There are No Random Events ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness

The New Divine Humanity


Everything does work for Good! Now if One is in Disharmony, one would not KNOW the experience of the GOOD, the Greater Good of a given situation, but ULTIMATELY ~ The Soul is always directing all situations, bringing one through an incarnation aspect, to draw the consciousness in Form, to the aspects ONE agreed to learn, experience, and know through this incarnation.

There are no Mistakes. There are no random events. There are choices, deceptions, actions, thoughts, words, and emotions, that although may appear as a mistake, are there AS THE result of how one is Being. How one is PLAYING out their incarnation plan or Not, through free will.  Even if someone is in complete seemingly opposition to their Soul Plan, WHAT takes place is still part of the plan, because ALL Options, all potentials, all parallel worlds WERE already created and factored in, before incarnating.

There was an…

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