Activating Your DNA ~ Shifting Your Blueprint


All thoughts, emotions and words that we use, emanate through the vibration that we are emitting. They are what is unfolding through you.

When we observe the process, through non attachment, we allow our Higher Self, to clear the patterns held in our Blueprint. Which when cleared, activates our DNA.  To new memories. New ways of Being.

This is an ongoing process. There is no end. There is not a level you will reach that will be the end of your expansion of consciousness. There are many levels to this.

You go through major changes, you see things differently, you apply what you know. Only to realize later, how limited your consciousness was. You will see clearly one day, how it is all consciousness.

The attainment that you feel you desire, is THAT shift in consciousness. When you are ready you will be there, be that. When you are not ready, it makes no difference how much you want it. You go through the processes, till you are ready. The smaller little you, is not the one guiding all of this.

The smaller self may want to believe it is. But it truly knows it does not run the show, so to speak, that is why it needs attachments, to feel good. A sense of false power, reveals itself in the desire to control external outcomes.

We do not control outcomes.

We ACKNOWLEDGE we do not.

We acknowledge that no matter how hard we try, we do not have full control over when we are ready. It is a humbleness, and the acknowledgment, that the little self, cannot do this. We surrender the attachment to this identity with the little self as the one. The door opens then to the Higher Self, being the ONE.

This stepping aside and allowing the ONE that is in Union with the forces of consciousness BEYOND our current level of consciousness. Is the surrender, that activates our DNA into vibrational harmony, with our Higher Self. 

We are able to influence HOW challenging the process is, through our attachments, or through the release of the attachments, through our actively being humble.

Humble is not feeling lower than. It is a state of acknowledgment, that we are not in control, that the Divine is doing this through us.

Whether that be Ascension or the release of addictions.

Expanding into being ready for that true love relationship, or living in abundance. It is the same thing. We are not the ones in control.

Once we let go of this need and desire to control the outcomes in the external world. We develop qualities and virtues, that are akin to the Angelic consciousness.

This is the process of many going through this as the first wave of ascension. The beings that before time, agreed to take this one. To go through this process.

Divine Grace steps in, the moment you TRULY surrender your desire for control in the external world of OUTCOMES.

The very thing you hold on to tightly, is the very thing that is in the way of your expansion of consciousness.

To receive is to let go.

To let go of the How and when.

TO trust.

To stop the incessant worry about outcomes.

To no longer believe that your identity has anything to do with the external world and how it treats you.

The school of Earth at the Divine Level is to go within. Turn that finger-pointing, whether it is to the leaders, what is going on in the world, to WITHIN YOU.

What areas are you judging the external world. What areas does it need to improve. What you feel and experience are aspects of your own consciousness, that are preparing to let go, so that you will expand more to the next level.

It is never-ending.

It is ongoing.

You are not in control and through the conscious TRUE release of this control, you experience the virtues of the Angelic realms of Light.

Trust, freedom, peace and abundance. Abundance within, freedom beyond this world. A Joy and a revitalization that is so beyond your comprehension.

THESE are the next levels.

The external always follows suit. It is not the other way around.

The process of integration of the Divine Feminine and the sensing deep within to receive, balances out the opposite, more linear aspects of thought processes. Which in turn, allows the clear way of being, to be ONE OF UNION. Balance. Harmony. Peace. Freedom. Abundance.

One part does not function in Harmony without the other aspects WITHIN to function in Harmony with it.

Receive this now.

These words are not just something you are reading. They are a vibration. A truth. A Hidden knowledge. Ancient knowledge. Even though, it only vibrates as such, as it is from a different dimension. One where only Harmony reigns, within. Where  humbleness and gentleness, lead the way.

Where we KNOW the Divine is doing this. The form, the consciousness connected to the form. then shifts.

That is how your Blueprint shifts and your DNA Activates.

IT IS not through the consciousness level you exist within now.

To expand it is through the Higher Dimensions of Light.

That is why it seems in the future when you change. It is not in a future. It is a timeline that only appears in a future, because you are not yet expanded into it. That state of Being that lives in perfect Union. Consciously.

Breathe this in.


Let go of trying.

Acknowledge it is the Higher frequencies of Light that shift your awareness and consciousness. The your Original Plan, carries everything within it and within you, that KNOWS the way. The HOW, through the Eternal Light, of All That is. The Unique you in your own ETERNAL Way.

All NOW.





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  1. Very blissfull thenks LOve you thanks

  2. Since I finish high school I dream I owe a examen of biology. High school where I live is 5 years long, to get degree.
    Since I finish architectural studies I dream I owe a examen of design 5 (the last year, number 5). I have to present blueprints, and take the courses again.
    I use to felt worry, disconcerted when I woke up years ago.

    -Today I dream again I didn’t even was going to class anymore, I was not sure about 4 and 5 level…if I go to give the exam, if I can finish the floor plan without having the day by day course presence.

    -Today I understand many years of messages.
    Biology: DNA activation. And aceleration through your frequencies.
    Blueprints, my original blueprint.
    I have to be “Present” day by day to get to the 5 level—5 dimension-

    I thank you profoundly, always.
    I intent be humble, more.💛

  3. HolaTremola, Laura Granola! Hehehehe

    Just too beautiful to ever be captured in words! So much peace, so much wholeness and so much wholesomeness, such awakenings within, my God!
    Your singing transports me to other worlds! HuggglesSnuggles…and worlds of love!!! Aman.

  4. HolaTremola, Laura Granola! Hehehehe

    Just too bautiful to ever be captured in words! So much peace, so much wholeness and so much wholesomeness, such awakenings within, my God!
    Your singing transports me to other worlds! HuggglesSnuggles…and worlds of love!!! Aman.

  5. Beutifull deep peace is filling the Heart Center very quiet trankil energy with Loving Light thanks for this transmissions allways Loved om yes. Thanks for your Grace

  6. Thank you very much 🙂

  7. My heart Opening more each day…when I realise…There is no default…no nestling into the known…..but total surrender to love…more and more……limitless love…belonging to only that…sharing me through with love…yes today flowed…and the world flowed with me……I had a half awake repetitive sensation of connection with Cassiopea .When i looked it up…i felt this enormous wave of love energy to Andromeda galaxy……i have dreamt of being an astronaut with long line connected to somewhere…..A way back i had vivid dream of catching a falling star…when i looked in my hand there was a beautiful bluey silvery flecked crystal.
    Thank you for your posts…They so resonate……With love Louise

  8. Perfect activation and how synchronistic. Releasing to the Divine Will, I am grateful for All That Is. Blessed We Are indeed.

  9. Yes, I feel my consciousness how elasticity, I feel to all the universo inside my heart, I see a Thot too, I feel infinito, and many things new. I feel a Seshat too. I feel the Upper dimensiones, I feel more Light.
    💖💖 I Love You my Beloved 💖💕 Eternal Love and Bliss ❤💓🐳🌺💗🐝💖💕🕊💝💞🌼🐬🏵🌹💮

  10. 💛 In Complete Humbleness 💛
    Thank You L’Aura 💛 In Complete Surrender 💛 Feeling Truly Blessed 💛

  11. Marja Thibaudier

    💛Thank you so much L’Aura💛
    💛 I Receive this Now💛
    💛 Grateful for this💛

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