I Surrender Invocation ~ Divine Holy Presence

Divine Holy Presence ~ All That I Am ~ I fully open My Heart in complete Surrender ~ Now.

Divine Holy Presence ~ I Lay Down and let go of ALL Perceptions of Harm done to me and any harm from me to others. I surrender this NOW.

Divine Holy Presence ~ I Surrender the Holding ON TO people, situations and circumstances in my life and in my awareness ~ NOW.

Divine Holy Presence ~ I willingly let go of ALL Attachments to the Past, Present and Future ~ willingly allowing all memories connected to those attachments to Dissolve in your Presence. Now.

Divine HOLY Presence ~ I Surrender and Open my Heart to the GRACE that is the Divine Presence, That I AM ~ ETERNALLY Now.

Divine Holy Presence ~ I surrender to the Perfect DESIGN AND PLAN OF MY SOUL ~ as the Divine Unfolding that it is NOW.

Divine HOLY Sacred Presence ~ I Surrender to the Divine Light that I Am all ideas of “HOW THINGS should be” and relax in the Presence of What is Now.

Divine Holy Divine Presence ~ That I Am, I Fully Surrender all that I Am to the Eternal Glory that flows through me, as the Unconditional Love ~ That shifts and changes ALL things.

Through The Sacred Divine Grace, GLORY and Love of All That is.

I surrender and Receive, Now.

In Love ~ Glory and Bliss!

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  1. I surrender and Receive, Now. Thank you love you💖

  2. Marja Thibaudier

    💛 I Love this Sacred Invocation💛
    💛 Beautiful💛 I Surrender💛
    💛 I Love you L’Aura💛

  3. amen and thank you! blessings!

    from my phone


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