Trust As Your Only Option

cropped-LAuraYou can only know how much you do trust when trusting is your ONLY option.

Does it seem like there is no way out?

Or you are about to face homelessness or complete utter destruction of the life you have lived?

I have lived this and may again. As we do not even KNOW if we will be alive or not, the next hour, let alone the NEXT DAY!!!!

These situations of loss, or potential loss, stretches one’s beliefs in TRUST AS the  only true strength. And walking the talk is living through the trust that is the true INTEGRITY of Being.

How can someone even say they trust if they are not willing to lose it all, including all the comforts of being ~  to step into this true place of power?

If you are so called tried and tested, it is for this ~ to stand when it appears you have fallen and lost everything, house, home, food. Knowing that this too is the plan. And through this HARMONY, miracles take place. Miracles are within YOU.

As you shift, so does EVERYTHING.

Putting all your trust in your life plan when you are living through the integrity of being Is what complete Ascension is about.  To be as The Gods here on Earth.

To evolve and live as that higher SELF pure flow ~ Being.

Many things will be taking place on Earth in 2020. The energies will be calling you to trust.

Now trust so that you do not loose everything that is your inner INTEGRITY. Authenticity.

Trust so that you are LIVING through that true reliance as pure being, through your higher aspect, here on Earth.

This is your true portal, the portal of the heart. That separates all that is false to that which is the purest and most precious of ALL ~ Your eternal being.

In this we activate you now, through the power and purity on all levels and authenticity of your being.

To walk the talk.

To be that which is the portal of Ascension ITSELF, through love.

We are The Divine Council of Overseers, in love, we are present here on Earth and now and activate you THROUGH THIS. Your Ascension.



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  1. In Love, for some of us living on the edge, it has been our second name. It happens to be perfect training for the ascension process when Trust is all you’ve got. Thank you, TY, TY in Eternal Love and Light ~ ~ ~.

  2. Thank you so much L’Aura! I love you 🙏🏻💗

  3. The moment I saw this and felt the energy of your words the tears began to flow. Yes, trust is the only option and integrity is everything. I love you so, always and forever. 💖💜💖

  4. Thank you L’Aura and The Divine Council of Overseers, for this powerful Activation! I love you! ❤️✨

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