Beauty is the Light, that shines within the Heart


Beauty is the Light, that shines within
the heart.

Magic is the love, that penetrates
all realms.

Freedom, is in knowing,
what, is truly real.

Ecstasy, is the Union,
with, your very Soul.

Mystery is hidden, for you,
to see.

You, are a Soul, experiencing,
an existence, held in time.

Origin, Is Source,
Your Soul, Divinity.

Knowing, is experience, and what,
Planet Earth, is about.

Truth, is what is real,
not, what seems to be.

Wisdom, is for action,
the highest, in the  plan.

Knowledge, is the gauge,
your direction, in time.

Consciousness, is The focus,
of Awareness, That You are.

Dreams, are experiences,
to awaken, in the dream.

Mastery, is here on Earth, duality,
to merge.

Joy, is creative, and turns work,
into play.

Abundance, is the radiation,
of all That you Know, yourself to Be.

Absolution, is the freedom, knowing,
there is nothing, to forgive.

Dimensions, are realities,
parallel, worlds to explore.

Power, is the embracing,
of All that, You truly are.

Existences, hold the Blueprint,
of the, Soul Plan.

DNA, activates, changing,
all the time.

True Love, is unconditional,
for you, to learn.

Mystical experience, is when,
heaven comes to earth.

Above as Below, is your,
true birth.

Beloved, your Desire,
All that, you truly are.

Sacred Sex, the merging,
bodies, heart and Soul.

Twin Flame, Soul union,
masculine and feminine.

Timelessness, is Now,
for you, to see.

Past, Present and Future, are for you,
to create.

Soul, unique frequency,
of individuated, Source.

Limitless, is your fulfillment,
and why, You are here.

Completion, is the cycle,
that, you are in.

Surrender, is embracing,
the here, and the now.

Flow, is the center,
and where, you want to Be.

Holy, is remembering,
the nature, of your Soul.

Sacred, is the anointing,
my gift, to you.

Oneness, is every moment,
you, with all of you.

Harmony, is fully living,
in your, sacred heart.

Grace, is the receiving,
my gift of grace, to you.

Divine Union, is the key,
to Full, Mastery.

Destiny, is yours,
the Highest, the design.

Time, is now, you pass,
through it.

Miracles, are the converging,
of realities.

Responsibility, is yours,
to know, you are Creator.

Reality, is for seeing, all that you,
are creating.

Frequency is truth,
showing you, the mirror.

Reflection, is fluid,
changing, every moment.

Sacred Chamber of the Heart,
the portal, through, All time.

The Mirror, is the Experience,
of all that, You have created.

My love for you, is endless,
unconditional, and true.

Forever, is where I hold you,
my Heart Now and on Mu.

The Elohim Plan, unfolding,
in Truth, Power and Beauty.


In Divine Sacred Love and Union,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 


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About L'Aura Pleiadian

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. Marja Thibaudier

    This included all there is
    Love and live in the Heart is truly all there is
    Thank you Laura
    All my love to you

  2. what an awesome creator you are Laura. Just like Source, your poem is vast, all inclusive. I feel some powerful frequencies, reading this.

    love you Priest Queen of Mu xxxx

  3. Mercedes Belalcázar Mejía

    My heart is only love for you ♥ ♥

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