A “Hermes” Mercury Retrograde ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


On August 30th till September 22nd, 2016 ~ we have in Virgo the Mercury Retrograde. Before you gasp and say oh no, let us look at the benefits and activate within us, the greater joy and fun during a Mercury Retrograde.

It HAPPENS about 3.33 times per year.

The Planet Mercury is really NOT moving backwards, its effect, feels like that.

It is an AUSPICIOUS time for Synchronicity, and in Virgo, also ruled by Mercury, we may experience more of a Hermes (The thrice Magician) influence. After All, Magic and the HIGHER Mercury energy is what the 5th Dimension is ALL about! The Goddess the God! Here we go!

Slowing down communication, is that really that bad? Reflecting more? This ENCOURAGES your Transformation more than ANYTHING.

Let go of charging ahead with plans? Sounds peaceful to me!

It is not that you cannot travel, make plans, it is MORE that you will WANT to PAY more attention to what you are doing and SLOW down!

Repairs ~ well that is life in a busy work, when possible, WAIT. When not possible, go ahead!

Delays, sure, maybe! MAYBE not also! IT really depends on the CONSCIOUSNESS within YOU.

Are you focusing inwardly ~ Calm within? Focused within? Or is this inner focus thing challenging to YOU? you live by appearances and attempt to change your outer world. Neglecting the ROOT where all CHANGE occurs ~ WITHIN.

Enough said. This may be a very POWERFUL and Sacred and Magical Mercury Retrograde. This with Mercury in their Charts and Virgo, will find this magical.

Those who are focused within WILL find this magical and laced with miracles and Synchronicity like never before.

Are you ready? Will you receive this positively? Will you focus more within? Will you love yourself? Integrate, transform and Love yourself even more?

Breathe deeply, relax and FEEL. 

I NOW focus deep within, and receive the blessings and miracles of this DEEP inner focus as I expand the Love I feel within myself.  

I embrace the ETERNAL magic of my Divine Higher Self and witness synchronicity around me every moment, every day. 

I live as my Higher Self in 5th Dimensional Consciousness and experience Mercury Retrograde as the MAGICAL time, that it is. 

I know the external world is but a reflection of within me. What I see now is the result of my past level of consciousness. I Expand more every day and the external world, REFLECTS this.

I Am the Love and Magic of All That is. My consciousness lives in this Divine Miraculous way of Being, as my Higher Divine Self, FULLY NOW. 

And so it is! Beloved Angels! Miracles, Joy and Blessings! Always and Forever! Now and in every moment during Mercury Retrograde! I love you. 


Eternal Love and Bliss!

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  1. Thank YOU Beloved QOL ~ Gratitude for this Wisdom & Activation ~ tingles 🙂 I focus/reflect within ~ embracing the inherent magic of my Divine Higher Self. I love myself fully & completely. In Deep Love for YOU Heavenly QOL & Hermes ~ I Love YOU!!! 🙂 !!! Also, the art imagery is exceptionally sacred & powerful. 🙂 Ty Ty Ty 🙂

  2. 💛 Slowing Down 💛 Embraced in My Joy Within 💛 Aligning Myself With The Miracles and My soul Desires 💛 Love And Thank You L’Aura 💛

  3. Marja Thibaudier

    💛 Love this Activation💛
    Beautiful powerful💛
    I Love you💛

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