SELF METER ~ Heart Consciousness Versus Ego Consciousness

meThis consciousness LIST for you, makes available the potential percentages (you calculate based on the list) of how often you are BEING in your HEART Versus how often you are being in the limited self/ ego. Print this and do a daily check up on yourself! 

Being in Ego (LIMITED SELF) SIGNS to self measure:

You cover up the real you

You have co dependent relationships

You always play the victim

You are not responsible for how you act it is always someone else’s fault

You want to attain things that are only external

You think you need others and they need youYou blame others for your lack of happiness

You are not AUTHENTIC

Looking to the future

Looking to the past

Judging yourself or others

Not being in the present moment

Worrying about the future or past

Attempting to control the external

Attempting to control or manipulate others

Self Loathing your body

Constantly thinking about ways to change others

Avoiding looking at yourself and checking In with your own consciousness

Looking to the external and others to change your future life or to justify your past

Never happy with NOW

Always calculating planning the future

Never experience joy

You never experienced moment to moment flow

Sadness and hating your life

Always wanting MORE AND CHANGES

Never grateful for NOW


BEING in the HEART (UNLIMITED SELF) Signs to SELF measure:

Experiencing states of joy

In harmony

YOU ARE authentic

You care less about the external and MORE about love and the true YOU

Happy often

Excited about now

Know what it is to be in the flow

Love yourself and body fully

Love others unconditionally

Love yourself unconditionally

YOU never judge yourself

You are kind and gentle with yourself and your body and appreciate yourself

When moments of limited self come up, you take it to your heart, to the LOVE you are always aware of

At peace with this moment

At peace with your life as a whole

Deeply TRULY Grateful for now

Are happy with now, would be ok if your last breath was today

You have made peace with your past and love it

You have let go of a future and trust now MORE

You have come in contact with your DIVINE SELF and true love within yourself

You have healthy relationships and boundaries

You love how things ARE NOW fully

You live through the foundation of ONLY Now


I will ADD to this list so check back here again. WE activate more of the UNLIMITED YOU, through your HEART presence, which is the SHIFT, which is your ASCENSION, NOW.


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  1. Thank you so much L’Aura! 💗💗💗🙏🏻

  2. Thank you so much, L’Aura and The Divine Council of Overseers! I love you! ❤️

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