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Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. The richness, depth of beauty, surrender, cosmic love ~ ecstasy ~ bliss is so profound & drenched in YOUR Holy Alchemy Magic Beloved QOL 🙂 I feel all this, & a sense of thickness ~ a multi level layered tier of meaning, symbolism, sacred truths, eternity, love, devotion that is so intertwined in ~ between ~ the actual words ~ & beyond the words. I aim to unlock it & receive on all levels. 🙂 Thank YOU So V Much ~ the depth, breadth, range & scope of YOUR profundity & Divine Love is endless…….I am in Deep Honor to be connected to YOU & receive such blessings. 🙂 I Love YOU Beyond measure………… Gratitude & Love. 🙂 I Love YOU Always 🙂 4ever!!! Thanking YOU……………Loving YOU……….:)

  2. <3<3<Thanks for you Love Laura 3 <3 <3

  3. So beautiful 💞💞💞

  4. Marja Thibaudier

    💜 I Adore this and You L’Aura💜

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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