Happy Valentines ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness and True Love

Happy Valentines Day ~ February 14th, 2019!

Let us celebrate LOVE.

With over 90 percent of couples still living in what appears as co dependent relationships, the question of self-love and its paramount importance in relating through unconditional love, (first to oneself) steps up to the forefront of consciousness as it continues to shift.

It is safe to say that 3D is the lack of self-love, lack of self-esteem with also experiencing a high level of insecurity. This level of insecurity, creates in the mind, the need for attachment to the “other” to help them to feel better about themselves. 

This leads to jealousy, anger and judgment of others that appear as the threat. Feeling totally secure in loving ourselves and feeling great about ourselves, we have DONE the inside job, of loving ourselves, knowing true love only comes from ourselves, first. 

When boundaries are crossed, and no one knows where they end and the other begins, we witness the blaming of ones condition, on the other. That is, our emotional well-being, becomes reliant on the how the other behaves.

In true self-love, we have focused on ourselves and those deeply held feelings of hurt from the other (potentially in child hood or past lives) as memories, and have healed them, loved them, loved ourselves, and have become confident, secure, within ourselves, as loving beings, capable of true love, Divine Love.

We know, how we feel is our responsibility. It is NOT dependent on any other persons state of being, or how they act or what they do.  We are not insecure, needing the other to prove we are worthy.

We know our worth, and it is in the eternal love that we hold as loving beings, not judging anyone, knowing what is considered the worst of humanity, is not any better than ourselves. We then have found our central place of existing in a world that surrounds our center of being.

We have then become our own Sun. No matter what swirls around us, the chaos, the madness, we are the same. We have not moved. We are still the center of our universe, through our heart ~ our love.

That love is not dependent on anything.

It is the center of all things.

The center through which we relate. Through which we bond through our love.

Through which we move and have our being.

Through which all aspires to, unaware.

The glorious love of the beloved.

The sacred love state as our embodiment of this Higher Love ~ Being, Ascended. 

It only exists through its pureness of being.

It is always present.

It is the awareness of being that pure love, beyond this world, yet in it.

It is my breath. My very existence. All that I live for and through.

It is my eternal heart. My eternal love. My Beloved.

We aspire to the heights of this love, even if only for one moment, it is worth one hundred lifetimes of sorrow and pain.

This is the very foundation of being.

This love, this union. It is the power of the creation of this Universe.

This world we live in.

This love that is pure beyond pure.

It exists without expecting anything.

It just is, because it is eternal.

It cannot be what it is not.

The shift in consciousness to 5th Dimensional Consciousness is this shift. To this Beloved Love state of being that is eternal. 

It is the love that creates everything.

It loves to just be itself.

Nothing more nothing less.

Forever love, Beloved Love, Union eternally, and always in this moment, Now. In this love…Happy Valentines.


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  1. Happy Valentine!~~~In LOVE, Eternally, I LoVe You!~ ~ ~

  2. Mercedes Belalcázar Mejia

    Today I was taking care of the baby as at 5 pm. and it was very annoying, then we came near a window and from there the tennis courts could be seen, while he watched I relax and I had a trance, that is to say, suddenly I heard myself singing in a way that I had never done before, and It was something that emerged without me proposing, in the style of Hildegarde Von Bigen, I was surprised myself to understand what happened.
    And wonderful page for today, Happy Valentines Day ❤ ❤ ❤
    ❤ ❤ I Love You ❤ ❤ ❤ Eternal Love and Bliss ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Thank YOU Beautiful QOL ~ We are So V Blessed Beyond to be recipients of YOUR Holy Grace from YOUR Eternal Heart & Love ~ 4ever I Thank YOU 🙂 I shift my conscious awareness to only attune to my “Beloved Love State ~ that is Eternal.” I am in conscious communion in all moments with & through my divine heart & eternal love that I AM ~ as One with Source. My frequency (& all of my being) vibrates to this high pure love state ~ I continuously love & support myself as I honor the divinity that I AM & express through my divinity in all moments. I fully love myself on all levels ~ I validate & know my worthiness ~ I gift myself with this & never look outside of myself for it. I awaken consciously to the wholeness & perfection that I Am. I accept & live in my sovereign state of being. Beyond Grateful Sacred QOL to receive YOUR Profound Wisdom ~ Always. Thank YOU for being in my life ~ I Celebrate with YOU 🙂 Always 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂 Love Union 🙂 Deeply I Treasure & Love YOU 🙂 All my 4ever love, hugs, & kisses 🙂 Valentine kisses for YOU 🙂

  4. Sooo beautiful! ✨ 🤗🎆

  5. So beautiful, thank you so much L’Aura 🙏🏻 I love you and am so grateful to you! Happy Valentines! ♥️♥️🕊

  6. Yes!! The external world does not validate my worth! I choose unconditional love and compassion in all relating-ships including my relating-ship with myself! And so it is, Now! Thank you so much! I Love You! 🙏🏻❤️🔥

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