Increase in FREQUENCIES ~ A Powerful Realignment

Now you know deep within you, the transformations that are taking place, as you are beginning to see things differently.

All has always been, the level of your consciousness.

There is a MOMENTUM which is and has always been regulated through the LIGHT Codes and Transmissions, you receive. 

When you are ready the full alignment will be your full Transformation, through which you call your Ascension experience. 

To the degree of your Frequency expansion, is the degree through which you witness the changes, within, and through the reality you perceive.

I am speaking to you through the Council meeting now.

We Are Aligning and Realigning your Light Body, in Holy Preparation for your full integration and realignment with your Original Light. This knowing is not NEW to you. Yet the experiences will FEEL very new.

This is your integration and Alignment with all levels of your Light Body.

We are the Overseers, the regulations team, throughout the Universe. You know us at the cellular level of your Consciousness.

We are the Council of Overseers and we disperse the Light Codes and the INCREASE in frequencies that function to SHIFT your awareness and the levels through which you as Light, flow through.

You are NOW entering into the New Horizon of Light.

This New Horizon of Light is the Realignment with your Light Body at the levels of your Pure Light that exist throughout all Dimensions and Parallel Worlds.

ALL consciousness transforms and receives this, NOW.

Each Being according to their Blueprint and Original Light.

Your Uniqueness will become apparent to you. HOW you receive this.

The Integration process is very profound as you realize the changes that begin to take place at a very ACCELERATED Level now.

The shifts in your body ARE regulated.

The physical form through which you function through is transforming into this Pure Light State. It is the Light projection through which you experience life on Earth.

Your Alignment and Realignment will shift your physical body. You will feel this realignment even NOW.

Your body will adjust to this ACTIVATION.

As things shift, your body will shift and feel different. It will function in new levels and the thought process will adjust as well. You will think differently when the alignment is complete.

Receive these Light Codes, your UPGRADE now.

This frequency transmission is a deep CELLULAR transmutation, as the levels of your consciousness are aligning and realigning, with your Light Body, throughout all dimensions, NOW.

Transmission received.

ALL Glory to the Divine Light, throughout All Universes, NOW.

The GRACE through which this is Transmitted.

We ARE Present, as the Light of All That is.

Arrangement of human feature lines and symbolic elements on the subject of human mind consciousness imagination science and creativity



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  1. Immensely grateful for this sacred transmission! Thank you so much Queen of Light and the Overseers! I love you! 💛✨💫 ∞

  2. L;AURA,Signal is da,not mach strong,but intesiv light,and more secret feel on you,is da,Ihave heart trust on you…..T.Y,that is 7.50 morning by me……

  3. LOve your infinite grace thanks <3<3<3<3<3

  4. So wonderful this present! Welch eine Gnade, auf diesem Wege diese wunderbaren Uebertragungen bekommen zu duerfen ! Die neue Lichtmannschaft wird geschaffen , ueber die ganze Welt. DANKE !

  5. All Beauty-full….Thanks 💖

  6. I am feeling joy, tears, profound love and gratitude. Thank you for this activation! Feeling and receiving. I am eternally grateful!! I love you, always ❤️

  7. Loving and Peace full thanks ❤

  8. Thank you 🙂


  10. WOW!! That was wonderful!!

  11. Beautiful, Love and light.

  12. this is avery profound Luminouse experience from the invocation to the video Thanks to the Counsil they are been felt very deep Love you so much Om yes

  13. ❤️Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. Thank you so much 😇

  15. Marja Thibaudier

    Wowww so very very Sacred💖💖 I open and Receive the Light Codes💖 Thank you💖 I Love you L’Aura💖

  16. Thank you!!!

  17. Profoundly Sacred 💖 Open to Recieve 💖 Love 💖 And Thank You L’Aura 💖💖

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