Sacred Sex ~ The Heart of it All ~

Sacred Sex ~ The Heart of it All ~ 

What is Sacred Sex? Why is Being in Your Heart something you would even want to do? After all, isn’t sex about the orgasm? I hear this often from my Students.

It is not “style or content” as this can vary from person to person. There are NO rules here.

Sacred Sex INCLUDES the PRIMAL Energies, MERGED with the ETERNAL..while in Form. Perhaps a NEW type of going to church…”Till Sacred Sex do us Part” ~ Which may my friends be NOTHING SHORT OF ETERNITY.


If you are into short thrills or sexual lust ONLY…this route may NOT be for YOU. Especially if you believe sex is separate from spirituality.

Well spirituality is not about preconceived ideas of right and wrong, spirituality is ABOUT LIFE.

Spirituality is “entering” the Sacred Space within you. IN ALL circumstances.

It is not “channelling” part-time. It is entering the FULLNESS of LIFE. The Day to Day. Sex, work, every breath…is LIFE…is the New spirituality, which is embracing Life itself.

Sacred Sex is entering Union with another Being who has also entered Sacred Space; Union.

Can One person Enter Sacred space and Union and Not the other person? Absolutely.

Just as every breath is Sacred to me and I am breathing with someone else in Unison does not MAKE their experience Sacred to them.  It is within You.  Yes, there are techniques to HELP bring you to the Sacred Space within….and since all is Frequency, it is a matter of simply vibrating in Union with YOUR Soul Frequency.

I will create a Sacred Sex Transmission and some VIDEOS.

And guide you through the process…of entering….of Sacred Sex.

Does ONE person going deeper into the experience  “help” draw another to sacred space? Most definitely. All is Frequency and “The Heart of it All” is the HEART of SACRED SEX.

Since you cannot control another what you can do is focus on OPENING your HEART. What does this do? It moves you into the Light of Your Soul. It creates the Knowing and experience of Your “Presence” and Opens your awareness to the “Presence” of another.

I mean “True Presence” Soul Presence. Presence is SACRED.

So what does your Heart and Your Soul have to do with Sacred Sex? After all it is your body experiencing the Sex.

It is through the body that YOU Move into Union in the first place.  Your body is the doorway to  your HEART.  Your Body you AWAKEN IN.

It is not through escaping the body!!

Many of my students were always reaching up for expanded experiences. I would say, first Be HERE in YOUR Body..SIMPLY ARRIVE.  They were always somewhere else, creating the shopping list for the day, in the past or future. NEVER here in the Body. BE  here to enter. Love your Body. Embrace your Body. Love and Worship the Sacredness of the Vehicle with your Soul Lover.

It is a Journey deep into the depths of Your  Soul. Letting go of limitation and Fear allows you easy entrance to the depths of YOUR Soul. The “Depths” hold All. You may call this the Underground or Underworld and the Upper Worlds, which includes All Realms of existence.

I may have Sacred Sex and Suddenly be aware of being  in Atlantis aware of having sex there Sacredly at the same time, or Egypt…etc…while still fully present in the Body here in this experience. With the same “other” I am having Sacred Sex with there. There is No time my friends. When I say all is possible Now, I MEAN ALL IS POSSIBLE NOW.

In fact ONLY when you OPEN to “ALL that is POSSIBLE” will ALL experiences and YOUR awakening fully OCCUR.

There are many Part-time awake people. If things are going well..they are awake. If things do not meet the desired expectations all hell breaks loose. KNOW that is the “old program”  of  MENTAL EXPECTATIONS.

Now over the years I have taught and spoken to many of my students on Sacred Sex. I have found out of all “areas of life and existence” there is a deep desire to  know more about Sacred Sex. This is the PRIMAL FORCE.  Love the Primal Force. It is not about good versus bad, it is the EMBRACING OF IT ALL.

As One.

Yet why is this?  Such a natural act of Love isn’t it?

Your past experiences,the Old Programming and the consciousness in your Blueprint and DNA carry all memory. This INCLUDES past lives.  This incarnation…is the time to release the old programming.


Sacred Sex is Such a vital experience and opportunity  for many because of the Potential for Expanded Consciousness and Heart awareness, leading to the Full experience of Divine Union.

There is “much” controversy about “Twin Flames” these days. When I speak of Twin Flames…it is not about your “Desired” partner that I am speaking of.   I am speaking about your “Counterpart in Frequency” you and your polar opposite yet same “Soul Signature”. This does not always include “desired” partner which is often based on your current set of expectations. IN fact the opposite is often true. You may not recognize the OTHER YOU…as YOU may not actually even Love yourself.

IF you do not love yourself and hate your life, how ON EARTH is it possible to love “another”  YOU??? 

Really…YOUR perfect MIRROR could be a “Nightmare” from Hell  or a “Miracle” from Heaven based on your current level OF SELF Love. Unconditional Love of Self or complete lack of Unconditional Love creates your Experience. 

One does not usually meet their twin till the Love of self is unconditional. How on earth could you truly love someone if you do not love yourself. Impossible.

Now, begin Loving YOU. If you have “allowed” life situations to NOT confirm your love for YOU…move into greater love of YOU, the eternal YOU in form NOW.

And PLEASE, I am not advising people to have Sacred Sex or suggesting it  for COMPLETION.  I have received many questions along those lines from people when I have written about the benefits of Sacred Sex and UNION..There is No need to have Sacred Sex, or any sex. That is simply your Choice in Life.

There are many paths.

So where to begin.

Begin with your Heart, your Frequency.

Know your “Soul Presence” so you will recognize your Soul. Live in your HEART SO THAT YOU CAN FEEL IT. Embrace each breath with the LOVE and ECSTASY that it is.

From there, with a partner..enter that Sacred Space. Holding, loving, Feeling deeply. And stay present THERE. Have no goal of orgasm. OH I hear you saying what the?  Have no goal to experience the SACREDNESS of Your Soul through Sacred Sexual Union. Stay in the Beginning, Always.

Allow the UNFOLDING OF  “LOVE as YOUR PRESENCE” be your awareness. And allow the unfolding of  your Partners “Presence to MERGE with YOURS”.

In the Sacredness of Love and UNION You then Enter BEYOND TIME AND SPACE.

What you have entered is ETERNITY.

There is NO fulfillment on EARTH that is anything less than Eternity. There you will find me. There you will experience the Eternal Beloved. You and  Your Twin Flame. It is not in the passing of time that you enter. You move and breathe Beyond Time and Space, as ONE.

And then you “KNOW you KNOW” eternity While in Form. All things entered into in ETERNITY continue ON into Eternity. They TRULY NEVER END.

So my friends, a journey to the Depths of Your Soul and the Knowing of Complete Divine Union is available for you as LIFE ITSELF IS YOURS NOW. More to come very soon… my Teaching Series…I love you.

Holding you in Eternal Love, which is Eternal and Unconditional forever…it NEVER ENDS.

Here is a LINK to my “Twin Soul Frequency Transmission”

In The Sacredness of Divine Union and Eternal Love, I hold You,

The Queen of Light .

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  1. Hi L’Aura, thank you for this post, all your posts are so helpful and enlightening ❤
    I wonder, did you create a Sacred Sex Transmission and some videos as you mentioned in the post?
    Love Nita.

  2. Yes Wendy!!
    When I met you and became your teacher and Healer that was Obvious. As is usually the case..
    Most people are reaching up…
    It is within…through the Body.
    So happy to be part of your “healing”
    And your Awakening!
    Love you..

  3. This post is very wise, inspiring and helpful! Thank you for writing it. We need more awareness of the wholeness of our lives, including sex. Traditional Judeo/Christian views do not help and aggrevated the needless separation of spirit and body. In Devorah, The Covenant and The Scrolls, my new novel of the one and only female Judge in Acncient Israel ( I attempt to show how wholeness and sacred sex can work miracles.

  4. i finally was able to sit and read this very ‘deep’ explanation ‘us’. Sacred Sex isn’t the goal its the merging, prolonging and touch, the merging of the frequencies, of ‘you’ & and ‘me’. Beautifully written. love you Queen of Light xxxx

  5. Thank you Mike for commenting! I greatly appreciate it.

    I am Holding you in Divine Love Always in Eternity.

  6. I love this Laura. I feel it deeply. I never truly understood that I was NOT in my body until I had breast cancer. I am so grateful for that experience of me revealing myself to me. I now honour and love my body as the beautiful vessel it is for my experience here in this NOW. I have released the fear, and am allowing myself to move further into loving myself as I AM. Thank you and I look forward to all the new teachings that are coming!!


    I have seen your article on sacred sex several times but never read it. And it is absolutely true. I just finished the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius in the 19th Annotation, and it falls right in line with that.

    Thanks for your love and support,

  8. Thank you Rab!
    Thank you for incarnating on earth Great Soul!!

  9. You are Sacred you are divine your words are sublime thank you for being here Queen of Light Angel Laura ❤

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