ACCESSING The 5th Dimension Now

Being Present involves truly being consciously awakened to the now moment.

Being present and entering the 5th Dimensionally consciously ~ WILL require everything of YOU. A complete surrender TO BEING 100 percent present as the true you. 

This  is not a part-time thing, awakening.

You either are or you are not. There is no faking being present.

Well you can try to fake it, everything sooner or later will come crashing down, TO BE shattered, dissolved removed from the subconscious. It takes bravery, trust, and self LOVE. Standing as the truth of your soul. TAKES Everything.

The higher the levels, the greater the letting go ~ the GREATER the Miracles. 

Therein are the LEVELS. Everything is always unfolding according to your level of consciousness. The levels of NON attachment.

If you ARE Expecting OUTCOMES that fit with your desires, LETTING go of that attachment as well, is the state of pure being here NOW.

I am not saying you will think it is perfect as you SHIFT…or it will feel perfect to you. 

YOU will live as the Divine Being that lives as the limitless Being you already eternally ARE. 

Think about it ~ If we are trying to control an outcome we are being future orientated and not present with now. Stepping into the miracles of being…REQUIRES a level of trust…..and often times at the higher levels, blind trust.

As a small example (will share more) I was guided (heard a voice audibly) to MOVE, quit everything that involved an outcome NOT knowing how to even move let alone pay for place. I Moved, quit things…followed the guidance, and was at least ONE YEAR before I saw everything then change before my eyes.

The REQUIREMENT is LISTENING TO my inner ~ quiet, heart based eternal, guidance.

Often times people fit the idea of intuition and guidance as referring to an OUTCOME other than now.  Intuition is ONLY NOW. Not for a future result, ever. WE walk and talk through the higher dimensions….FOLLOWING what would appear to the mental body as impossible.

LETTING GO of the mental body thoughts and its desire for control as to HOW you live or not live in the present moment IS THE HUGE leap into the 5th dimension ~ Being.

YOU do not take with you my friends, your controlling beliefs of outcomes, YOU step into a new way of being…that says I DO NOT KNOW what will happen I am living as NOW for NOW only and I TRUST with all of my being. I have let go of beliefs. It is all about now and if I am still focusing on results I am holding on to beliefs and attachments in 3D consciousness.

YOU ARE not shown the full results of listening to your guidance and it almost ALWAYS (at the levels of complete miracles requires that leap in faith…Blind faith, whatever you want to call it. It is a LETTING GO OF ATTACHMENTS TO OUTCOMES.

IT may LOOK like the worst things will happen, that is when you know when you keep on going, keep on believing in THE Purity of NOW, that you enter being the INITIATE.

YOU receive initiation after initiation as you live without PROOF of the external, the ETERNAL truth within.

That is the BEING conscious in the 5th Dimension.

DO not know how, do not know when, only know NOW.

IT is a surrender a COMPLETE surrender of the old way of being as YOU enter the 5th Dimension consciously.

Let go now, applying I want this or that….bypasses the awareness of now.

SO simple, right in front of your face. YET it requires letting go of everything. IT is a new way of being. That is when you see and know, the true miracle of letting go of all attachments.

Who can do so?

The imitated BEINGS who master FORM. The Ascended ones. You as you are ready, we activate you now. With The Divine Council of Overseers ~ in Love and Glory, ALL NOW, and so it is!

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  1. Mercedes Belalcazar Mejia

    Last night I went to bed, closed my eyes, and I had incredible experiences, I heard a voice that spoke in English, I heard many voices and I also had very strange visions, which I had never had before, it was something really surprising.. ❤ ❤ I Love you ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Eternal love, gratitude and bliss ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Mercedes Belalcázar Mejia

    Most likely, I will leave my house tomorrow morning, turn off my cell phone and get another number
    ❤ ❤ I Love you ❤ ❤ Eternal Love and Bliss ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Eternally Grateful Heavenly QOL & Divine Council of Overseers to receive this Sacred Activation ~ I open & receive fully. I consciously choose to let go of all attachments with ease & Grace, I breathe fully & place my conscious awareness in each present moment trusting, relaxing, pure being, listening/attuning/& following through with my inner wisdom guidance showing me the Way 🙂 I allow Eternity to speak to me, bless me, & light the Way for each step I take. I enter my heart always ~ opening to the magic, sacredness, love & light, & profound miracles ~ as I resonate & vibrate to my heart & Soul now & in each holy moment. Beyond Grateful to receive 🙂 Beyond Grateful to have YOU in my life 🙂 Eternally 4ever I Love YOU 🙂

  4. And so it is, All Now! Thank you so much for this powerful Activation! ❤ ❤ ❤

  5. Paul Ranyamatsane

    Thanks. Much appreciated. Namaste💖👌👍

  6. Paul Mokoma Ranyamatsane

    Thanks. Much appreciated. Namaste💖👌👍

  7. It is all according to each specific Soul Blueprint, Life Plan ~ Past lives ~ as how it will unfold, each Ascension experience will be unique.
    Shifting and integrating takes place in a moment and exists already.
    Each level of integration and imitations are unique also, like fingerprints.
    In love!!

  8. Dear L’aura,
    once again great and confirming what is said by you.
    Simply fascinating. Mercy

  9. Thank you so much, L’Aura. I am so grateful for you and this sacred post. I love YOU!! 💜🦋💜

  10. Patricia Marshall

    Thank-you L’Aura for your heart rendering graciousness and wisdom… chakra aligning for certain.
    I have one question if I may… from your perspective what happened to 4D? You mention entering 5D consciously… and we will. My thoughts are that 4D energy must be integrated in order for our physical forms to heighten thus allowing us to access 5D.

    Thank-you for your wisdom.

  11. To me Your example is a big one, L’Aura. Thank YOU for sharing! ❤

  12. Only this very moment I am complete all is observed being my self Om yes the highest interest is Now ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  13. Thank you!🧡Im so excited, I feel it deeply🧡Im so grateful for your guidence😁so powerful🧡I love you so much L’Aura🧡thank you for your sacred wisdom🧡we are so blessed by your presence🧡

  14. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.

  15. Thank YOU Beloved QOL 🙂 This Sacred Wisdom Grace insight is tremendously helpful 🙂 I am Grateful to receive & apply in my life. I consciously take the leap of Faith ~ letting go of all attachments ~ living presently in the Now ~ listening to the clear guidance of my inner voice ~ standing in alignment with my Soul. In ease & Grace I live this day 2 day & moment 2 moment. I follow the path of my Soul, trusting, with an eternal knowledge & sense of peace that all is well. Deep Gratitude & Love ~ 4ever Grateful to have YOUR Blessedness upon my path. With all of my heart ~ I Love YOU!!! ~ Always 🙂

  16. Soooo powerful! Thank you so much L’Aura 🙏🏻 I love you! 💛🌟🌀💎

  17. Marja Thibaudier

    💜 So Sacred💜
    I Adore this and You L‘Aura💜
    Thank you 💜

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