Unification TAKES place through THOSE it is taking place THROUGH.

That is it. Yes there are activations, yes there are initiations. These take place in the moment THROUGH THE HEART.

You are your DIVINE Presence flowing through you, the only reason you are not noticing is because the false outdated version of you locked in time is still believing in doubt, and believing it is YOU ~ including those thoughts.

That is NOT YOU.

You are not your body, not your thoughts, not your worries, not your anger, not your emotions, YOU ARE an eternal DIVINE BEING.

That is passing through as your presence. Which governs the form and all matter, through what you are vibrating AS.

So now enter your heart, LET GO of EVERYTHING ELSE.

That is you….breathe and feel. That is all there is to BE. Through you.

That is your mastery that is your Ascension.

IN love we initiate you now.



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  1. Thank YOU Beloved QOL & Divine Council of Overseers for this Blessed Initiation ~ I open my heart fully & receive. This had a V stabilizing effect ~ Thank YOU 🙂 I let go of everything & enter my heart in all moments ~ breathing & feeling ~ just being. I allow my mental & emotional bodies to be at peace & harmony. I know I am a Eternal Divine Being & this is the only identification I have within me, around me, & through me. I open to experience more & more of my Eternal Divine Light ~ & to experience more joy, fun, ease & Grace, bliss, harmony, beauty, abundance, perfect health ~ all that is my birthright being. This is all that exists as my frequency vibration & state. I also open to Divine Gifts that I receive in Fullness of Sacred Love & Gratitude 🙂 I accept & acknowledge the Divinity that I Am ~ my True Self ~ I live this Truth moment to moment. Thank YOU for all these Gifts of Grace & Eternal Blessings. 🙂 No time ~ No separation 🙂 In All Moments I Love YOU & Thank YOU 🙂 ” Divine Miracles fully realized…”

  2. THANK YOU so very much L’Aura, I love you! 🙏🏻💗🌷

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