Social Media, Online Dating or in Person ~ The Ingredients are the Same


I will be writing about the very basics, which include the ingredients of the evolved relationship and on that which is its opposite, the co dependent or unhealthy relationship.

We live in a world of opposites. This is becoming the forefront of human consciousness.

What I am writing is not about blame. It is about evolving the lower qualities of ego into self-realization. Higher virtues develop the relating practises that create the perfect environment for the higher self merging of the masculine and feminine within and with the Beloved ~ other.

Being on Earth and relating in relationships is something everyone deals with day-to-day.

Whether on-line through social media, or online dating or in person, the need or desire for a deeper bond, has never been more powerful, than at this stage of humanities evolving consciousness.

The very act of the higher way to the deeper bonding of the masculine and feminine, is in fact the transcendent levels of Bliss AS is the very act of bonding with God.

This includes the pineal in the process, secreting its nectar penetrating the pituitary. Yet this is not the focus, this happens naturally as the very result of true union.

This is not about “catching” someone or attending to la la land, expecting the ONE to come to you.

This is about Autonomy through the process of self-realization, which is conducive to love. Through self-awareness and self-analysis we develop those qualities and virtues, that create the very environment within, the invites the Beloved that is ready also, to unite.

The ingredients that are the self readiness, lay the foundation and the environment which signal this readiness throughout the Universe.

Developing these ingredients becomes the ability to co create the deep love bond, with the Beloved counterpart, that exists only in these higher pure states and virtues.

Bypassing this preparedness and hoping through your ego to get what you want, is not what this is about. This is not about wishing.

Two beings self realized, authentic in their true selves, both holding in their very Presence the environment for the perfect Union to manifest, this is what this about. You reading this, this is about your preparedness.

Developing self-realization through developing ones own self-respect of boundaries, respect and trust, within oneself, is the key to mastering higher virtues that create the authentic autonomy and higher self-awareness.

This inner self-awareness is the preparedness that lays the foundation as the main ingredients required for the environment.

A love relationship may feel like a basic need, yet now as humanity is evolving, this basic need transcends through the Higher Self Awareness to the potential of the true union, one knows exists through living through the higher virtues.

We no longer live in a world that is desirous of the old way, to hunt or to be the target of someones hunt.

Healthy evolved relationships include the true love and merging as a high spiritual act between two evolved self-aware beings that are authentic and live in self-awareness and love.

The environment for this to take place in a relationship includes the respect and trust of boundaries. Further allowing deep intimacy to grow, in its purest state.

Anything said or done that does not feel comfortable is violating either your personal space and boundaries or that of the other. Boundaries respected, builds trust and intimacy. For complete authenticity and autonomy to occur, one understands their own boundaries and the boundaries of others.

Words, actions and threats involving violating the privacy and boundaries of others, cannot be taken back, by those who live in the self environment of co dependency.

The respect of boundaries is a conscious choice in enlightened beings.

Intrusion through the internet or in physical private space, or threats of that nature destroy the environment for a true love relationship to take place.

We cannot force true love relationships anymore than we can force enlightenment.

Abuse of all kinds are the ego state of non self-awareness that attempts to forcefully get what it wants. Ignoring the higher qualities and virtues of love, respect and trust.

Sexual innuendos unwelcome, stalking and spying are just some of the ways the ego attempts to force getting what it wants. Holding the very environment of fear and taking. These qualities do not create respect, trust and intimacy.

Control and manipulation always back fire as they are the very antithesis of true love itself.

Developing and being aware of your own healthy boundaries, and stating them, and listening to yourself when you are in an environment that does not feel conformable, whether on-line or in person are some of the first steps in becoming self-aware. Loving and accepting your own boundaries, lays the inner foundation to give this gift of respect to the other.

Development of this love and respect of boundaries for the self first, then giving this respect to the other, encourages the authenticity and autonomy and its beginning stages of self-awareness to develop.

When all the Self Aware ingredients are present, the stage for the perfect environment for the merging in intimacy with the Beloved.

The preparedness is as important as the act. That is ritual.

Make it your daily ritual to attend to your self-awareness development of conscious qualities and Virtues, that are the very ingredients for that perfect Love Union to take place.

More soon on this ever evolving subject ~ self realization and  relationships.

All is unfolding as humanity is evolving. Parallel worlds shifting, within.

Higher frequencies and the meeting of the BELOVED within and in concrete reality, as YOU Being your Divine God self. Divine Ascended Being. Fully merged with the UNION that you already are at the higher levels of Original Light.

In DIVINE Love and Glory with The Divine Council of Overseers.




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  2. Thanks for your trascendent Love it is a very needed inmformation ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Oh, Beloved QOL ~ I am So V Grateful for your Sacred Wisdom on all levels ~ higher levels & practical. Yes, self ~ awareness in each moment ~ taking inventory ~ allowing ~ releasing ~ pure being. Total self respect, love, & honoring of my boundaries ~ unconditionally loving myself ( & pampering!!! 🙂 ) Developing this fully within 🙂 fully harmonic balanced joyous Divine Feminine & Masculine within me. I LOVE YOU Divine QOL!!! Always & 4ever!!! 🙂 Ty Ty Ty 🙂

  4. Marja Thibaudier

    💞 I Adore this and you L‘Aura💞
    Thank you 💞

  5. Thank you so much 🙏🏻💗

  6. This was a great article, thank you!

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