A New Door Opens ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


Awakening, Opening, entering the space within your consciousness of the Beatific Stillness of Gods Light. Of God Light. Source Light, Divine Light. Your inner recognition of this, as you feel the pulsating Light within your Heart respond, is the receptive principle of creation, of honouring the Divine.

The new door opens, WITHIN.

Within you is the Divine Glory that awaits your recognition.

Glory, Presence, Heaven, the Heart of Home, within.

This is a state of consciousness, that is being activated deeply NOW. Within You.

The Angelic realms of consciousness and of those Beings on Venus, as well as the many Councils of Light and the Overseers of this Universe, are beings of consciousness.

They Monitor all that is taking place within consciousness and Activate, to all those that are ready, the Divine States of consciousness.

All states of consciousness are for educational purposes.

Over and over again, Divine Grace, bestows upon beings on Planet Earth, opportunities, abundance, awakening and Divine Love. These are states of consciousness.

The Highest Council of Light are the Overseers, that are Benevolent, that Give Grace and opportunities and Love as states of activated consciousness.

Living CONSCIOUS of our choices, our thoughts, our emotions, our gratefulness, for all that we have, opens us to the Abundance of the Universe and the Blessings of Divine Grace.

The Overseers and the Creator Gods, ORCHESTRATE the pouring out of Divine Grace, as all memory is held in the Cosmic Blueprint, of all that is.

This Council of Overseers, orchestrate the events in your life, the situations you find yourself in, as a result of educational experiences of consciousness.

The NEW Door within you. Activated by Grace. The Grace of those that are the Creators of Form and the Overseers of Consciousness.

The God Light Source Light. The Union of the Masculine and Feminine. WITHIN.

Enter this New Door Now, this receiving of Grace Now. Your deeper Awakening Now. Your Joy Now. Your perfect Love now. The Union with your Soul NOW. As the Beatific Light of Your Eternal Soul.

Feel this within you as the Light of Consciousness within you is Activated as the Glorious Light of Your Soul within Your Heart. Within your consciousness. Feel this Light Honour and Glorify the Divine. The God Light. The Source Light. The Blueprint of consciousness, that is the receiving of this Grace Now.

Feel the Light activate in all of your Cells, in all of your DNA. As DIVINE LIGHT.


As Heaven within You.

Home within you.

Love within you.

Light within you.

Grace activated within you.

Consciousness OPENING to the Divine.

The New Door, the greater awakening of your consciousness through GRACE.


The Overseers are here. They are Lighting the Way, within.

Receive this NOW.

As the One Eternal Light, that Glorifies the Divine.

Now, within.

Completely loved, acknowledged, held in the arms of the Divine. In the Heart of the Divine. Entering Gods heart. Your Soul Star Matrix ~ Light. Edifying the Divine.

All Now.

All Love and Glory, Now. Heaven here and Now. Feel and Receive. Now.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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  1. Thanks for this fussion of LOving LIght entering throught my hole being Om LOve you eternally Om Quin Of Light Yes

  2. 💗💗💗

  3. Tears of joy in reading this sacred activation this morning. Thank you so much! Grace ❤️ I love you so, L’Aura. Always in my heart ❤️

  4. 💕 Deeply Felt 💕 Powerfully Humbled 💕 Love And Thank You L’Aura 💕

  5. Marja Thibaudier

    💞 I Feel and Receive now💞 Sacred Activation💞 Grateful for this and You💞

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