Moving into Greater Emptiness ~ Being your Higher Self


Becoming empty. Wow, we want to feel. Or do we really want to feel? Has life become a way of living that avoids painful feelings?

Is our Evolution connected to all the pain deep inside us, that needs to Be healed and loved?  That the process is the WAY. The Grace Being Divine Presence.

The way out of the Lower self continuing to control through an endless battle. That never ends till we give up. Let go. Surrender.

Playing out in the background, attempting to tug at our heartstrings, are the very parts of us, waiting to be loved. Waiting to be observed, through the Presence of Our Divinity.

When we live in a whirlwind of non stop action and things to do, we become tightly wound up with our incessant need to be in control. We lose sight of our Divine Presence.

When we live in Emptiness, we open UP to the Power of our Divine Selves, to take over.

There is a part of us (deep within) that is calling to us constantly, that desires to be heard and felt.

Those uncomfortable feelings. That sadness. That pain. That hurt. That way of being, that keeps all those important parts of us (desiring to be seen) hidden.

Living in emptiness, not only allows the Divine Presence of Our Souls to live through us. But also, brings that which was playing out in the background, to live in the forefront of our lives. Cleansing us, through observance, of all that we have ignored, within us.

Out there has nothing to do with deep inside ourselves. What is really going on is WITHIN ourselves. That creates the out there. There is no bartering with our Souls. Till something is complete, there is no bypassing, what is part of the Soul Plan to complete.

I am not saying there is not Grace. It all takes place through Grace. Right now. The opportunity, to relax and let go. Become emptiness. Flow. Breathe. Receive the activation. Let go a little more. Surrender a little more.

Let go of the reigns, as there is no bypassing your Surrender. The resistance causes the feeling of more pain. More situations needing to play out. Till you let go.

Then the unbearable to face, not only becomes bearable to face in your Divine Presence, but also the unbearable pain dissolves in the Presence of your Divinity.  Through the very observing of it.

That is the difference between living in endless self-pity and ALLOWING your Divine Self to live through you, through the practice of emptiness. The lower self justifies more reasons to never surrender. The Higher Self offers freedom.

Did you know you are here to live as your Divine Self. That is if you desire freedom from your suffering.

No longer is the band-aid going to be a temporary way to appease the lower self, the everyday consciousness. Your Divine Self is ready to take over and ready to end the suffering. To end the endless seeking. The endless pain. ONLY when absorbed into the Presence of the Divine Self through love, will the pain end.

We are here for the EVOLUTIONARY Journey. Where CHANGE is REAL. Change is REQUIRED. Not a little here of there. But REVOLUTIONARY Changes.

That takes Place WITHIN  us. NO more hiding. No more hiding behind the fears that once held us back, lifetimes after lifetimes.

Real freedom. There is ONLY one way and it is through being Present WITHIN YOU.

Your deep feelings. Your pain. It is LONGING for your attention. Your Higher Self attention.

When we move into stillness, in all moments, we allow the quietness of our Hearts to be Heard Loudly. We allow our Presence to shine through. We allow the old ways to dissolve. We allow all to come forward that we resisted.

You are not left alone. The you that suffers is the lower self. Your Higher Self (God Self, Divine Self, whatever you want to call it) is the YOU that dissolves it all, through its very PRESENCE.

The only job for the lower self, is to SURRENDER. To let go of the resistance and fighting. Let go of the constant struggle so that the DIVINE YOU can take over.

Has your lower self had enough?

The Temperature has risen so to speak. The Light is so bright, any resistance now is more painful. It is for your benefit. To let go. To surrender.

The Evolutionary tides, have brought you to this now moment. If you are reading this You are ready to surrender more into stillness. Into emptiness.

The letting go, opens your heart. Like a little child, trusting your Divine Self. Let go. Trust in the quietness of your Heart, lives the power, through Divine Light, to DISSOLVE everything, not in alignment with your ASCENSION.

And so it is. Greater Surrender. Greater Emptiness. Greater emptiness MORE HEART. More Heart, Greater your Divine Presence in your Form. Leading the way, dissolving all that is not part of IT.

The revolution and evolution are the INNER processes, of looking within. Now. Always now. Move back into now. Surrender. Emptiness, your Heart shines forth. The Stars Align. Your Soul is here. You have ascended, and SO IT IS. Beloved Angels. Breathe.


Eternal ~ Heaven on Earth Beloved Angels!


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  1. johnny the king

    wow, thank you, you’re sexy too

  2. Two nights ago I returned to hear Supreme Light and saw amazing things, I saw a great light and golden flame came out of my body, also saw two united white beings, one up, that looked shining and one down close beside the other, which amounted.
    I have been amazed how big I perceived.
    Now days walking through the park and appreciating nature, beauty and grandeur of the trees, the leaves on the floor, although fell the tree, it seems to me that still have their beauty, with changing colors that happens, sometimes surprisingly very beautiful; which sometimes comes to me is that these leaves are like feathers, I think, 🙂 doing the same role, of course now I understand why all this.
    Now reading this activation, actually I feel something very strong in my chest, something that actually say, that is flourishing within me now.
    Yes, I know that all is a new begining, I see it marvelous. Thank you so much dear and beloved Angel <3 <3 I Love you <3 <3 Eternal Love and Bliss <3 <3 <3 <3

  3. Thank you so much, L’Aura!! Your activations and all you share come to me in divine time, always. I love you!! 💗💗💗

  4. Surrender more into stillness, into emptiness…. So ever grateful to you, Beautiful Angel!

  5. Reblogged this on eveygigi.

  6. Thank you so much for this reminder and for the time you give us everyday!

  7. 💛☀💛

  8. Marja Thibaudier

    💜 Flow-Breathe- Surrender-Open to receive the Activation💜 Thank you L’Aura💜 Love you💜

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