Queen of Light Transmissions

If you Would Like to Receive the Daily Queen of Light Transmissions Please Join My Group. I have included the Link and other links Below.

This is the Best way for me to Hold a Large Number of People who are Desiring to Receive this Transmission in One Area; A Group.

Along with Joining and receiving the Daily Transmissions I urge you to Please download my Frequency Meditations and Listen to them Daily. This will help you to stay in Harmony. The Frequencies are Union and Source.

When they were created I was shown all the Souls that would ever Receive the Frequencies Beyond Time and Space.

These are Frequencies of the Central Sun, of Source and Divine Union.

They DO and will Shift your DNA gently to the Shift we Are shifting to on Planet Earth.

As most of you know I offer Services that some people Pay for. Please note this is because of the One on One time and energy value.

I receive complaints both for having some services For an Energy exchange and For offering services with no energy exchange. Judgements either way have no bearing on what I am here to do. If you judge this please look within yourself. I am here to help all of humanity.

If  you feel this should not be offered without an energy exchange please feel free to donate, as this is a Dispensation offered to all of Humanity to Help this Shift to be with Ease and Grace.

The Pleiadians, Source Frequency Desire this Shift with Ease and Grace for all. This is commissioned from the Central Sun. The Queen of Light Received her Mantle by Lord Melchizedek.

As most of You know I am not human. Yes I occupy a human form.  I walked-in and  coexist also on the Central Sun, Alcyone.

If you would like to help with the spreading of  this Shift with Ease and Grace through the Divine Feminine, The Queen of Light, PLEASE Share this info, this blog. You can help.

The Daily Transmissions and The Frequency Meditations are Gifts of Grace to Help you Shift and Upgrade Your DNA with no energy exchange required. This is a Dispensation offered to All of Humanity.

Because of Free Will I cannot simply Zap all the Human Species with Frequencies without their Consent.

I watch and see the Names of all the People in the Group. I review this before Starting the Daily Transmissions.  Right Now there are 1,117 People Receiving these Transmissions Daily.

I am shown These Frequencies will be transmitted to hundreds of Thousands.

I leave you with this:

To Listen of to download my Frequency Meditations:



To Receive the Frequencies of the Queen of Light Daily:



To Follow me on Twitter:



To Subscribe to My YouTube Channel:



To Email me and Request my Newsletter:



To Donate:



To Send me a Friend Request on Facebook:



To Order any the Pleiadian Twin Soul Activation, Pleiadian Blueprint Activation, Pleiadian Blueprint Activation, Pleiadian Light Transmission and Healing Sessions:




Allow your Shift to be with Ease and Grace. Download the Frequency Meditations today and begin Listening to them daily and Join the Group To Receive the Queen of Light Transmissions.

I love you All.

In Divine Love, Harmony and Union,

Laura, Azoora Queen of Light





copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.



About L'Aura Pleiadian

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. Laura seeing that there is so much disagreement over to pay ‘energy’ or not, just reminds me that as humans we all still love our opinions.

    I Feel we should all follow for ourselves what is right and extend the same to others.

    For myself, i learned that ‘taking’ consciousness is just another program to be overcome in the 3rd Dimension. Giving aligns us with the perpetual circle of abundant energy, where we also receive. What is given in Love is given to the ones who needed it and not able to pay I’m sure, so the need found the Infinite supply. If i am able to pay i will and do. And donate sometimes too, i don’t worry about receiving, i know it will be there.

    Bless you for what you tirelessly do. Source is for ALL, including the Queen of Light, may you also prosper.

    I LOVE You xxxx

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