Love and Surrender


In Judgement there is Fear,
In Love there is Freedom. 

Love and Surrender

SO Here we Are…You and I…

Stirring deep within the Depths of YOU…
is YOU, Your Heart…your True Love..

Will You open FULLY to it NOW and Surrender?
Can you fall on Your knees before YOU???
Opening and Surrendering to the HEART Of it ALL…
this does not mean not feeling..
It means embracing FULLY

Half Way…
All the way…

What are you Truly Living and Dying for?

There is NO thing else..
Surrender, feel the Pain, feel your Heart..
that is Being Truly Alive..

To Experience Deeply…is Being here NOW…
Being in Your Heart..
holds the Keys to the Sacred Love..
The True Love..
All else is Not real..
not Eternal…

So let the Earth Shake with the Depth of your LOVE…
If You have a Lover…

Leave no place CLOSED…
Enter UNION for real…
You do not know how many breaths you have left
to do and be
the PURPOSE of YOUR Soul…
through the ONLY thing that matters;  Love…

Let go of Pride…
Enter Humbleness of Being..

and Be Known for that LOVE…
That is what Being Eternal IS…..

Making your Mark..on Eternity…
through LOVE
while in Form…

I bow to the Beloved..
I fall on my Knees…
and why NOT???

What holds you from that
is what you can remove in ONE MOMENT…

Surrender to the Love…

And Live Life FULLY!!!!!

That which is true and pure never ends…..

Never lose any faith in anything…
Always know…
Anywhere there truly is LOVE,
requires no faith…at all, you see.

As it is only in the knowing of it that One can experience it.
And in the Experience of it is the Knowing.

Be the Knower and the Experiencer…and it is that space
that you enter Heaven on Earth.

Enter Your True Heart, Forever.



You KNOW there is Nowhere to Go…
There is No finish line..
There is Nothing to Compare yourself with
or Against…

There is ONLY the Simplicity of the Moment…
Those Precious Moments..
When time stands still, and There You are
Once Again…

You Meeting You..

Life is Simply in The Being..

When someone wants to do this or do that with you…
Why Not simply JUST “BE” Together…

Let the Silence and the Moments take care of themselves…
The Small Picture and the Big Picture
Only reside in the Moments..

That is all There Truly is..
no Agenda…

Simply Pure Being..

Let’s Be together..
That is When we can Truly
Make Love together..
Lovers of Life and Being…as children, just Being..

Have compassion on yourself
For all you have been through!!

Since the moment of birth,
You have been through so much…

Have compassion for your suffering…only you can feel the depths of your sorrow..

Know there is an eternal Plan
And that Plan is your freedom from suffering..

Your Healing through Love..
Is with you Now..
Only Love Heals You..
And frees You..


I dance in sacred union with my Beloved,

as love bursts forth like a raging Sea.

The power shines like the endless starry night,
where eternity reaches into form.

I Breathe in the last taste,
of loves kiss poured onto my lips.
The anointing of Humble embrace,
of Love truly Lived.


The pain, it was real,
when you left, not looking back.
Shattered dreams, once were life,
turned to death.

How to start, where to turn,
when the heart is bleeding and torn.
How to live, how to die,
looking for answers in the sky.

The lightening strikes, once again,
and the pain subsides, but never ends.
The earth is home, dark and still,
echoing the voice, I loved to hear.

Wanting to leave, and find the space,
where loves embrace, is very real.
Empty caves, shallow water,
homeless homes.

Let’s meet one day, in the mist,
where the rainbow doesn’t hide.
The hope of dawn, the hope of death,
never leaving.

The welcome sun, it shines again,
over graves and stones once turned.
The valley and the doorway,
always find us.




My beloved I waited for you,
dark nights and endless dreams.
In the unknown, you found me,
sleeping under the sun.

The taste of frost, with hope intact,
your gifts are opening.
Treasures lost, treasures found,
deepening as you hold me.

In worlds beyond, and valleys here,
I feel you.
The taste of love, the endless magic,
I draw you near me.

The sound of music, from beyond,
holds the secret.
Your face upon me, I still see you,
we are one.

In The Sacredness of Divine Union and Eternal Love, I hold You,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of  Light 

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copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2013.

About L'Aura Pleiadian

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. Sublime, beautiful, only feel love in every pore of the body, your heart is joyful and into all our hearts. I love you ♥ ♥

  2. “You do not know how many breaths you have left. . .”

    I was with my mother and my father when they each took their last breath. I’ll never forget it as long as I live.

    Thank you for reminding me that there is indeed a Giver, a Lover, behind each breath we take. That Giver is TRULY our Best Friend in this life.

    I have only one desire. I desire what that Lover desires, for me. That’s all I want.

    We are but a drop in eternity. But that Giver, that Lover, is the ocean within the drop.

  3. Thank you so much, Laura! I was deeply touched by this post… yes, I surrender fully.. I Am Love ❤ My Heart space is vibrating strongly and all the day after reading this I feel high vibrational energy penetrating my body ( bodies 🙂 ) and making me cry… Lots of Love and Gratitude for everything you do ❤

  4. wise words and powerful frequency they carry. What else is left? haven’t we, haven’t I tried it all?
    Stepping out of the box, I enter my heart space. I feel a door has opened, all is blissful
    Ek Oooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnngg Kar

    love you Queen xxxx

  5. Gorgeous, Laura Jane. You put every bit of your heart and soul into that one.
    So down to earth. I love it. I love you.

  6. Thank you so much Laura Pleiadian. I have cried on and off throughout the day as I have reflected on your beautiful words and on their meaning in my own life. Such a gift…just as you are.

  7. Thank you for this reminder of the ONLY Trtuth…~L~O~V~E!!!

    I Love you, Laura!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

  8. After reading this , i had the most powerful experience ! Something very deep happened! Hidden portals opened to love myself and especially my body !!! This is so sacred ❤ ❤ ❤ thank you ,Laura !!! I am still overwhelmed by the fact that I am living 51 years in a body, and I feel as if I just entered it through love !!! ❤

  9. Beautiful language and powerful message. Thank you. xo

  10. What you wrote touched me so deeply and was the perfect thing to read after my amazing dreams. I never had dreams like this before. Lots of colors trinkets, gemstones, amulets. I went on quests and the only thing that saved me during these bizarre encounters was pure love, no fear, allowing and totally turning the mind off as to trying to understand why these things were happening. Just, as you said- be love, fully! I’ve heard these words but now with this dream and your words today- I am feeling it 100%!!!! I love you Laura!!! Thank you so much. I appreciate and cherish you!!!

  11. when I look into Your Eyes………. I time travel thru Portals and Stargates into Forever Land…

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