Activating The Divine Powers and Attributes ~ Initiations into Light


The Initiations and the Activations of your inner Divine Powers of Manifestation, awakens within you, more and more, as the dormant Divine attributes, become your way of being.

Each level may be seen as a crossroad of sorts, and when completed, you are then on to the next level.

Like programs being installed on a computer, so too, the initiations take place, into the Higher Levels of Light and Dimensions, when you are ready for those levels.

All of this exists within you already, in your Blueprint, dormant, till fully awakened.

The Divine Powers (initiations) are the Divine Attributes within you, that fully awaken as the New Divine Self. This is Alchemy. This is transformation.

This fully awakened Divine You, is the Ascended you that already exists outside of your current level of awareness.

Going through the various levels of initiations as held in your Blueprint (your Akashic Record) is part of the journey here in consciousness (as Light) through many incarnations.

You have focused on this in preparation for this Lifetime. For awakening fully into your Divine Powers, your Divinity.

You are now welcoming in the Higher Initiations of Light. That you have built up to (in frequency) in preparation for.

Now, let us welcome in these higher initiations, as part of what we have already completed, that is just outside of current awareness, that is the so-called future timeline. Which really does not exist in a future, separate from you. But exists now, waiting for your expansion (initiation) and arrival.

Relax, breathe deeply and feel. Rest between these powerful initiations into the greater Light you. That exists already. This awakens the dormant aspects. Within you. 

I fully Activate now, all levels of consciousness and ALL Initiations, into the expanded me, my future timeline, that exists Now. 

I open ALL keys of my consciousness (held deep within me) to the wisdom held within my Blueprint, that is the initiatory program I agreed to before incarnating. 

My Divine Powers are fully activated now, as the Divine Attributes that I Am. 

I Am a Divine Angel in form, fully Activated, Fully Awakened, fully Initiated, into the Fullness of my Divine Self. 

I live, breathe and allow all insights, all signs, to be understood, as the Divine Communication, between my subconscious mind and my Divine Self. 

I live as the Divine Attributes, and now receive the initiations, that now awaken, the Divine Human Template. 

That I exist in now. Breathe, relax, FEEL within your body. And RECEIVE. Awaken, Now. 

And so it is! I love You! 


Eternal Love and Bliss!

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  1. Omg you look so beautiful, more and more beautiful everyday.. thank you for this. I love you


  3. 💕💕💕💕

  4. Holding you in love and transformation!

  5. Im dream state I started to climb a spiral ladder, white walls I couldn’t see how many steps, and I hear that there was not web connection there (as a way to go deep inside me) I almost go down, but I realize about it, and I went back to go up.
    I received new clothes jeans, I returned the personal identification, and wrist watch that I found in the pocket. I have a new car, so I had to left parked the older one. Because I couldnt drive the two cars at same time.
    I thank you so much for the opening and activations, and messages I have in my dreams. Im invited by my higherself, or Im communicated about the changes: to let go of time completly, and old identifications.
    I love you. Thank for the sacred guidence💜

  6. Marja Thibaudier

    💛 Receive💛Beautiful💛😇
    Thank you so much L’Aura💛
    Love this and You💛

  7. Love you so much thanks for your eternal Love and so it is now yes Om

  8. 💞 So Sacredly Profound 💞 Thank You L’Aura 💞

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