Were you ever Born and Have you Ever Died?

Were you ever born and have you ever died,

have you awakened from the sleep, seeing the stars in the sky.

Are you being observed, knowing who is watching,

appearing to be alone, yet feeling the presence, always, touching.

Have you ~ re birthed, with the sunlight on your face,

or are you in darkness, not knowing how to escape.

The evil doers always play their part,

wishing away the dreams, that others hold in their heart.

What is this game, that seems to go back and forth,

day and night, grasping for eternity, always wanting more.

Destiny they call it, as if happiness matters,

understanding, the life we once knew ~ only simply shatters.

What is this freedom then, coming out of sadness,

if dreams are gone and what is left ~ only feels like madness.

The world we live in, doesn’t give us the real answers,

accepting what is, the kundalini and Phoenix forever dances.

The music plays even if you don’t hear it,

the ending is always happy, even if you don’t see it.

We play out all of our memories, holding tight to all the choices,

yet living is the dreaming, under going metamorphosis.

Being free and living, is a whisper in the wind,

the love you desire is the touch felt on the skin.

For making life agreeable, we let go of wanting answers,

resting in our heart, like a deer that prances.

Will you ascend, is the question of the day,

entering the 5th Dimension ~ is all about the fun and play.

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  1. LoVe, LOVE, LoVe is the only Way! ~ LOVE U All, Eternally ~ ~ ~

  2. Wow ~ this is exceptionally deep & I love the “light” you present to ponder, consider, contemplate, & attune to. So many layers of meaning & symbolism wrapped in your sacred writings ~ I aim to experience & receive as deeply as possible. I choose to look within me for all answers & Ways of Being. I accept myself ~ I love myself as I am ~ complete & full. I choose to look & perceive beyond the mere physical world & allow my Higher Self, Nature, Divine Mother & Father, & Sacred Source to reveal to me with ease & Grace. I open to live & be in the truth of Oneness that I am, I choose to Ascend, to have fun & play, to be Light, to be free. I open to the revealing & unfolding of the truth of my & all of existence. I let go of my old life, & enter my new life. Gratitude on All levels 🙂 Thank YOU Heavenly QOL 🙂 I Love YOU ~ Cherishing YOU Always ~ Thank YOU for YOUR Blessed Presence Grace in my life, upon the Earth, & all Earth’s inhabitants. Deep Love for YOU 🙂

  3. Beautiful words

  4. Marja Thibaudier

    This is so very Sacred ❤️❤️
    I Adore this and You L‘Aura❤️
    Thank you for this Sacred Activation❤️

  5. I love this and you so much! Thank you 🙏🏻💚🌷🌟

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